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Apple iPad 8th generation review

Apple's upgraded the original iPad again, but is it the best tablet for you?

apple ipad 8th generation

Overall score: 87/100

Tested: September 2020

Key specifications


Available from: apple.com/uk

What is it?

The latest version of Apple's original iPad has a 10.2-inch screen and comes with either 64GB or 128GB of storage space. It features a new processor too, which makes it faster to use than the previous version . It can also be used with the first-generation Apple Pencil or smart keyboard, which doubles up as a cover and runs iPad OS.

GHI expert verdict

Apple’s most affordable iPad is a good all-rounder. It’s simple to use, will last up to 10 hours between charges when watching video, and is good for everything from checking emails and surfing the web to creating documents and watching films. Being able to use it with the optional stylus and keyboard cover gives it a more laptop-like feel, too.

This lightweight tablet performed well on all the tasks we put it through during testing. The newer processor made it faster than previous versions when opening and using apps, too.

The battery lasted 10 hours when watching videos and took three hours to recharge. The tablet gained more of a laptop-feel when we used it with the Smart Keyboard and Apple Pencil. We found we could add written dates to our calendar just by tapping them with the Apple Pencil, as well as being able to paste written notes as text into other apps.

There's no way to expand the storage space and, when using the tablet as an eReader, the tester's thumb had to rest on the screen, obstructing the page turn.

How we test

When testing tablets, we test the boot-up time and processing speed to find out if opening apps, playing games and web browsing can be done with less lag. We evaluate the camera performance, along with the speaker sound quality and sharpness of movies and videos. We also look at how responsive the screen is and how long the battery lasts when playing videos.

All product information provided by the manufacturer is correct at time of publication.

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The Best iPad Cases for Protecting Your Device

Keep your tablet safe from disasters big and small with these sturdy cases.

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

IPads are amazing tools—they bring together the functionality of a laptop computer, television, e-reader, and more, in a package so slim and lightweight you can take them everywhere. Of course, with that travel-friendliness comes some drawbacks in the form of wear and tear, as they get shoved into backpacks, dropped into bathtubs, catapulted off of unmade beds, and subjected to all manner of chaos from their most enthusiastic users: kids. If you’re spending hundreds of dollars on your new iPad, you’ll want a good, solid case to protect it from all those acts of God, nature, and preschoolers. Read on for a few tips on what to look for in the best iPad cases and a few of our favorite models.

What to Consider

The best iPad cases provide protection from drops and falls, as well as the dreaded mystery cracked screen. To narrow down our picks, we sought out cases with screen protectors or raised edges that prevent a screen from shattering when dropped without chipping or cracking at the corners. Despite our high expectations of ruggedness and durability, we also prioritized cases that felt lightweight and sleek, and didn’t add too much bulk to the tablet’s feel.

But protection isn’t all a case can offer. When shopping for options, a magnetic sleep/wake function is a must to prevent battery drain; this just means the screen automatically shuts off when the cover is closed and stirs back to life when it’s open. Access to your iPad’s ports and jacks while it’s inside the case is another important feature, as well as a stand that actually holds the case at an appropriate viewing angle. Depending on what you plan to use your iPad for, other bonus features to consider include integrated keyboards, waterproof sealing, and kid-friendly features like a carry handle.

How We Selected

As an iPad owner and parent of a small and overly enthusiastic iPad user, I can attest to the importance of a good case to safeguard from cracks and spills. Getting a rich and full lifespan from my electronics is a personal mission of mine, so I’m always looking for the best means of protection. To choose the cases in this roundup, I sought input from colleagues, family, and friends to form my initial list, and then put as many as I could to the test. I also spent many hours combing through online reviews and product specs to identify any pros and cons I might have missed. What follows is the result of my personal testing and research.

OtterBox OtterBox Defender Series Case (7th and 8th Gen)

OtterBox Defender Series Case (7th and 8th Gen)

Key Specs • Material: Polycarbonate • Compatible With: 7th and 8th gen, 10.2 in. display, 2019 and 2020 versions

For those who put their iPads through hell—or for those of us with small children who do—there’s the OtterBox Defender Series, which brings the protection of an imaginary armored tank to your electronics. With a scratch-proof body that has two meters of drop protection and a built-in screen protector, it can hold up to a feral toddler’s abuse. Port covers over all the jacks prevent any dust and dirt from getting inside. And that protection lasts a really long time—I’ve had my OtterBox iPad case for three years with no signs of wear and tear.

Zugu Zugu Alpha Case for 10.9 Inch iPad Air Gen 4

Zugu Alpha Case for 10.9 Inch iPad Air Gen 4

Key Specs • Materials: Faux leather, microfiber, fiberglass • Compatible With: 4th gen, 10.9 in. display, 2020 Air

Lots of otherwise decent cases are held back from greatness by their unreliable stands. The Zugu Alpha Case, however, isn’t one of them—it’s a winner not just for its overall high quality and solid list of features, but especially for its secure, magnetized stand with eight angle options. Made of microfiber, fiberglass, and vegan leather, the case provides plenty of long-lasting protection from general wear and tear, as well as drops up to five feet. It’s got a small window to hold your Apple pencil, a sleep/wake cover, and a magnet so powerful you can use it to stick your iPad to the fridge. That said, it’s a fairly streamlined and non-bulky case that doesn’t feel heavy inside your bag.

TopEsct TopEsct New iPad 9.7 Case

TopEsct New iPad 9.7 Case

Key Specs • Materials: Silicone • Compatible With: 5th and 6th gen, 9.7 in. display, 2017 and 2018 New iPad

Kids are on their tablets more and more these days—and those tablets are starting to show the weariness we all feel. To keep the technology your kid relies on looking fresh and operating smoothly, you need a case that can handle some abuse. This sturdy, inexpensive silicone case is built to withstand a six-foot drop and has convenient, kid-friendly carry handles. Just note: You’ll have to buy the screen protector add-on for full, child-proof impact protection.

ESR ESR Slim Case for iPad 8th Gen (2020)/7th Gen (2019)

ESR Slim Case for iPad 8th Gen (2020)/7th Gen (2019)

Key Specs • Materials: Varies with color • Compatible With: 7th gen, 10.2 in., 2019; 8th gen, 10.2 in. 2020

This sturdy folio case would make our picks list even if it didn’t cost less than a Waffle House breakfast (the black version was $9.99 at last check). Made of a durable and flexible TPU plastic, the case protects your tablet from dings and scratches without chipping or cracking over time, like harder plastic cases tend to. It fits your tablet like a custom-made glove while still being easy to attach and remove. The screen cover’s magnetic closure wakes your iPad when you open it and puts it to sleep when closed. And when you want to prop up your iPad into viewing mode (at a 65-degree angle) or typing mode (at a 30-degree angle), the cover folds into thirds to make a triangular stand that doesn’t collapse.

Logitech Logitech Combo Touch for iPad (7th and 8th Generation)

Logitech Combo Touch for iPad (7th and 8th Generation)

Key Specs • Materials: Plastic • Compatible With: 7th and 8th gen

Sure, the Apple Magic Keyboard case is a techno marvel, but you don’t have to spend near-laptop prices to turn your tablet into a functional laptop. The Logitech Combo Pad costs far less than Apple’s model and offers most of the same functionality, including a trackpad. In addition, the Combo Pad’s backlit keyboard also features brightness and volume controls, as well as other helpful keys, such as a play/pause button. The case itself is sturdy and durable-feeling, and can be used with or without the keyboard.

Speck Speck BalanceFolio Case for iPad 9.7-Inch

Speck BalanceFolio Case for iPad 9.7-Inch

Key Specs • Materials: Polycarbonate • Compatible With: 2017 9.7 in. iPad, iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad Air 2

Speck’s Balance Folio is a sleek, inexpensive case made from faux leather and hard TPU plastic. The case doesn’t excel in any one area, but it checks all the standard boxes and does a little of everything well. Overall, it’s durable and solid-feeling, with raised edges on the inner case to protect the screen and four feet of drop protection. It’s easy to snap your tablet into the case, where it offers sleep and wake functionality when the screen cover is clipped shut or opened. Grooves on the inside of the screen cover allow you to set it up at many different angles in viewing mode.

Shellbox Shellbox Waterproof Case iPad 9.7 inch

Shellbox Waterproof Case iPad 9.7 inch

Key Specs • Materials: Rubber • Compatible With: 6th gen, 9.7 in., 2017 and 2018

Whether you spend a lot of time outdoors and don’t want to worry about rain or water damaging your tablet, or you actually want to take some underwater videos, the Shellbox has you and your iPad covered. The rubber case is easy to put on and take off, and fully sealed to provide IP68 protection against water and dust—it’s sand-proof, dust-proof, snow-proof, and fully submersible to a depth of 6.6 feet for up to an hour. It’s also fall-proof up to two meters, so in addition to all that maritime protection, it’s rugged enough to handle calamities on land, as well. The case still gives you access to all the ports and buttons and is relatively slim, with an included lanyard for carrying and an attachable stand.

Casemade Casemade iPad Pro 11 Real Leather Case

Casemade iPad Pro 11 Real Leather Case

If you like the look and feel of leather or just like to treat your iPad like a classy, leather-bound book, this is the case for you. Made of natural Italian cowhide leather, the Casemade elevates your tablet experience without sacrificing any of the toughness or functionality of a less aesthetic shell. The case has a sleep/wake function when you open the screen cover, easy access to all the ports, and a durable and snug-fitting but flexible polymer mold that makes snapping your iPad in or out a breeze. The case’s cover folds back and hooks into itself for a secure, triangular stand. It’s a bit on the expensive side compared to plastic models, but it feels great in your hands and looks lovely on your desk or bookshelf.

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Best iPad (2020) Case 2023

iPad (2020)

If you're looking for the best iPad 2020 case, look no further. We've rounded up the best cases for the 8th generation iPad right here. Luckily, the 7th generation iPad (2019) and the 9th generation iPad (2021) also have the same dimensions, so the cases are interchangable.

