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Most of the time in personal and professional life, executing work or task with the help of a team or with the team can deliver some sort of positive as well as negative impression. But it is necessary for a person to understand both sides of the coin and in this case, it is about team problem solving skills.

Apparently, all the positive and negative terms or else, in other words, these advantages and disadvantages of team problem solving will help in reducing the contrast behaviour of certain task handling.

Team Problem Solving

Tips to Strengthen Team Problem Solving Skills:

Problem-solving skill is one of the best known and important trait every employee should possess. Most of the time even a small team problem gets bigger, as no employee would be willing to take an extra step to solve it or to stand for it.

“ As far as it’s not our own problem, we do not have to worry ” is the cheat code most of us have. And the main reason for developing such a tendency are our employers. Though they allow employees to think creatively and motivate to do things accordingly, but will metaphorically bite people’s heads off if anything goes wrong. This propensity makes their employees work like robots who can just act upon commands.

Now even if the above-mentioned one is considered as a part of training and coaching, whenever any group or team problem arises, managers need to install few approaches and strategies to tackle it effectively. This would allow the employee to join in a group and work on it.

How to Strengthen Your Team’s Problem Solving Skills?

Advantages of Team Problem Solving:

When it comes to problem-solving in a team, the organization heads prefer their best people to solve that issue. And while solving those issues the board of members or a team of people work on that particular issue and conclude with the best possible solution for an issue.

1. Better thinking:

During team problem-solving process, a person might think of certain solutions which can be used to solve such issue for a temporary basis. But in case of team problem-solving sessions a team or group of people will try to put in all their individual thinking in that particular matter so that they can get an answer and solution for their problem.

Therefore, team problem-solving techniques helps to conclude with a better solution with better thinking.

2. Better risk handling:

It might seem a bit confusing for people that when it comes to risk, more people can handle a higher amount of risk. And that is very true because when a group person tries to handle the severity of the risk, it is quite possible that they can grow better in their professional outputs.

Therefore, team problem-solving methods can increase the risk factor in a very positive manner and moreover because of such team problem-solving ability, one can create better growth.

3. Better communication:

Problems can be solved in a better way with proper communication between people. And when it comes to a team or a group of persons, then it is easy to understand that they can communicate better as compared to others.

Therefore, team problem-solving method increases communication and better understanding between a group of people and this ultimately helps to solve the issues as soon as possible.

4. Increases understanding:

As it is explained earlier that team problem-solving methods can increase better communication between people from the same group and apparently such behavior can lead them to build better understanding between teammates.

Therefore, such type of understanding can help all the people from the group and their problem-solving ability. Moreover, this can turn itself as one of the advantages for the sake of organization and their growth.

5. Increased number of solutions:

Most of the time while working in an organization whenever some sort of problem occurs, then the organization heads will consider their experienced employees to understand the problem and try to get the possible solution for such problems.

In this course of action, most of the people prefer their best working team to come with some best solution and that is why people and most of the companies prefer their team problem-solving abilities to look at the wide range of possible solution for a single issue.

6. Helps to increase the team’s potential:

There are some situations wherein which a person can face some uncertain situation in terms of their professional parameters, but at that point of time, that person needs to think wisely regarding the issue. And the level of thinking can increase the chances of his or her potential and ability in relation to a problem.

Similarly, when it comes to team problem solving, then it is quite clear that the level of problem-solving with the help of a team can definitely increase the chances of the team’s potential.

7. Higher commitment:

Most probably when a team or a group of people working on a project experiences some sort of professional problems, then it is the team’s responsibility to solve that problem as soon as possible. And eventually, the problem might possibly reach its end with the efforts of the team.

Therefore, at the end of every single issue solving process, the team presents its higher-level commitment towards the problem’s solution.

8. Reduces the possibility of bias:

When a team performs a job or a task, then the efforts that the team have indulged in that task or project would be mainly considered as a team effort than an individual person effort. And eventually, the organization will reduce their bias behaviour with certain employees of their company.

Therefore, it is definitely understandable that by involving team problem-solving technique the employee and employers of the company both can be comfortable with the working environment.

9. Greater productive output:

As it is definitely expected that when a company or an organization works with their team efforts, then the company or an organization can experience a greater amount of productive output in terms of their profit margin.

Therefore, involving in good problem-solving skills and techniques can be beneficial for both the company and its directors. And eventually, this increases the profit ratio of the company which can ultimately increase the growth of the company.

10. Encourages creative ideas:

As most of the team members working in a particular team will be equally provided a chance of presenting their own creative ideas while discussing something necessary for the welfare of the company. And in that process of creative ideas, a team baring potential employees can present their problem-solving ideas for the sake of the overall growth of the company.

Therefore, as it has been explained earlier that because of the team problem-solving behaviour, the company can benefit in terms of their profit margin as compared to the other company working in the same field.