Best overall

I've had great experiences with the ESR Trifold Case on my previous iPad models. It's nice-looking, slim, durable, and reasonably priced. The hard back cover protects the back while the "smart" front cover folds around the back to act as a stand. This is the best 8th generation iPad case if you want something functional, reliable, and inexpensive.

Apple's own

Apple's Smart Cover has inspired a legion of imitators. It's just so convenient to open the cover and have your iPad wake up immediately and go to sleep when you close it. Keep in mind the Smart Cover only covers the front, not the back of the iPad. In addition to the 7th, 8th, and 9th generation iPad, this cover is also compatible with the 10.5-inch iPad Pro and iPad Air (3rd generation.)

Apple's Keyboard Case

If you're looking for a simple and elegant keyboard case that also protects your iPad's screen, check out the slim and trim Apple Smart Keyboard. You know it "just works," and it looks and feels amazing to use. This one is also compatible with the iPad Pro 10.5-inch, iPad Air (3rd generation), and the 2019 iPad (7th generation.)

Keyboard case plus trackpad

Take advantage of that fantastic trackpad functionality with the Logitech Combo Touch. The full-sized keyboard is backlit for ease of use in low light. The flexible design supports four different use modes for ultimate flexibility. The Smart Connector makes connecting your iPad to the keyboard super easy.

Back protection

This lightweight but rugged case protects the back of your iPad. It's clear, so you can see the Apple logo through the case. The spine can be removed to accommodate a Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard. There's also a convenient Apple Pencil holder.

Colorful options

This one-piece Fintie SlimShell Case with sleep/wake functionality protects both the front and back of your iPad in style without breaking the bank, making it one of my favorites. The soft TPU back is easy to put on and take off. Choose from over a dozen colorful solids and patterns. There's even a slot for your Apple Pencil.


The iPad's entry-level price point makes it a natural fit for kids. But before you hand over this beautiful slice of glass and metal to a child, you'll want to put a seriously protective case on it. This tank of a case comes in plenty of fun colors and has a handle that makes it easy for little ones to carry or prop up to watch a video.

Whether you have a rough-and-tumble child or a hazardous workplace, the Timecity Case will help keep your iPad looking pristine. With a heavy-duty back that includes a handle, strap, kickstand, and an Apple Pencil holder, you should be covered. Plus, you get lots of colorways from which to choose from.

Simple sleeve

If you prefer to use your iPad naked, you might want to at least pick up a sleeve for transporting it from place to place. This polyester sleeve comes in plenty of colors and has a pocket for storing small accessories on the go. The sleeve is padded with foam and has a fluffy fleece lining to cradle your iPad.

This simple and well-priced smart case covers the front and back and comes in ots of colorful solids and patterns. The back is a hard PC shell; the front is flexible PU leather lined with soft microfiber and folds to form a kickstand.

Bargain back cover

Just looking for a simple back cover and don't want to spend a lot? This is what you want. It's clear, so you can see the Apple logo, and it has a notch so you can attach a Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard. You can also go for the black version, which is still clear enough for the Apple logo to shine through.

If you prefer a folio-style case for home or office that comes in several colorways, check out this one from AHHAMIN. The synthetic leather folio with soft interior lining has sleep/wake functionality and props up to several typing or video-watching angles. The outer pocket holds a few small items.

Which is the Best iPad 2020 Case for you?

Why you can trust iMore Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

This might be the best iPad in 2020 , at least in terms of functionality for the price. So which case should you get? Of course, it depends on your own tastes and needs, but I've been a fan of the ESR Trifold Case for several years and iPad models. It's just a good, simple case, no bells and whistles, no extra bulk. Keep in mind that the best 2019 iPad cases and 2021 iPad cases will also fit the 2020 (8th generation) iPad just as well, since all three share the same dimensions.

If money were no object, I'd go for the Logitech Combo Touch for iPad to take advantage of that sweet, sweet touchpad functionality. I do love a Smart Connector; it just makes life that much easier. Looking specifically for an iPad (2020) keyboard case ? We've got you covered with some more options there.

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Best iPad cases 2023

From protection to productivity, the best iPad cases play many roles for your tablet

iPad 2022 display

The best iPad cases offer some style while protecting your tablet. And while anything beyond that is just icing on the cake, many of the cases we think are tops have landed on this list by going above and beyond the call of duty.

And with the new 2022 release of the iPad, you'll need a new case because the tablet's design has changed.

When you're done here, be sure to check out the best iPad deals   in you quest to find  the best tablet for your needs.) It's worth browsing our Apple Store coupons page to find the latest offers and save money on your new iPad case. 

The best Apple iPad cases

Why you can trust Tom's Guide Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

1. Apple Smart Folio

Specifications, reasons to buy, reasons to avoid.

The best iPad (2022) case is the one most people are familiar with. Apple's Smart Folio is the default case selection for most people and their iPads. It offers a svelte, clean look with a folio that wraps around into a kickstand.

You can't go wrong with this option, even if it is a tad expensive at $79. Regardless, it should be at the top of your list when you're shopping for new cases.

2. Spigen Rugged Armor Pro

For some of the best iPad cases, you trade protection for fashion since your fancy new tablet is mostly covered by plastic. But they don't all look bad, such as the Spigen Rugged Armor Pro.

Constructed from plastic and TPU, the Rugged Armor Pro keeps your iPad safe with Spigen's Air Cushion technology. There's even Apple Pencil support. 

3. Otterbox Defender Pro

When it comes to protection, a lot of people's minds go to Otterbox. And so if you want to most rugged protection for your new iPad, then the Defender Pro has you covered. It's a solid case made of synthetic rubber and polycarbonate in multi-layer protection.

The Defender Pro also features a antimicrobial layer for sanitation. There's also a four-position stand for you to prop up your tablet. If there's one thing to complain about, it's the price. There's a premium to Otterbox products.

4. Logitech Combo Touch

Logitech is one of the more premium case options, including the $149.99 Combo Touch case. This is luxury with a detachable backlit keyboard, a precision touchpad, a huge suite of shortcut keys, and support for the iPad's smart connector.

There's a built-in kickstand, too, as well as room to store either your Apple Pencil or Logitech Crayon. It's expensive at $149.99 and only comes in grey at time of writing. Still, if you want the most premium typing experience on an iPad, then check this case out.

5. Speck Balance Folio

If you're put off by the lofty price tag of the Apple Smart Folio, then you might want to consider the Speck Balance Folio. This much more affordable option accomplishes many of the same things while costing less. It even has a loop for the Apple Pencil.

The cover folds around into a stand, but some people have complained about the folding camera cover. It looks like it could get annoying, for sure. But you have some really nice color options to choose from. 

6. Typecase Edge

Want to get in the keyboard folio case action, but you don't want to fork over Apple or Logitech prices? Then check out the Typecase Edge, a Bluetooth keyboard case with a trackpad and RGB backlighting. It's also quite affordable at $129.

The Edge also folds over your iPad to protect it, too. The precise trackpad will also come in handy as you use your iPad like a laptop. The Edge connects over Bluetooth and magnetically attaches to your tablet.

7. Casemade Leather

As one of the most premium options on this list, the Casemade Leather Case is one of our top picks if you have the money to spend. Made from premium cowhide leather, this case looks incredibly fashionable while offering some protection for your iPad.

It also supports sleep/wake functionality and sports a dual position kickstand when folded. It's by the nicest looking case on this list with its beautiful stitching. 

How to choose the best iPad case for you

When it comes to choosing the best iPad case to fit your lifestyle, consider the following:

Price : Starting at $449, the 10th-Gen Apple iPad is expensive enough without spending extraneous dollars on compatible accessories. Some of the more rugged cases (or those with extra features, such as a built-in keyboard) can reach $100, but you can find plenty of viable options for less than $30. 

Build materials : From leather to silicone to aluminum to polycarbonate plastic to rubber, look for a good drop rating to keep your iPad protected. Some cases are only meant to withstand drops of a few feet high, while more hardcore competitors have a MIL-STD-810G-tested rating of 6 feet or more.  

Color/design options : Some cases only offer one or two color choices per brand, but the fashion-forward ones take more chances in this department, adding blended colors, textured designs, and customized labels to the mix. Since your mobile tech often says something about your personality, why not have some fun with it? 

Environmental impact: We all need to tread lightly when it comes to our collective effect on the environment, and if future-proofing planet Earth is on your to-do list, look for iPad cases with various green initiatives; many brands use recycled plastics and packaging to get the job done, and every little bit helps.

Size: It goes without saying, but make sure when shopping for the best iPad case that you’re picking one that fits your tablet. In the case of the current iPad, you’ll want a case that’s compatible with a 10.2-inch such as the 7th, 8th or 9th generation tablet. Avoid cases designed for other iPad variations as they won’t fit your model.

How we chose the best iPad cases

It's next to impossible for us to test every single iPad case out there. So we relied on the community reviews on Amazon and other similar places, plus products from known, reputable brands. An iPad case is a very personal choice, but we tried to gather as many different options as we could.

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Jordan is the Phones Editor for Tom's Guide, covering all things phone-related. He's written about phones for over six years and plans to continue for a long while to come. He loves nothing more than relaxing in his home with a book, game, or his latest personal writing project. Jordan likes finding new things to dive into, from books and games to new mechanical keyboard switches and fun keycap sets. Outside of work, you can find him poring over open-source software and his studies.

Best iPad Case 2023

Ipad 10.2-inch covers to protect your tablet.

Danielle Abraham

One of the nicest things about the iPad is that as long as you don't break it, it'll probably last for quite some time — and it won’t feel old nearly as quickly as an iPhone or Android phone does. These devices are pricey, but the build quality and performance are second to none, so an iPad should still feel snappy and work with the latest Apple software for many years. However, to keep your iPad in pristine condition, you definitely need to invest in a case.

Fortunately, the iPad's immense popularity means that there is a myriad of ways to protect it. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to choose a case that fits your needs. Some have a lot more functionality than just protection, like acting as stands or incorporating keyboards. That's where we come in. From rugged cases to elegant, leather-clad covers, we've gathered up the best options for the 10.2-inch iPad from Apple. And thanks to Apple continuing to stick with the same design, even the latest 9th Generation iPad can be used with previous-generation cases, and vice versa.

TL;DR – These are the Best iPad Cases:

1. JETech Case

Best ipad case.

JETech Case

If you want a simple case that will keep your tablet safe at an affordable price, the JETech case is that. Combining a hard polycarbonate with soft polyurethane, it holds up great over time while also absorbing shock. You get complete protection for your iPad, as this case not only wraps around the sides and back of the device but also includes a display cover to protect your screen from scratches when you're not using it. Of course, you’ll still get access to all the essential ports and buttons even with the case on.

The JETech case's handy front cover serves several other purposes. First, it’s an automatic toggle for your display to go to sleep when it's closed and wake up when it's open. Even better, that same front cover is tri-foldable and acts as a stand — making it perfect for watching shows or typing using a separate keyboard. The case as a whole checks all the boxes but goes a little further by costing under $15 and coming in a wide variety of color options.

2. Apple Smart Cover

Best ipad screen cover.

Apple Smart Cover

Do you live and breathe Apple? Then you probably want to grab the screen cover that they designed specifically for the iPad. This adds a bit of protection to the device without totally hiding the elegant build that deserves to be shown off. After all, a dent or scratch on the back of the iPad may not be the end of the world, but a crack or chip in the front glass could spell the end of it — or a very costly repair.

The Apple Smart Cover provides an effective defense for the iPad’s screen. The polyurethane cover snaps easily on or off magnetically, but don't worry, it stays securely in place when you want it to. You even get a smart wake and sleep feature, so your display automatically comes on when opening the cover and goes off when closing it. The segmented design also allows the cover to roll up into different positions, becoming a stand for the iPad to do things like stream shows, read, or type.

3. TiMOVO Case

Best clear ipad case.


You don't have to lose the satisfaction of your iPad's stylish design when you get a case. A clear case lets the original colors and style shine through while keeping the expensive cargo inside in pristine condition. The TiMOVO case features a translucent back, so your iPad still gets to show off without the risk of scratches or dents. That backshell is thin and lightweight, eliminating the worry about it adding too much extra bulk. You also get a functional front cover for added protection.

The TiMOVO case’s cover comes in a variety of colors, so you can choose one that matches the color of your iPad or go for something that complements it. That folio cover not only keeps the display of your iPad safe but also provides more ways to use the device. A segmented design allows the cover to fold up into a stable triangle. It can, therefore, double as a stand to rest your iPad in a low position for convenient typing or at a raised angle for comfortable viewing. Opening and closing the cover will also wake up the iPad or put it to sleep.

4. Casemade Real Leather Case

Best ipad case for business.

Casemade Real Leather Case

Most iPad cases get the job done, but few of them do it while using premium materials to add some serious style points to your gear. By contrast, Casemade's real leather case wraps your iPad up in black or tan Italian cowhide leather, so it'll look as classy at work as a new suit.

This case offers all-around protection, as it surrounds the front, back, and sides of the iPad. The softer leather on the outside provides some extra cushion in case of a fall, while the hard polycarbonate inside holds your iPad in place. However, you still get access to all of the device's buttons and ports as well as a cutout for the camera. Extra functionality is added thanks to the folio cover that can fold back to serve as a stand, holding the iPad up at one of two different angles for more convenient typing or easier viewing. The cover also lets your iPad display automatically know when to wake up or go to sleep.

5. ProCase iPad 10.2 Case

Best thin ipad case.

ProCase iPad 10.2 Case

Your iPad is plenty thin, so why make it thick and bulky with a case? If you just want some basic all-around protection while staying lean, grab the ProCase iPad 10.2 Case. On offer is a hard shell that surrounds the chassis of your iPad and a slim folio cover that protects your screen when you're on the move. At just five ounces, you're not going to be adding much weight to your iPad either.

The ProCase totes a few more convenient features. The folio cover doubles as a stand for your iPad, and magnetic closing allows for the device to sleep when closed and wake when the cover is open. A matte exterior on the case prevents fingerprints, and antislip technology should keep the case from falling out of your hands or off a table. Plus, it is super cheap and comes in a ton of different colors, so you can find one that suits you.

6. OtterBox Defender Series iPad Case

Best rugged ipad case.

Otterbox Defender Series iPad Case

Some people are prone to putting their devices in harm's way, whether you’ve got butterfingers or are on the move with your iPad more often. If that’s you, a case that can withstand a bit more abuse while keeping your iPad safe is probably a good choice. The OtterBox Defender Series continues to deliver the ultimate device protection, and it’s a part of the same family of cases that have protected phones and tablets alike for years.

With the OtterBox Defender, your iPad is housed in a combination of hard polycarbonate and soft, shock-absorbing rubber. This case includes a screen cover that doubles as a stand and holds onto an Apple Pencil. There are even port covers to prevent dust and debris from getting in when the device isn't plugged in. The only real downfall is the case is a bit clunky, but if you're looking for the best option to protect your iPad from all the bumps and bruises you might throw at it, OtterBox is always a good way to go.

7. Logitech Folio Touch

Best keyboard ipad case.

Logitech Folio Touch

If you’re interested in a case that can do a whole lot more than protect your iPad, the Logitech Folio Touch case for the iPad not only covers it but also effectively turns the tablet into a laptop. This case slaps on both a backlit QWERTY keyboard cover, so you can type with ease, and a trackpad for easier text selection — no more fingers getting in the way of you seeing what you’re selecting. Pairing is also simple, as the keyboard and trackpad just click in and are powered by the iPad.

The Logitech Folio Touch case covers your iPad on all sides to prevent scratches, and its kickstand lets your hands take a break when you just want to watch something or get it in an easy-to-view position for typing. The case also folds over into a more tent-like mode if space is tight or sits low for easy stylus use. In fact, there’s even a special slot you can slide your Apple Pencil into to keep it close and let it charge.

8. Zagg Orlando

Best ipad case for kids.

Zagg Orlando

The last thing you want to do is give your kids an iPad without a heavy-duty case to keep it safe from inevitable accidents. Zagg is behind some of the best cases you can find for smartphones and tablets, and with the Zagg Orlando, the company has taken a stab at a kid-ready case for the iPad. The Zagg Orlando puts your 10.2-inch iPad into a tank-like case that’s thick, soft, and lightweight. The built-in handles help kids keep a firm hold on the case, but it can hold up against drops if they have the occasional slipup.

The Zagg Orlando is built tough. A special foam geared to protect the tablet from falls up to 6.5 feet is included, so unless you’ve got a second-floor landing, your child will probably have a hard time finding a way to drop an iPad from that height. Despite the thick design, you still get access to the iPad’s ports and buttons, there’s a hole for the camera, and audio comes through from all the speakers. The case’s adjustable arms don’t just serve as grips, either, they also work as a stand to hold the tablet up in a hands-free mode or attach to a car seat headrest. Zagg even took into account that kids’ hands can get a bit grimy, so the case has an antimicrobial coating to inhibit the growth of odor-causing bacteria and prevent degradation from microorganisms.

9. Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360

Best handheld ipad case.

Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360

Do you use a Popsocket on your iPhone? If so, maybe it's been bumming you out that you can’t quite use the same small grip on the much larger and heavier iPad. Luckily, the Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360 has you covered. This case adds a strap to the back, which you just slide your hand through to easily hold your iPad up — no more weary gripping muscles or sore pinky fingers. The strap even spins 360 degrees, so you can have your iPad in whatever orientation you want. It's not only easier to hold but also harder to drop thanks to the strap.

The Griffin Survivor Air Strap 360 does the whole 'protecting your iPad by putting it in a slim shell' thing that most other iPad cases do. It’s made using durable materials, and the neoprene strap should hold up great over time. The case also totes raised, contoured edges to protect the iPad screen from direct surface contact and make it easier to grip, too.

10. Catalyst Waterproof Case

Best underwater ipad case.

Catalyst Waterproof Case

If you want to have your iPad protected and basically never have to worry about it, then the Catalyst Waterproof Case is probably for you. While no case can make your iPad truly impervious, this one goes a long way toward that goal. You get a thick case to protect all sides of your device, and it’s designed to stand up to drops from four feet and boasts IP68 protection. That means the device can hold up to dunks in water up to 6.6 feet deep, so if you’re looking to get some work done poolside, this is the case for you.

There are a few other extra features on the Catalyst Waterproof Case, including multiple lanyard attachment points and an adjustable stand for hands-free viewing. If you’re feeling brave, you can even take your iPad underwater for some cool shots. Best of all, you don't have to fuss with removing the case every time you want to charge your iPad, as there's a handy charging port that easily opens and closes as needed.

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The 9 Best iPad Cases of 2023

Protect your ipad with these top durable, stylish and budget cases.

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

We independently research, test, review, and recommend the best products—learn more about our process . If you buy something through our links, we may earn a commission.

To ensure your iPad stays pristine, you need a case to protect your investment against the bumps and bruises of everyday life.

There’s more to the best iPad cases than just protection, though. Good iPad cases also offer features that make your tablet experience even better.

Most let you quickly prop up your iPad to watch movies, type and draw, or keep in touch with family and friends on Zoom and FaceTime. Some cases even provide different ways to hold your iPad, letting you use it on the go without fear of dropping it.

Best Overall

Esr rebound slim smart case.

 Courtesy of AMazon

Auto sleep/wake cover

Two stand modes

Very slim profile

No drop protection

Not very sturdy in vertical stand mode

Most iPad users need something simple that provides reasonable, everyday protection at an affordable price, which is what the ESR Rebound Slim Case does. It proves you don’t need to spend much to protect your device.

It’s available for the 10.2-inch iPad models in five different colors and features a soft, TPU back cover with crack-resistant edges that pairs with a rigid polyurethane front cover. The result is an ergonomic design that lets you keep a firm grip on your tablet when you’re carrying it while also protecting it from minor drops, bumps, and scratches. 