Disadvantages of Team Problem Solving:

As compared to the advantages of team problem solving, the disadvantages can deliberately present the difference of opinion within the working behaviour of the team members.

1. Increased competition:

Most of the time while working in a team a person’s individual efforts can be ignored because of the team. And that is because every team maintains its own team leader and every time if that team achieves some sort of excellence, then it is quite clear that the team leader will be acknowledged first.

In this process of acknowledging, the team members can be left out and that eventually brings up competition within the members of the team.

2. Level of confirmation:

When it comes to confirmation of it regarding a certain task or project, a person needs to understand that it never helps if a person is involved in a group or is a member of a group.

Therefore, it is very much necessary for every single person that he or she should know more about these team problem-solving abilities. Moreover, team problem solving is capable of a distinguished level of conformity.

3. Lack of objective guidelines:

Most of the time it happens in the team working behaviour that all the objective direction need not be followed because of the team leaders direction. In a team working behaviour, it is clear to everyone that if a team needs to work according to the prescribed way, then they need to follow a certain type of objective direction.

That direction will not be available with the team problem-solving ability as the team leader leads all the decisions in the process.

4. Time constraints:

Because of the team problem-solving methods, a person might not think about or bother about its timing. And that is necessary to understand, clear out all the fogs in a way. Time constraints are one of the disadvantages in the team problem-solving ability and method that never depend upon the number of people in the group.

People think that if a single group have a maximum number of members, then time constraints will be eliminated.

5. Unequal participation:

It is not necessary that if a team or a group of a certain number of people are part of the group, then they need to participate in all types of work or task. Most of the time it happens such as a team member might be interested in being a part of something interesting, but the team doesn’t let him or her participate in such an event.

Similarly, this type of behaviour creates unequal participation within the group and which eventually grow into something big in terms of drift and loss.

6. Unwillingness to participate:

Most of the while being a part of a team or a group some member might not feel interested to participate in all sorts of events or task assigned to that particular group, but the actual truth is that such type of behaviour can bring up some sort of communal issue within the group.

Therefore, unwillingness to participate can be considered as a decision of a person who is a part of the group, but because of that individual decision, the whole team benefits some great loss.

7. Lack of team spirit:

Working in a team or a group takes a lot of team spirit, but some people totally lack behind in such type of criteria and because of that the team or a group damages its reputation.

And that is why a group must contain those members who are more than interested in the team working behaviour and its environment. Therefore, while choosing a member of a team, a team leader must consider the level of comfortability in the participant about being a team player.

Components of Effective Team Problem Solving:

There are certain components when it comes to team problem-solving methods. And those components bring up all sorts of solution to any type of team issues or problems. These components also help to improve problem-solving skills. Therefore, it is necessary to understand all those components first to go ahead with a solution without any understanding.

1. An undesirable situation:

It is a very common component in team problem solving and that is because a person might not experience any type of trouble or problem with the desirable situation. And these desirable situations, eliminate a process of problem-solving on its own without any extra efforts.

Therefore, while considering this undesirable situation component, a person needs to understand all things about undesirable objectives.

2. Desired situation:

Most of the time it is a contrasting behaviour that people might experience threatened with the desired situation and that is common for everyone. Because most of the time in a common daily life people face all sorts of people and all those people might not experience the same desired situation as one, and that is why it gets a little weird with the team problem-solving.

Therefore, it is very necessary to understand the desired situation as well in the team problem-solving ways.

3. The difference between the desired and undesired situation:

That is because of the team playing availabilities. Most probably while being a part of a team a person or a member need to understand a thin line between desired and undesired situation.

And it is very much necessary for all the team members to clear out all the doubts with the desired and undesired situation. Therefore, things which create a difference between desired and undesired need to solved by the team altogether.


Finally, the bottom line is that here we have provided all the advantages and disadvantages of team problem solving along with its own components which brings up all the necessary study materials regarding team problem-solving activity. Therefore, if anyone is interested to understand more about team problem solving, then they can refer all the above-mentioned points to continue their study in the same field of work.


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What Are The Advantages And Disadvantages Of Problem Solving

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We all encounter problems in our lives. How we choose to deal with them can determine our success or failure in overcoming problems. To succeed, one needs to face the problem head on, focus on solutions, and implement the best plan. Failure occurs when we focus on the problem and neglect or fail to consider viable options for overcoming the problem. So how do we solve problems, and what are the benefits in doing so?