Building on Apple’s Smart Cover design, the trifold front includes sleep/wake magnets for your iPad. It also wraps around the back to fold into a triangular stand, allowing you to prop it upright or lay it down at a flatter 20-degree angle suitable for typing and drawing. The flexible material on the back also makes it effortless to remove when you prefer to use your iPad without the case.

Compatibility : 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations) | Material : Composite | Water Resistant : No | Design : Folding kickstand | Screen Protector : Yes

Best Rugged

Urban armor gear metropolis folio case.

Urban Armor Gear

Drop protection

Apple Smart Cover/Keyboard- compatible

Built-in stylus holder

Tactical aesthetic isn't for everyone

Urban Armor Gear has a reputation for making protective cases that are both stylish and rugged, and the Metropolis Folio is no exception. This case protects your iPad in some of the most demanding environments without looking clunky or adding unnecessary bulk. 

Made from composite materials, the Metropolis is surprisingly lightweight, considering it meets military drop-test standards. It claims to handle 26 drops from a 4-foot height with no damage. The detachable front folio cover also doubles as a stand and includes a strap that securely closes it and keeps your Apple Pencil in place. 

A durable and grippy exterior also means it won’t slip out of your hands while using it on the go, even in wet conditions, thanks to the water-resistant tactile grip material. Yet it’s also friction-free enough to slip effortlessly in and out of your bag. A bonus is that you can swap out the front cover for Apple’s Smart Cover or Smart Keyboard, giving you the best of two worlds. 

Compatibility : 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations) | Material : Polycarbonate, TPU | Water Resistant : Yes | Design : Adjustable, detachable kickstand; built-in pencil holder | Screen Protector : Yes

Apple Smart Cover

Elegant design

Doesn't protect the back of the device

A bit pricey

It may not be a "case" per se, but it's hard to beat Apple's Smart Cover if you're looking for something ultra-minimalist that protects your screen without adding bulk. While it doesn't offer any protection on the back, it does provide elegant protection for the front screen that keeps it covered and smudge-free, plus built-in magnets that put your iPad to sleep when you close it and wake it back up when you open the cover. You can also easily pair the Smart Cover with any number of affordable rear shell cases when you want extra protection around the back.

Since the cover magnetically attaches to the side of the iPad, it's completely effortless to remove and get out of the way or pop back on when you're ready to hit the road. Other magnets in convenient places allow the cover to fold behind the device to form a triangular stand for watching videos or laying it down at a 20-degree angle for drawing or typing on the screen.

It's available in black, white, dark green, dark blue, and salmon pink and fits the 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), the iPad Air (third generation), or the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Compatibility : iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), iPad Air (third generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro | Material : TPU | Water Resistant : No | Design : Folding kickstand, front cover only | Screen Protector : Yes

Fintie SlimShell

Storage for Apple Pencil

Fintie’s SlimShell Case is a solid option for anybody looking for a slim and affordable case to protect against everyday bumps and scratches. It’s a one-piece wraparound case with front and back protection and even a slot to securely store your Apple Pencil without leaving it dangling off the side. The soft, exterior thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU) shell protects your iPad from scratches, minor drops, and impacts, while a microfiber lining on the inside protects it from scratches.

Magnets in the front cover automatically trigger the sleep and wake functions on the iPad, and it folds around the back to convert into a stand, either for watching videos or typing directly on the touchscreen. It also clips on and off the iPad quickly enough to take it off when you’re at home and want to use it naked, yet it easily snaps right back on when you need it.

In a world of mono-colored cases, Fintie offers the SlimShell Case in a refreshing selection of unique artistic designs and patterns, including marble, a galaxy print, a Van Gogh painting, and a composition notebook.

Compatibility : 10.2-inch iPad (9th Generation, 8th Generation, 7th Generation) | Material : TPU | Water Resistant : No | Design : Folding kickstand, built-in pencil holder | Screen Protector : Yes

Best Multi-Use

Fansong case for ipad.

Sturdy kickstand

Built-in hand strap

Removable shoulder strap

Screen protector doesn't always sit flat

Fansong's iPad case is one of the most versatile options for the user who's always on the go. Not only does it provide solid protection, but it also offers a wealth of ways to hold it, carry it, and prop it up, so you're never stuck trying to figure out the best way to work with your iPad in just about any given situation. 

A silicone outer shell protects against drops, with a second hard inner shell offering an extra layer of protection. Around the back, a 360-degree rotatable hand strap lets you hold the iPad in any orientation to tap away on your screen without fear of dropping it. Behind the hand strap, there's a rotatable kickstand for viewing the device at any angle, whether participating in FaceTime or Zoom calls or watching the latest shows on Netflix or YouTube. 

A removable shoulder strap is included, so you can tote your iPad around without putting it into a separate bag. The strap can be attached to carry the iPad in a traditional laptop bag style or vertically like a messenger bag. There's also a slot on the back for storing your Apple Pencil, including a front screen protector. 

Compatibility : 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations) | Material : Polycarbonate, silicone | Water Resistant : No | Design : Rotatable kickstand, built-in pencil holder, removable shoulder strap | Screen Protector : Yes

Best Keyboard

Apple smart keyboard.

Keyboard doubles as a cover

Ultra-slim profile

Automatically pairs with your iPad

No backlighting

Although you can pair your iPad with just about any third-party Bluetooth keyboard, Apple’s Smart Keyboard features an elegant design that seamlessly connects with your iPad and adds little bulk. It’s the most minimalist yet versatile keyboard case you can get for the iPad. 

Like Apple’s Smart Cover, the Smart Keyboard isn’t technically a case since it doesn’t offer any protection for the rear of your device. Instead, it attaches magnetically to the side, docking up with Apple’s Smart Connector (those three dots on the side of the traditional iPad models). This physical connection means you don’t have to worry about the hassles of Bluetooth pairing or batteries.

The Smart Keyboard also has magnets in all the right places. It folds over the front of the iPad when not in use, protecting the screen and putting it to sleep. When you want to type, it folds underneath to create a stand behind the iPad, using minimal space for the keyboard and keeping your fingers within easy reach of the touch screen. Best of all, when you don’t want a keyboard, you can easily remove the cover or wrap it around the back of your iPad to keep it out of the way. 

Compatibility : 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), iPad Air (third generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro | Material : Polyurethane | Water Resistant : No | Design : Full-size keyboard with folding stand, front cover only | Screen Protector : Yes

Best for Kids

Fintie kids case.


Good drop protection

Kid-friendly design

Difficult to get on and off

If you plan on letting your youngster use your iPad, you want a highly protective case that is easy for them to hold. The Fintie's Kids Case offers rugged protection and an easy-grip handle large and wide enough for young kids to grab onto.

Thick but lightweight EVA foam provides excellent shock protection, along with a raised edge on the front to protect the screen from scratches and drops. EVA is the same foam you find in high-end sneakers, and it's BPA-free. 

The Fintie Kids Case also converts into a stand for propping the iPad upright to watch videos, FaceTime with family, or play games. The case is available in seven fun colors and fits the 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), the iPad Air 3, and the 10.5-inch iPad Pro.

Compatibility : 10.2-inch iPad (ninth, eighth, and seventh generations), iPad Air (third generation), 10.5-inch iPad Pro | Material : Ethylene-vinyl acetate | Water Resistant : No | Design : Convertible stand that can become top handle | Screen Protector : No

Best Portfolio

Tomtoc portfolio case.

Storage compartments for cords

Hardshell design

Fits most iPads

Large for an iPad case

No shoulder strap

Tomtoc's portfolio case is ideal for busy professionals who need to carry around more than just an iPad but don't want to lug around a full briefcase or shoulder bag. Its zippered organizer is similar to many standard notepad portfolios but with your iPad in mind. The pocket fits any standard iPad model and is large enough to accommodate Apple's Smart Keyboard or other slim cover or shell cases.

In addition to a protective pocket for your tablet, there's space for USB cables , earbuds, and other small accessories. Four elastic straps let you secure more oversized items, while a mesh bag provides storage for other small gadgets and cables. There's also a card slot for credit cards or business cards and even a place for a small, A5-sized notebook. 

The exterior of the portfolio features a patented groove design that makes it comfortable to grip, and there's also a convenient wristband to ensure you don't drop it when you're on the go. An EVA hard shell provides drop protection of up to four feet, while water-repellent fabric and quality YKK zippers ensure everything remains protected and accessible inside.

Compatibility : Tablets measuring between 10 and 11 inches | Material : Ethylene-vinyl acetate | Water Resistant : Yes | Design : Padfolio with elasticized compartments and side handle | Screen Protector : No

Twelve South BookBook for iPad

Creative design

Doubles as a stand

Interior stylus holder

Twelve South's BookBook is one of the most unique and stylish folio cases you can put on your iPad. The handcrafted leather has a classic vintage book design that ages well, with a natural patina that makes it look even classier as time goes by. It's one of the few cases you can buy that looks better after withstanding everyday wear and tear. 

But there's a lot more to BookBook than just its looks. A soft microfibre interior protects the iPad on the front and back, and it also offers multiple display mode angles for typing directly on the screen or watching movies. There's also a slot inside to hold your Apple Pencil. When you're done, just lay it back down, fold the case closed, and zip it up, and your iPad is safe against the elements and everyday bumps. 

Compatibility : 11-inch iPad Pro, fourth-gen. iPad Air | Material : Leather, microfiber | Water Resistant : No | Design : Portfolio with an integrated kickstand and built-in pencil holder | Screen Protector : Yes

What to Look for in an iPad Case


Apple's iPad lineup has significantly expanded from its humble beginnings as a single model, and today you can find them in a wide range of models and sizes. Always ensure the case you're purchasing lists compatibility with your iPad model. However, don't just look at the screen size; the thickness varies between different models. Apple's entry-level iPad still features a more traditional design with a home button and a 10.2-inch screen. You may also find older iPad Pro and iPad Air models with 10.5-inch and 9.7-inch screens on the market.

Almost all iPad cases can be used as a stand to prop up your device, but make sure they allow the angles and orientations you're looking for. They work great in landscape mode but can be awkward if you want to use your iPad in portrait orientation for FaceTime calls. Also, consider whether you want a slot for your Apple Pencil or pockets to store additional cables or documents. If you plan to use your iPad on the go, you may also want to look for a case with a strap or handle on the back so you can hold it securely while working with it.

Since the primary reason for buying a case is to protect your iPad, you want to make sure your choice can handle whatever you plan to put your iPad through. If you usually carry it in a laptop or messenger bag, you may be OK with just a cover, but if you want to tote it around by itself or be able to toss it into a backpack, you need something more rugged to protect it from dents, scratches, and potential drops.

iPads are available in different sizes and generations, including the iPad, iPad Air, iPad Pro, and iPad mini. It's important to know both the model and generation of your iPad before you buy a case because it affects the size and thickness of the case and where the cutouts are for hardware features such as cameras and volume controls. You can find this information by visiting your iPad's Settings app and looking under General > About . 

That depends on the kind of keyboard you're using. The Apple Smart Keyboard must be physically connected to your iPad to work, so if you have one, you need to look for a Smart Keyboard-compatible case. If you have a Bluetooth keyboard—that doesn't need to be physically attached to your tablet—you should be able to use it with any iPad case, although you have to carry it around separately.

Many iPad cases that include a screen cover advertise an automatic sleep and wake feature, which means your tablet immediately wakes and sleeps based on contact with the cover. These covers have magnets that trigger the tablet's sleep sensor. When the magnet touches the screen, the sensor tells the iPad to sleep and wake up when you open it and remove the magnet.

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Best overall iPad cases

Best ipad cases from apple, best ipad keyboard case, best ipad case for protection, best ipad case for watching video.

What to consider when buying an iPad case

The best ipad cases in 2023.

When you buy through our links, Insider may earn an affiliate commission. Learn more.

Cases for iPads not only offer protection, but many also offer a way to prop up your iPad for hands-free use, like watching videos.

Some cases can also turn your iPad into a capable, compact productivity machine by including a keyboard and trackpad in an all-in-one package. That's way more useful than tugging along a wireless Bluetooth keyboard and mouse.

Learn more about how Insider Reviews tests and researches tech products.

Here are the best iPad cases of 2023:

Best iPad case overall: ESR Cases - See at ESR ESR's lineup of iPad cases offer a variety of styles, colors, and protection at affordable prices.

Best iPad cases from Apple: Magic Keyboard Case - See at Apple Apple's own cases emphasize style and function, but often fall short on protection.

Best iPad keyboard case: Logitech Combo Touch - See at Amazon The Logitech Combo Touch offers full tablet protection, backlit keys, a great typing experience, and is more affordable than Apple's Magic Keyboard. 

Best iPad case for protection: OtterBox cases - See at OtterBox OtterBox cases offer a huge amount of protection without adding too much bulk.

Best iPad case for watching video: Zugu cases - See at Zugu Zugu cases feature great all-around protection and come with a magnetic kickstand that offers eight different viewing angles.

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

ESR's lineup of iPad cases offer a variety of styles, colors, and protection at affordable prices.

ESR offers something for everyone when it comes to iPad cases, whether it's extra protection to go along with your Apple Smart Cover, full coverage, kickstand options, or a case with a built-in Apple Pencil holder. Few case makers have this many options for price and protection. 

The majority of ESR's cases are made with TPU — a type of polyurethane plastic which provides a thin layer of rubber-like protection. This is normally enough to protect against bumps, scratches, and scrapes, but probably wouldn't do so well in a bigger drop.

The more rugged cases are made from even tougher plastic, which should do a better job at keeping your iPad safe from unfortunate mishaps.

ESR cases might not be the fanciest or the most protective on the market, but they are well-made and offer a great deal of value for those looking to find the perfect case for their new iPad. The company also has options for iPads from 2018.

Worth a look:

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

Apple's own cases emphasize style and function, but often fall short on protection. 

Apple products usually come at a premium, and that's no different with its iPad cases. Apple's cases are expensive, but also sleek and functional. The $49 Smart Cover is a thin piece of polyurethane that protects the device's display and connects magnetically to the iPad. It comes in a variety of colors and can be folded into different positions to create a stand for reading, viewing, and drawing. The design is simple and effective, but leaves the back and sides of the iPad unprotected.

The $49 Smart Cover is a thin piece of polyurethane that protects the device's display and connects magnetically to the iPad. It comes in a variety of colors and can be folded into different positions to create a stand for reading, viewing, and drawing. The design is simple and effective, but leaves the back and sides of the iPad  unprotected.

Those looking for all-around protection may want to consider the Smart Folio, which is similar in appearance to the Smart cover, but is made from a single piece of polyurethane that protects both the front and back of the iPad. The Smart Folio starts at $79, and is light, sleek, and perfect for those looking for an attractive case to protect against scrapes and bumps. 

Apple products usually come at a premium, and that's no different with its iPad cases. They are, however, ultra-premium, sleek, and functional.  

Unfortunately, none of Apple's own cases for iPads are very protective. While they usually cover the screen and the back, they often leave the iPad's edges unprotected. If you want better protection, you'll do better by looking elsewhere. 

The $49 Smart Cover is a thin piece of polyurethane that protects the device's display and connects magnetically to the iPad's left edge. It can be folded into a triangle shape to create a stand for reading, viewing, and drawing. The design is simple and effective, but leaves the back and sides of the iPad unprotected.

The Smart Folio for the iPad Air and iPad Pro series is similar in appearance to the Smart cover, but is made from a single piece of polyurethane that protects both the front and back of the iPad. The Smart Folio starts at $79, and is light, sleek, and perfect for those looking for an attractive case to protect against scrapes. 

Apple's most impressive case is the $299 Magic Keyboard for the iPad Pro and iPad Air. This keyboard case and trackpad combination transforms the iPad into a viable laptop replacement. The case uses a clever magnetic design to create a one-piece stand and keyboard that is both thin and highly functional. 

The Magic Keyboard lacks protection on the sides of the iPad. (An iPad of ours suffered a crack in the screen when it fell inside the previous generation Magic Keyboard case). There are other worthy keyboard cases on the market that address this problem, but few are as well-made as the Magic Keyboard.

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

The Logitech Combo Touch offers full tablet protection, backlit keys, a great typing experience, and is more affordable than Apple's Magic Keyboard. 

The Logitech Combo Touch features two parts: a protective back case and a removable keyboard and trackpad that connects via the smart connector while doubling as a front cover. The back case folds out into a kickstand with plenty of viewing and writing angles. A magnet holds the kickstand shut when it's not in use.

This keyboard case adds heft to the iPad, but it is a small price to pay for such a versatile case. 

We find the keyboard to be a perfect size for small hands, but those with larger hands might think it's a bit cramped. We wish the trackpad was slightly larger, but we find it perfectly usable at its current size.

The gestures on the trackpad work well, and we have no problem zipping around our iPad without ever touching the display. The addition of backlighting on the keyboard makes this case a great nighttime companion, as we can clearly see the keys in the dark. 

The type cover is easy to pull on and off, which helps to make the Logitech Combo Touch great for typing, reading, drawing, and viewing. It comes in either Oxford Gray or Sand.

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

OtterBox cases offer a huge amount of protection without adding too much bulk.

OtterBox, known for its protective cases, makes traditional iPad folio cases, like the Symmetry Series and the Symmetry Series 360, but it's the Defender Series Pro that really stands out. 

The Defender Series Pro offers the most over-the-top protection that we've ever seen in an iPad case. It features three layers: an inner thin plastic covering over the front and back of the iPad, followed by a rubber slipcover, topped off by a hard plastic back that acts as a stand and display protector. 

We needed a video tutorial to figure out how to install and remove the case. But our iPad seemed invincible once it was inside. It's hard to guarantee that the Defender Series Pro will protect your iPad in every situation, but our iPad did survive a 4-foot drop from our bed to the floor without a scratch. 

Our biggest concern with the Defender Series Pro lies in its clunky kickstand. The iPad rests awkwardly between the raised corners of the outer case and raised middle hinge — leaving the tablet less secure than we would want.

The Defender Series Pro only comes in black and certainly isn't the most fashionable case, but it makes up for that in protection.

Worth a look: 

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

Zugu cases feature great all-around protection and come with a magnetic kickstand that offers eight different viewing angles. 

Zugu cases have some of the best viewing angles on the market.

The Zugu Muse Case is made out of a thick layer of TPU plastic surrounded by a polycarbonate shell for enhanced drop protection. It features raised edges, a grooved folio cover, and a microfiber lining. There's a collapsible kickstand on the back of the case that magnetically connects to the grooves on the cover, creating eight viewing angles for reading, watching, and typing. 

Other case manufactures have emulated Zugu's design, but the strength of the magnets makes this case stand out. No matter what surface we put it on, the Zugu case stays locked into the correct viewing angle. It performs equally as well on a lumpy bean bag chair as it does on a hard table. We can even lightly shake the iPad without detaching the kickstand. 

The Zugu is also incredibly durable. We've used it every day for three years and have yet to see any wear and tear. It has been dropped, jostled, shoved into packed bags, and covered in pet hair, but it still works as well now as it did when we got it. We've also streamed thousands of hours of content while using this case and have always found just the right angle for every viewing position. 

The only downside to the Zugu is that it adds some bulk to our iPad. Despite the fact that it comes in up to five different colors, it's not the best-looking case you'll find.

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

How we test and research iPad cases

We tested iPad cases on a variety of criteria to find our best picks. The quality and durability of the cases were judged based on the following factors: 

To test durability, we placed each case in a bag filled with books, notebooks, and accessories. We then walked approximately five blocks with the bag, before removing the iPad and checking for scratches, dents, or marks on the case or the device itself. 