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Creativity is merely some of our countless appreciated human sources which permit an exceptional development in all phase of life while avoiding the similar methods from reoccurring time after time. Particularly, inside the work site when individual sense encouraged and appreciated their creativity subsists at the greatest as they sense a self-challenge to be creative and formulate a transformation within their responsibilities. There is substantial confidence placed upon creativity to discover complications, distinguish discretions, and execute elucidations. Creativeness is not something conserved for particular situations. It is a fundamental function of assessment formulating. When it approaches time to unraveling obstructions and constructing evaluations, it is imperative to initiate an appreciation of purposefulness and construct an ethnicity for individuals to be resourceful and deliberate outside of the frame to get outcomes. Bottom line, there is a purpose with imagination, that be contingent upon your specific personal inspiration and enthusiasm for what you accomplish every day. This is why the situation is so essential to do whatever you enjoy and enjoy what you achieve in order to obtain the accomplishment and contentment in your position and subsidize to the organization’s achievement by way of creativity and innovation.

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In order for any problem to be solve first a person or persons have to know the root of the cause. According to

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When members in the team brainstorm ideas, they will ask a lot of questions pertaining to the problem at hand and do a lot of research on it. They will also break themselves up into smaller, more workable groups to increase efficiency. In addition, the members do not just limit themselves to finding information online, but they also find out firsthand about the problem from the people who are affected by it. During their firsthand experience, they are very observant and enthusiastic in gaining knowledge from the people affected. Then, they will demonstrate, communicate and share everything that they’ve learned with the other groups. There is focused chaos during the sharing and the members are all very lively, flexible, and open. All ideas are accepted, and no idea is “bad”, no matter how crazy it is. After much sharing, the team will narrow down ideas by voting for them, and the ideas with majority of the votes will be shortlisted. When the members are tired after the brainstorming session, they will call it a day and end off on a positive note.

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The second step is Decision Process Model this is putting information in a pattern and

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Addressing problems means more than quick fixes; it means dealing with conditions that create problems.

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Creativity is often more about the process rather than the end project, it is useful for many reasons:

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Creativity and innovation are necessary in life, whether it is for evolving and adapting to new surroundings or for pulling a company out of a financial crisis, we use our creative abilities and innovate every day. In order to develop and grow the ability to think creatively, one must first understand where these ideas come from and in what environment innovation flourishes. Steven Johnson, Edward Burger, and Michael Starbird suggest change comes from productive thinking and working collaboratively in a group. Effective thinking can be broken down into five essential elements, while working collaboratively in a group setting allows for different views on the topic at hand creating a stronger more defined product or process.

Mind Wandering Facilitates Creative Incubation

According to Baird and colleagues, mind wandering can enhance creativity goals and problems that were encountered. Creativity finds solutions that are novel, and high quality (Matlin, 2009). J.P. Guilford researched how we measure creativity. Creativity should be measured by divergent production. This research demonstrates the number of different responses that are made for each test item (Matlin, 2009).

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It can decipher if something is needed or it can be eliminated to use more valuable information. This brainstorming tool can be use for problem solving because it breaks down the problem to a simple problem in order to solve it. (Plattner, n.d) Scamper is a technique you can use to spark your creativity and help you overcome any challenge you may be facing. In essence, Scamper is a general-purpose checklist with idea-spurring questions, which is both easy to use and surprisingly powerful. The acronym Scamper provides the framework for asking various questions, which will help, lead to new ideas from old concepts. The difficulties that I found in the scamper is the adapting process and the magnify process. This is difficult because first I have to figure out what is the problem with my selling technique that may hinder me from selling more or making the customer what to deal with me again. Reframing is a critical tool for promoting innovation and creativity in the workplace and it is very effective for problem solving. Senior leaders and operational managers who use this tool also improve their own emotional intelligence as they manage their own emotions and the emotions of others to effect meaningful change. This process is difficult but yet easy depending on the situation. One can decipher how

Essay on The Problem Solving Process: Steps to Success

The first step in the problem solving process, allowed me to identify the problem. A situation can be perceived or thought of as problematic when an individual encounters situations disturbs them or they find that it keeps them from a goal (Bingham, 1999). The problem surfacing in affording an education and paying for everyday necessities became the central focus at that point in my life and defined the problem that needed an immediate response. The problem solving process can best be defined as the best way to overcome obstacles in situations and the steps used to help overcome them (Peterson et al., 2002).

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solution to any problem, there are multiple that needs to be put together to make one

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Define the Problem: Describe the type of case and what problem(s) or issue(s) should be the focus for

What is problem solving and why is it important

advantages of problem solving software

By Wayne Stottler , Kepner-Tregoe

For over 60 years, Kepner-Tregoe has been helping companies across industries and geographies to develop and mature their problem-solving capabilities through KT’s industry leading approach to training and the implementation of best practice processes. Considering that problem solving is a part of almost every person’s daily life (both at home and in the workplace), it is surprising how often we are asked to explain what problem solving is and why it is important.

Problem solving is at the core of human evolution. It is the methods we use to understand what is happening in our environment, identify things we want to change and then figure out the things that need to be done to create the desired outcome. Problem solving is the source of all new inventions, social and cultural evolution, and the basis for market based economies. It is the basis for continuous improvement, communication and learning.