We also dropped each case approximately 4-feet from a bed onto a carpeted floor and inspected the case and iPad for damage. 

Additionally, we evaluated keyboard cases by the accuracy of the trackpad and comfort of the typing experience. 

Life can get messy – which is why we wanted to test how easy it is to clean the cases. To do this, we enlisted the help of our enthusiastic long-haired dog, Toby.  We used the cases to gently pet his fur, then attempted to remove any accumulation from the case following manufacturing guidelines.


The most important aspect of buying an iPad case is making sure that it fits the specific iPad model that you own, taking note of its generation number or the year it was released. It might be tempting to hang on to the old case for your previous iPad when buying a newer model, but their dimensions might be different. 

Apple currently sells five different iPad models:

If you're not sure which model you own, open your iPad's settings menu and tap "General." Choose "About" and look at the field that says "Model Name."

The next question you'll want to ask yourself is how you intend to use your case. Do you want a sleeve that's as slim as possible just for keeping your iPad safe from scratches? Or do you often find yourself propping up your iPad while watching movies and cooking? If so, you'll probably want an iPad case with an integrated kickstand. And then, of course, there are keyboard cases designed for those who take notes on their iPad. Think carefully about the scenarios in which you use your iPad the most before buying a case. 

Aside from buying the right case for the iPad model you own, budget is the most critical factor to consider. Basic cases can cost $15 or less, while more sophisticated cases like those with keyboards, kickstands, and extra durable designs can cost $70 or more. There are also plenty of in-between options in the $30-$50 range that offer standard protection. The best keyboard cases, however, will usually cost more than $100.

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Best in Class

The 8 Very Best iPad Cases

what is best case for ipad 8th generation

In this article

Best for turning your iPad into a monitor

While the ways we use our iPads are unique (a college student jotting down notes in a classroom, an illustrator painstakingly creating a new drawing, a grandparent trying to sign up for Netflix , a kid buying a few extra lives for a mobile game while their parents aren’t paying attention), we do all share one need: a case. The right iPad case not only protects your investment from accidental spills and drops, it can also improve your iPad’s functionality by letting you position it at different heights or angles or supplying a keyboard for easier typing. And, of course, the nicest cases will look good.

To find the best case or sleeve for all sorts of people, we talked to 11 tech experts, art directors, illustrators, artists, and other folks with great taste about their favorites for security and style, and also tested a few ourselves. For each pick below, we’ve listed versions (where available) for the iPad, iPad Air, and iPad Pro.

What we’re looking for

Material and protection.

There are sleek leather cases that add low-profile durability. Soft nylon cases can be tough and offer some cushion, while remaining light enough to carry around. Rugged hard-shell cases can absorb the impact of bumps and drops and shield your device from scratches and abrasions. The material is a matter of preference, but depending on how you use your iPad, you might want something more durable or lightweight.

A good case should withstand everyday drops and scratches. If you’re the type of person who throws their keys into their bag where they might rub up against your iPad screen, anti-scratch protection will be important. A case that covers the edges, corners, and buttons will also better protect an iPad that sees a lot of jostling, whether in your bag while you’re on a train or from a kid who demands to play games on it all the time.

Design and function

Cases may come with a keyboard, which makes typing a lot easier and more comfortable; a trackpad; or additional ports. Some have an integrated stand that can prop your iPad at an angle or a dedicated Apple Pencil holder to keep the tool handy and to offer extra security to folks who don’t want to lose an expensive stylus . You may also want to look for a specific type of closure, whether a magnetic or Velcro fastener or an elastic band that goes around the whole case, depending on personal preference.

Extra protection or function often comes at the expense of portability and can add a good amount of bulk to your iPad (which probably weighs over a pound on its own). Something thin and light will barely be noticeable when attached to your iPad. For cases weighing 1.5 pounds or more, you’ll really feel the added weight in your bag or your hand.

Best overall iPad case

black ESR yippee trifold smart ipad case - strategist best ipad cases

Material and protection: Plastic with front and back covers | Design and function: Self-folding stand, magnetic closure | Weight: 0.88 pounds

Getting Apple’s iPad case might seem like the obvious choice, but that’s because it’s one of the best options if you want to keep your iPad free of scuffs without the bulk. This streamlined cover is a favorite of many of our experts, primarily because of its featherweight construction and highly portable design. “I had used bulky cases for previous tablets, and they really hurt the portability factor,” says Tatiana Quigley , a 3-D artist and illustrator. “The Folio case is a little pricey, but it’s lightweight and easy to fit into your bag or on your lap while you are irresponsibly drawing in bed.” Harry Hambley , the illustrator behind the popular “lil bean” Instagram account, likes that the Folio “folds to the perfect angle for daily drawing.” He also likes the case’s simple-but-nice sueded interior finish. And Jason Snell of the tech podcast Upgrade praises its portability and durability. “I’ve been using the Folio for a few years now,” he says. “It does get some wear around spots where you might grip the case while drawing, but I think it’s a fair trade-off for how light the thing is.” Both Quigley and artist Kofi Ofosu also appreciate the case’s foldable stand, which makes drawing on the iPad comfortable, no matter how you might be sitting — and even if you’re lying down.

The Smart Folio covers both the front and back of the iPad but not the edges, so it protects the tablet’s fragile screen but isn’t built to withstand massive drops. The case comes in a handful of colors and attaches to the iPad magnetically, waking the iPad when opened and putting it to sleep when closed.

Best (less expensive) iPad case

JETech Case for iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Air

Material and protection: Plastic with front and back covers and edge protection | Design and function: Self-folding stand, magnetic closure | Weight: 0.4875 pounds

“I wanted something that was slim and light but didn’t skimp on protection,” says Daniel Fishel , an illustrator and designer. He especially appreciates the case’s portability and flexibility: “It rolls up nice, allowing me to draw at a slight angle.” Like the Apple Smart Folio, the JETech case attaches magnetically and has front and back covers, and the cover folds into a stand. However, it also has a plastic edge that offers more protection along the corners and sides of the iPad. It’s not as sleek as the Smart Folio, but it functions similarly for a much lower price and comes in more than a dozen colors. It also wakes the iPad when opened and puts it to sleep when closed. If you use an Apple Pencil, Fishel recommends attaching a Pencil sleeve to the back of the case, so you don’t have to worry about losing it.

Best iPad keyboard case

Logitech Combo Touch iPad Pro 11-Inch Keyboard Case

Material and protection: Plastic with front and back covers and edge protection | Design and function: Detachable keyboard with trackpad, adjustable kickstand, stylus holder, magnetic closure | Weight: 1.27 pounds

Logitech’s Combo Touch can transform your iPad into a makeshift laptop thanks to its trackpad, keyboard with backlit keys, and adjustable kickstand, which Snell says makes it perfect for students. Pair it with the Apple Pencil, and you’ve got a note-taking powerhouse, he says. The case has four “modes” that are essentially different viewing angles — there’s one for sketching, one for typing, one for watching video, and one for reading. It’s sturdy, and there’s a convenient nook to store your Pencil.

I’ve been using the Combo Touch for about a year, and the case is a study in thoughtful design, from its grippy and protective outer shell to its conveniently detachable trackpad and keyboard (which draws power from the iPad, so there’s nothing to plug in or recharge). A row of shortcut keys on the keyboard mimics the classic Apple shortcut keys, making it easy to adjust settings like screen brightness and volume just like you would on a MacBook.

There’s also a new version for the tenth-gen iPad. Not only is it cheaper than Apple’s new Magic Keyboard Folio, which the Verge’s deputy editor Dan Seifert notes costs a whopping 55 percent of the new iPad’s total cost, but it’s better, too. The kickstand can be propped up at a shallower viewing angle, the case offers more protection, it has backlit keys, and it isn’t as prone to dirt and marks as the Magic Keyboard Folio’s all-white design.

Best (less expensive) iPad keyboard case

Zagg Pro Keys Bluetooth Keyboard for iPad Pro 11-inch and iPad Air

Material and protection: Silicone casing | Design and function: Keyboard, trackpad, USB-C port, magnetic closure | Weight: 1.48 pounds

Zagg’s Pro Keys for the iPad Air and 11-inch iPad Pro isn’t quite as fancy as Logitech’s Combo Touch, but it gets the basics right while saving you a few bucks. It’s a combination of a standard iPad case, which will protect the device from drops and scuffs, and a detachable keyboard and trackpad for taking notes or knocking out a few emails.

I’ve tested the Zagg Pro Keys and found its keys to be comfortable to type on and its trackpad to be more than capable of navigating iPadOS without any fuss, though he says it’s not quite as responsive as the trackpads on the Combo Touch or Apple’s own (pricey) Magic Keyboard. There’s also the added inconvenience of having to charge the Bluetooth keyboard, something the Combo Touch doesn’t require, and its two viewing angles aren’t nearly as versatile as the kickstand on the Combo Touch.

Those drawbacks aside, it’s significantly cheaper than either Apple’s or Logitech’s offerings, while being a perfectly capable keyboard case with plenty of versatility. It lacks the polish of the Combo Touch, but it gets the basics right.

Best case for turning your iPad into a laptop

Apple's Magic Keyboard case for the M1 iPad Air and iPad Pro

Material and protection: Silicone casing | Design and function: Keyboard, trackpad, USB-C port, magnetic closure | Weight: 1.6 pounds

iPadOS has come a long way in helping you get your work done, and unless you’re looking to do intense video editing, programming, or design work, there’s a good chance you might be able to replace your laptop with an iPad. To do that, though, you’ll need a good keyboard case that works as well on your lap as it does on a coffee-shop table or airplane tray. Apple’s Magic Keyboard has a versatile hinge that lets you adjust the viewing angle of your iPad just like you would on a laptop, though it’s a bit more limited.

Unlike the Combo Touch, the Magic Keyboard has one flat base, making it easier to plop on your lap to get some work done. That, along with its excellent keyboard and trackpad, more closely replicates the look and feel of a traditional laptop than Logitech’s — or anyone else’s — offering and makes it worth the extra money for anyone who wants a more seamless work-from-anywhere experience. Apple also added an extra USB-C port to the side of the Magic Keyboard, so you can use the iPad’s port for data transfer and the case’s port for charging, all without needing a dongle .

MOFT Float Case and Stand

Material and protection: Plastic with front and back covers | Design and function: Self-folding stand / Weight: 1.06 pounds

While Apple’s Smart Folio can prop your iPad up for hands-free viewing and use, it keeps the iPad close to whatever surface you’re resting it on, which won’t work well with a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse and in general will require you to bend your head pretty low to get a good view. Moft’s Float Stand and Case provides more protection than Apple’s Smart Folio, and it’s about on par with the case portion of Logitech’s Combo Touch; it just lacks the keyboard attachment. Unlike the Combo Touch, though, it has a stand that mimics the way a monitor stand’s angle and height can be adjusted. It won’t bring the iPad quite to eye level, but it works in a pinch. Fair warning: The case wobbles just a bit if the table gets shaky, so just make sure it’s on a sturdy surface while in use. It also doesn’t have a way to protect the screen, so you may want to slap a screen protector on your iPad to be safe.

If you have a Bluetooth keyboard and mouse , this case’s stand mode is great for turning your iPad into an on-the-go workstation. Even if you don’t do work from your iPad, the added viewing angles and stand mode make it an excellent choice for watching videos at the table or looking at a recipe while you cook.

Best heavy-duty iPad case

Targus VersaVu iPad Case

Material and protection: Canvas and plastic with front and back covers and edge protection | Design and function: Self-folding stand, stylus holder, magnetic flap closure | Weight: 0.36 pounds

Illustrator Maggie Stephenson recommends the Targus VersaVu iPad case for its security and reliability. “The exterior is non-slip and has a comfortable and cool feel that you’ll appreciate if you have to hold your iPad for a long period of time,” she says. She also likes that the case accommodates the Apple Pencil really well, helping it to stay attached to the iPad’s magnetic smart connector. “I use my iPad every day for hours at a time and have found this case to be the most robust, but also the most comfortable one around,” she says. The Targus can stand up your iPad in either landscape or portrait modes.

Best iPad sleeve

iPad Pro 12.9-inch Sleeve Case Navy Blue Canvas

Material and protection: Water-resistant canvas sleeve with soft fleece interior | Design and function: No stand, velcro flap closure | Weight: Not listed

Despite the anxiety it may induce in some, a few of the people we spoke to say they prefer to leave their iPad naked when they are using it, and tuck it away in a sleeve when they’re done. Dominic Kesterton , an artist and illustrator, is adamantly anti-case. “I hate grabbing on all that clunk when I draw. It just feels like it’s in the way,” he says. Illustrator Nick Liefhebber agrees. “I like the design and form factor of the iPad by itself,” he explains. “Sometimes I hold the iPad on my lap when drawing, but I also use a simple foldable Kolibri iPad stand , and that doesn’t work well with a case.” Liefhebber has been using this sleeve for almost three years and likes that it’s “rugged, with a waterproof outside and soft padded inside.”

Best leather iPad case

DTTO iPad Leather Business Folio Stand Case

Material and protection: Leather and plastic with front and back covers | Design and function: External pocket and handle, self-folding stand, stylus holder, magnetic closure plus elastic band | Weight: 0.86 pounds

“It’s by no means the Otterbox of cases, but if I dropped my iPad in this case while it was closed with the elastic band, I wouldn’t be scared,” says Lo Harris , an illustrator and animator. “It has a cool magnetic smart cover that automatically wakes and puts my iPad to sleep when I open and close it, which helps save battery life,” she says. “It also has a front pocket where I can keep note cards and cash. Plus, its soft, synthetic leather is super-elegant, and it has a plastic shell where you place the iPad. And the trifold stand lets you prop it up and attach a keyboard or watch a movie.” She says she can easily slip it into a bag and it strikes a nice balance “between style and protection.”

Best illustrator handle for an iPad

Pack & Smooch TabStrap

Material and protection: Leather and wool with minimal back cover | Design and function: Handle doubles as a stand, stylus holder, no front cover or closure | Weight: Not listed

Instead of a case, illustrator and YouTube creator Stefan de Groot prefers the TabStrap, which is kind of like a phone loop on steroids. It attaches to the back of your iPad with a sheet of non-adhesive suction-cup tape. “It is handmade of merino-wool felt and vegetable-tanned leather,” he says, and the strap is adjustable for different hand sizes. It rotates 360 degrees, so you can spin your screen without taking your hand out of the strap — a feature de Groot finds very useful for illustration. The TabStrap ultimately functions like a painter’s easel combined with a palette, letting you view your work at different angles while keeping a grip on your iPad at all times. It also serves as a low-profile stand, in case you want to prop up your iPad to watch a video or position it at a gentler angle for drawing.

Some other handy iPad accessories we’ve written about

Apple Pencil

Our experts

• Stefan de Groot , illustrator and YouTube creator • Daniel Fishel , designer • Lo Harris , illustrator and animator • Harry Hambley , illustrator • Dominic Kesterton , artist and illustrator • Sadie Lewandowski , illustrator • Nick Liefhebber , illustrator • Kofi Ofosu , artist • Tatiana Quigley , 3-D artist and illustrator • Jason Snell, host of the tech podcast Upgrade • Maggie Stephenson , illustrator

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The best iPad cases in 2023 to protect your tablet

Add style, functionality and protection with the best iPad cases for every budget.

A woman uses one of the best iPad cases on the floor of her studio

The best iPad cases can serve a range of functions. Most obviously, they can help protect your tablet from damage. Whether you mainly use your tablet at home or tend to sling it in a bag, it can be damaged by being dropped, scratched, knocked or pressed too hard against another object.

But some of the best iPad cases can also serve as a stand, making your tablet more practical to use. Some also have fully keyboards, which can allow you to turn the iPad into a mini laptop – great for working on the go.

Below, we make our pick of the best iPad cases for different uses and budgets, from the cheapest we can recommend to plush leather cases and keyboard covers. We've evaluated them based on functions, how sturdy the protection is, how good they look and value. Some of them are available in several colours and for different iPads, including the iPad mini, iPad Air and iPad Pro, but we do also have a specific guide to the best iPad Pro cases if you're looking for more options.

To check the full range of iPads now available, see our guide to Apple's iPad generations.  

For more accesIf you want more great iPad accessories, we have guides to both the best best iPad keyboards and the best iPad stands to fully deck out your device. If you have yet to pick up a tablet, you can find some good deals in our regularly updated guide to the best iPad deals . For now, let's take a look at the best iPad cases around right now.

The best iPad cases you can buy today

Why you can trust Creative Bloq Our expert reviewers spend hours testing and comparing products and services so you can choose the best for you. Find out more about how we test .

The best Apple iPad case

Materials: Polyurethane Colours: Various + Fits perfectly + Made by Apple + Looks great - No edge protection It might seem expensive for an iPad case that's made from polyurethane rather than leather, but Apple's own Smart Folio for iPad is well made and feels pleasant to the touch. Powerful magnets hold it in place, and we've found it to be perfect for propping the tablet up on a desk or table. It's available for most iPad models, with different colours available depending on the device (the options for the latest 10th generation iPad 2022 cases include fruity Lemonade and Watermelon). The downside is that although it protects you're iPad front and back, there's no edge protection. CB rating: 5/5

The best case for iPad Pro

Materials: Leather Colours: Black, tan + Genuine leather + Great fit + Good value considering it's leather - Leather could be thicker Apple don't make their own leather case for an iPad, but luckily we've found a great offering from Casemade. Available for pretty much every recent size of iPad, this is a gorgeous-looking case made of high-quality cowhide, designed to securely fit your iPad. It allows easy access to all your iPad's external features, doubles up as a stand for typing or watching videos and provides a sleep/wake function as you open and close the case, making a convenient, useful case all round. It comes in two colour variations including a sleek black and a traditional rich brown, so you have a bit of choice when purchasing. CB rating: 4/5

The best cheap iPad case

Materials: PU, PC, Microfibre Colours: Various + Excellent value for money + Aesthetically pleasing + Great colour choice - Not the best protection This JETech case looks very similar to Apple's official iPad covering, but it's a whole lot more affordable, making it one of the best iPad cases if you're on a budget. No, it doesn't feel as premium or as well-made as the Apple case – it has a much more plastic feeling – but it'll provide your iPad with a layer of protection from damage, serve as a stand and wake it up and put it to sleep when you open or close the cover. Another bonus is that it comes in a wider choice of colours than Apple's own iPad case too. The link above is for the standard iPad 10.2 case, but JETech also offers cases for the iPad Air 4th and 5th generation (opens in new tab) . CB rating: 4/5.