If this problem-solving thing is so important to daily life, what is it?

Problem-solving is the process of observing what is going on in your environment; identifying things that could be changed or improved; diagnosing why the current state is the way it is and the factors and forces that influence it; developing approaches and alternatives to influence change; making decisions about which alternative to select; taking action to implement the changes; and observing impact of those actions in the environment.

Each step in the problem-solving process employs skills and methods that contribute to the overall effectiveness of influencing change and determine the level of problem complexity that can be addressed. Humans learn how to solve simple problems from a very early age (learning to eat, make coordinated movements and communicate) – and as a person goes through life problem-solving skills are refined, matured and become more sophisticated (enabling them to solve more difficult problems).

Problem-solving is important both to individuals and organizations because it enables us to exert control over our environment.

Fixing things that are broken

Some things wear out and break over time, others are flawed from day-1. Personal and business environments are full of things, activities, interactions and processes that are broken or not operating in the way they are desired to work. Problem-solving gives us a mechanism for identifying these things, figuring out why they are broken and determining a course of action to fix them.

Addressing risk

Humans have learned to identify trends and developed an awareness of cause-and-effect relationships in their environment. These skills not only enable us to fix things when they break but also anticipate what may happen in the future (based on past-experience and current events). Problem-solving can be applied to the anticipated future events and used to enable action in the present to influence the likelihood of the event occurring and/or alter the impact if the event does occur.

Improving performance

Individuals and organizations do not exist in isolation in the environment. There is a complex and ever-changing web of relationships that exist and as a result, the actions of one person will often have either a direct impact on others or an indirect impact by changing the environment dynamics. These interdependencies enable humans to work together to solve more complex problems but they also create a force that requires everyone to continuously improve performance to adapt to improvements by others. Problem-solving helps us understand relationships and implement the changes and improvements needed to compete and survive in a continually changing environment.

Seizing opportunity

Problem solving isn’t just about responding to (and fixing) the environment that exists today. It is also about innovating, creating new things and changing the environment to be more desirable. Problem-solving enables us to identify and exploit opportunities in the environment and exert (some level of) control over the future.

Problem solving skills and the problem-solving process are a critical part of daily life both as individuals and organizations. Developing and refining these skills through training, practice and learning can provide the ability to solve problems more effectively and over time address problems with a greater degree of complexity and difficulty. View KT’s Problem Solving workshop known to be the gold standard for over 60 years.

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Benefits of Problem Solving

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Almost in every interview or qualifications for every job opportunity, problem-solving skills are mandatory in some descriptions. Problem-solving skills, as the name suggests, is the capability of a person to solve problems, with immediate action. It is not wrong to address the ability of problem-solving stands at the core of human evolution. Not only is it used to solve technical glitches and problems, but also to understand and solve the environmental changes to achieve the desired outcome.

Let’s not forget that identifying and problem-solving skills are also the root of new inventions, cultural and social innovations and also a basic fundamental for all the market-based economies. It is  also the base for enhancing and improving learning and communications.

Some of the other benefits of problem-solving are discussed in this article. Read ahead to know more…

Fixing disintegrated items

Whether software or hardware comprises of shelf life and they tend to disintegrate or break over time. Whether in an organizational setup, or a household setup, by the rule of nature, things wear out. By possessing the right kind of problem-solving skills, it is easier to identify these things at the earliest and figure out a determining course of action to fix these issues.

Emotional intelligence

Emotional intelligence

Problem-solving can be applied to the relationship with human beings. Over time, your emotional intelligence becomes more vital, which will help you cope with certain people and situations, in a better and diligent manner. Possessing problem-solving skills will help build emotional stability and also enhances ones observational skills.

Risk management

Problem-solving abilities are generally involved with a certain amount of risk and risk management. Acquiring and strengthening problem-solving skills will result in enhancing the chances of risk and risk management in an individual. By possessing these qualities, the solution to any type of problems can be easily found and implemented.

When we work on our talents, we become more assertive at them. In the same way, problem-solving is also a talent that is enhancing the ability of a person to deal with technical, emotional and practical situations in life, in a composed manner, thus providing timely advice and solutions to the problems. Once you start working and building your skills, you’ll acquire newfound creativity to solve all of the issues in a unique manner. This also means, using critical thinking can help in accessing the results faster.

Decision making

Problem-solving and decision making are two sides of the same coin. Once you have the ability to identify the problem and find solutions to these problems, the ability to make right decisions also enhances. Along with these, lateral thinking and analytical skills also play a critical role in accepting the issues at the face-level of the problem.

Bottom Line

Problem-solving is vital in an organizational as well as a homely environment. Improving problem-solving skills can help in the elimination of everyday troubles in day-to-day life. It also gives you a divergent edge in standing out from the crowd.

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7 Advantages of Team Problem-Solving

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