The best iPad case for protection

Materials: Polycarbonate, Synthetic Rubber, Polyester Colours: Various + Tough build + Handy port covers + Available for lots of iPad models - Bulky 

A little clumsy with your devices? If you're forever dropping your iPad you probably want something a little more substantial than most of the best iPad cases. The OtterBox Defender should do the job for you. It's a rugged but low-profile case that provides three layers of protection, including a solid inner shell and a tough outer slipcover for full protection. This case has edge and corner protection and should better withstand drops, bumps and shocks. It even has port covers to keep out dust and dirt, and it also works as an excellent stand to prop your device up. CB rating: 4/5

The best iPad case with a keyboard

Materials: Not stated Colours: Black + Comfortable keyboard + Great fit + Made by Apple - No trackpad

Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio is an ideal case if you're in need of a case that can also help you to get work done on the go. Like the Smart Folio, it attaches magnetically and provides decent enough protection, but the main feature here is the keyboard, which turns your iPad into a more productive device. It's available for the iPad Pro 11/iPad Air and the iPad Pro 12.9 (there's no option for the standard iPad or the mini). There are cheaper iPad keyboard cases, but this Apple-designed solution feels just right. CB rating: 4/5

The best iPad Pro case with a keyboard and trackpad

Materials : not stated Colours : grey

+ Laptop-like keyboard with iPadOS shortcuts + Adjustable kick-back stand + Click-anywhere trackpad - More expensive than Apple's Keyboard Folio

Apple's Smart Keyboard Folio is only available for iPad Pros and Airs, but Logitech has an option that also comes to fit the 9th and 10th generation standard iPad. It's more expensive, but it has one big advantage, a trackpad for a truer laptop-like experience. The Logitech Combo Touch Keyboard Case also has a row of iPad OS shortcut keys, and it has an adjustable kick-back stand. The keyboard is detachable, and we love the premium look of the fabric-like finish. CB rating : 4/5

The best waterproof iPad case

Materials: Rubber Colours: Black, red + IP68 waterproofing + Drop protection + Screen protector included - Limited pencil compatibility

If you want an iPad case that you can get wet, the Catalyst waterproof case is an option to consider. It's almost as expensive as the Apple Smart Keyboard Folio, but not as well made, and of course, it lacks the keyboard. But if your one objective is protecting your iPad from water, it should doe the job, with IP68 waterproofing, which means your iPad should survive in up to two metres of water. It comes with a screen protector and also has drop protection of up to four feet, but note that if you use an Apple Pencil, it won't pair or charge through this case. CB rating: 3/5

The best cheap iPad mini case

Materials: Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene Colours: Black, Grey, Navy, Teal + Great price + Slimline and protective + Two viewing angles - Feels a little basic 

Quite a few of the cases featured here overlook the iPad Mini, but if that's your preferred size and you need something to give it some protection without bulking it out too much, we think the ProCase is the perfect option. It's made of ABS material that'll help your Mini to withstand bumps, scratches and shocks as well giving it a lovely tactile texture. Like most of the best iPad cases, it attaches magnetically and provides a wake/sleep feature when you open and close. This case also gives you dual standing positions so that you can choose between two viewing angles when using it as a stand. It's a good option for the looks of the Apple Smart folio at a cheaper price. CB rating: 3/5

The best transparent iPad case

Materials: Silicone, Plastic Colours: Clear

+ Yellowing-resistant + Edge protection + Apple Pencil 2 support - No cover

If you don't want your iPad case to obscure your tablet's good looks, the ESR Clear Case offers a tough protective shell that still leaves your tablet completely visible. The Clear Case has a hard back and soft, flexible frame, and it provides drop protection thanks to shock-absorbing corners and raised edges around the screen and cameras. A thin side panel ensures that you can make full use of the Pencil 2's magnetic pairing and charging, and you don't need to worry about the Clear Case going grubby; its clear plastic back has been designed to resist yellowing. It's very cheap at little over $10 / £10, but important there's no front cover to protect the iPad screen. CB rating: 3/5 stars

Do I need an iPad case?

We won't argue that a caseless iPad feels and looks great, but considering their high price, a case can be reassuring. If you're only ever going to use your iPad at home, you might not want to invest in a case – just be careful with it and try to avoid dropping it or putting other objects on top of it, which can cause scratches. 

If you're going to travel with your iPad or put it in a bag for use on the go, we'd be a more nervous about using it without a case. Even inside a bag, things seems to somehow magically get bashed or scratched, often because they've rubbed against something either in the bag or outside. A basic iPad case can offer more piece of mind, while some of the more functional options can actually improve the tablet by providing a stand or keyboard.

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Your iarmor; the best ipad cases.


Best iPad Case Buying Guide

If you are familiar with gadgets, then you should know that seeing a naked iPad is quite rare. Considering the size of iPads and the functions they are often used for, it is often necessary for them to be equipped with cases.

iPads are larger and heavier than most mobile devices, meaning they are more likely to get damaged if they fall. But a good iPad case can reduce the possibility of your iPad developing a fault if it does fall to the ground.

Another reason why iPad cases are relevant is that they allow you to mount your iPad at comfortable angles for use. This mounting feature means that you can watch your favorite TV show or design a piece of art on your iPad with maximum comfort.

Aesthetics is also a valid reason for getting an iPad case. There are iPad cases with various designs that you can choose from to give your iPad a distinct look. When you put these features together, it is easy to understand why choosing an iPad case can be a hassle.

Below, we have explained what you need to consider when buying a case for your iPad to help you make the right decisions.

What Should I Know When Buying an iPad Case?

When browsing stores for an iPad case, some factors should be at the back of your mind, as they directly affect a case’s function.

You don’t want to buy a case that is either too big or too little for your iPad for obvious reasons. So, when shopping for an iPad case, check the size and ensure that it matches your iPad.

There are iPad cases of 7.9 inches, 8.3 inches, 10.2 inches, 10.5 inches, 11 inches, and 12.9 inches, so choose whatever fits. You should also know that some iPad cases are classified by generation, ranging from the 1st to the 9th.

We all know how important tech gadgets have gotten over the years, as they are directly involved in almost every activity we do. And when you think of how often you need to carry your iPad about and how visible it is, you can also consider it a fashion accessory.

Like every fashion accessory, your iPad’s appearance can either make or mar your overall look. So iPad case manufacturers have gotten creative, decorating their cases with patterns and designs that make them look super chic.

Even if you are going for a plain-colored case, you should choose a color that compliments your fashion taste.

Before going ahead to purchase an iPad case, you might want to look up the materials used to make it. Buying an iPad case made from high-quality materials increases your chances of safety, durability, and overall appearance.

The material used to make the exterior of most iPad cases is PU leather, which is a type of faux leather. PU leather is known for its durability and can be designed to feel like actual leather instead of plastic. In addition, high-grade PU leather can keep your iPad safe in case of a fall.

Some iPad cases are also equipped with soft microfiber linings for an additional level of protection and comfort, while others have an extra waterproof protection feature.

Generally, the cost of an iPad case depends on its features. However, some cases might be costly without necessarily having amazing features. Therefore, to avoid buying any such product, you should compare a case’s price tag with that of other cases with similar features, helping you arrive at a pocket-friendly pick without compromising on quality.

iPads are large devices, and because of their size, they are often used for tasks that require a big screen, such as reading a book, playing games, watching videos, and graphic designing. These activities are made even easier when the iPad can be mounted or made to stand.

Most top-notch iPad cases are designed in ways that enable them to hold an iPad upright, making it easy for you to view the screen without needing to hold up the iPad with your hands. Even more remarkably, some exceptional cases allow you to adjust the angle at which you tilt your iPad, from horizontal to vertical.

Another rather important aspect to bear in mind is the closure of your iPad case. Most iPad cases simply have a lid/cover that you can flip open and close. Sometimes, this lid is divided into segments, and these segments act as the support to make your iPad stand upright.

Instead of just a simple cover, some iPad cases have magnetic lids that “sleep” your iPad’s screen when closed and “wake” the screen when opened. This wake/sleep feature helps to conserve your battery life. Apart from sleeping and waking the screen, the magnetic feature of the case cover can also help it close more securely, boosting safety.

To spice up the function of iPad cases, some products come with additional features that make them a bit more eye-catching than other cases. For instance, some cases have slots that accommodate an Apple Pencil and its cap. Some other cases even go as far as supporting the wireless charging function of the pencils.

Another extra feature that helps in some cases is a rotating structure. Rotating cases are designed to spin easily, so you can easily transition between horizontal and vertical modes.

Best iPad Case Product Review

Zugu ipad case – best overall, key features.

The Zugu Case for iPad is specifically designed for the iPad Mini 6 (6th Generation), hence its small 8.3-inch size. This case doesn’t slack at protecting your iPad either – its impressive 5ft drop protection keeps your iPad immune to damage.

Do you love watching movies on your iPad? Well, this case will optimize your cinematic experience by allowing you to stand your iPad at 7 different angles.

Fintie Rotating iPad Case – Runner-Up

When you consider that the Fintie Rotating iPad Case has over 30 different design options and is compatible with 11 iPad models, you can understand why it is ranked among the best iPad cases. If you need to switch things up, this case’s rotating structure allows you to smoothly shift from landscape to portrait. It is built for the 7th, 8th, and 9th iPad generations.

Moko 10.2-inch iPad Case – Most Affordable

The Moko 10.2-inch iPad Case safeguards your iPad with its PU leather exterior. Also, its Auto wake/sleep feature improves battery life by waking and sleeping your iPad when the lid is opened and closed.

This case is suitable for use with the 7th Generation (2019), 8th Generation (2020), and the 9th Generation (2021) iPads, making a total of 11 iPad models.

JETech iPad Case – Best Value

With an exterior made from top-notch PU leather and a smooth interior, the JETech Case for iPad is the definition of doubly-assured protection. Its cover ensures that your iPad sleeps when closed and comes on when opened, maximizing your battery life in the process.

The case’s 9.7-inch size is perfect for some 5th and 6th Generation iPads, making a total of 4 devices.

i-Blason Cosmo iPad Case – Also Consider


The marbled design of the i-Blason Cosmo Case for iPads is eye-catching and available in 5 different color variations. The iPads that this case accommodates are the 7th Generation (2019), 8th Generation (2020), and 9th Generation (2021), making a total of 8 iPad models.

Other features include a built-in Apple Pencil holder that easily accommodates your iPad Pencil and a rugged exterior.

People Also Asked

A: The best material for an iPad case is PU leather. PU leather is easy to clean, durable, and available in multiple colors.

A: Spending on an iPad case may cost you anything between $10 and $50. This price range consists of average iPad cases, as other products can fall out of this range. The specific amount that an iPad case costs you is determined by features like its size, design, and material.

A: You can know which case fits your iPad by finding the model number of your iPad (located at the back of your iPad) and checking if it is among the models supported by a prospective iPad case.

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    Akkerds Case Compatible with iPad 10.2 Inch 2021/2020 iPad 9th/8th Generation & 2019 iPad 7th Generation with Pencil Holder, Protective Case with Soft TPU

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    When you consider that the Fintie Rotating iPad Case has over 30 different design options and is compatible with 11 iPad models, you can