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Letters of Recommendation


How important are recommendation letters in a college application? According to William Fitzsimmons, dean of admissions and financial aid at Harvard, they are "extremely important."

If you're a student, examples of great letters of recommendation can help you understand how to get strong letters yourself from your teachers. If you're a teacher, the examples in this guide will inspire you to support your students strongly as they apply to college. Keep reading for four excellent letters from teachers that will get anyone into college , along with expert analysis on why they're so strong.

Important Note: Are you looking for job recommendation letters? If so, check out my great post here!

First, let's understand the role of recommendation letters in your application.

Why are Recommendation Letters Important?

The majority of admissions officers at four-year colleges, especially private schools, emphasize that their process is holistic . They seek to gain a sense of the student as a "whole person," rather than focusing on pieces of who she is based solely on grades and test scores. Since they rarely meet the student in person, the recommendation letters, along with the student's own personal essay, play a huge role in illuminating her intellectual and personal qualities.

That's why recommendation letters from teachers, especially those who know their students well, carry a great deal of weight in applications. A letter that expresses a strong vote of support, as well as highlights a student's impressive academic and personal strengths , can have a powerful effect on that student's chances of admission.

Let's look at some samples of strong recommendation letters, one from an English teacher, another from a physics teacher, the third from a history teacher, and the final one from a math teacher. Then we'll break down exactly why these letters of recommendation are effective.

The first example recommends Sara, a senior who loves to write and read poetry.

Sample Letter #1: Sara the Poet

Dear Admissions Committee, I had the pleasure of teaching Sara in her 11th grade honors English class at Mark Twain High School. From the first day of class, Sara impressed me with her ability to be articulate about difficult concepts and texts, her sensitivity to the nuances within literature, and her passion for reading, writing, and creative expression- both in and out of the classroom. Sara is a talented literary critic and poet, and she has my highest recommendation as a student and writer. Sara is talented at considering the subtleties within literature and the purpose behind authors' works. She produced an extraordinary year-long thesis paper on creative identity development, in which she compared works from three different time periods and synthesized cultural and historical perspectives to inform her analysis. When called upon to give her thesis defense in front of her peers, Sara spoke clearly and eloquently about her conclusions and responded to questions in a thoughtful way. Outside of the classroom, Sara is dedicated to her literary pursuits, especially to poetry. She publishes her poetry in our school's literary magazine, as well as in online magazines. She is an insightful, sensitive, and deeply self-aware individual driven to explore art, writing, and a deeper understanding of the human condition. Throughout the year Sara was an active participant in our discussions, and she always supported her peers. Her caring nature and personality allow her to work well with others in a team setting, as she always respects others' opinions even when they differ from her own. When we held a class debate about gun laws, Sara opted to speak for the side opposite her own views. She explained her choice as motivated by a desire to put herself in other people's shoes, view the issues from a new perspective, and gain a clearer sense of the issue from all angles. Throughout the year, Sara demonstrated this openness to and empathy for the opinions, feelings, and perspectives of others, along with shrewd powers of observation, all qualities that makes her outstanding as a student of literature and burgeoning writer. I am certain that Sara is going to continue to do great and creative things in her future. I highly recommend her for admission to your undergraduate program. She is talented, caring, intuitive, dedicated, and focused in her pursuits. Sara consistently seeks out constructive feedback so she can improve her writing skills, which is a rare and impressive quality in a high school student. Sara is truly a stand-out individual who will impress everyone she meets. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions at [email protected] Sincerely, Ms. Scribe English Teacher Mark Twain High School

This is a thorough, glowing recommendation for a student that Ms. Scribe clearly knows well. What other features make it stand out as a strong letter of rec?


The Breakdown

Ms. Scribe has a high opinion of Sara and her skills at writing and literary analysis. One way that she expresses this is by using powerful and specific language. She doesn't merely say Sara is a good writer. She says she's articulate about difficult concepts and sensitive to the nuances within literature. She calls her insightful and self-aware with shrewd powers of observation.

These descriptors don't happen by accident. Ms. Scribe took the time to choose her words carefully , and that effort paid off with a strong letter that captures Sara's special qualities.

Ms. Scribe also supports her characterization of Sara with examples . She describes her thesis paper and how she responded to questions thoughtfully under the pressured situation of her thesis defense. She gives the example of the debate on gun laws to illustrate Sara's openness to many different points of view.

In addition to illuminating her intellectual and personal strengths and supporting them with specific examples, Ms. Scribe speaks to Sara's goals for the future. She points out that she is talented at writing, poetry specifically, and that she is committed to continuing to improve as a writer in her future.

This letter, by virtue of its wording, length, and specificity, shows that Ms. Scribe took the time and effort to recommend Sara thoughtfully and with conviction. The fact that she knows Sara well and is committed to helping her application succeed with a thoughtful letter further adds weight to her assessment.

This letter would be a boon to Sara's application, especially if she's applying to study writing or English. She clearly impressed her English teacher and, in return, got a memorable, complimentary letter of recommendation for her college application.

This next example is similarly enthusiastic and detailed. It's for a student applying to an engineering program.

teacher writing reference letter for student

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Sample Letter #2: Stacy the Engineer

Dear Admissions Committee, It is a great pleasure to recommend Stacy for admission to your engineering program. She is one of the most exceptional students I have encountered in my 15 years of teaching. I taught Stacy in my 11th grade honors physics class and advised her in Robotics Club. I am not surprised to find out she is now ranked at the top of an extraordinarily capable class of seniors. She has a keen interest in and talent for physics, math, and scientific inquiry. Her advanced skills and passion for the subject make her an ideal fit for your rigorous engineering program. Stacy is a perceptive, sharp, quick individual with a high aptitude for math and science. She is driven to understand how things work, whether they be the old computer hard drives in the school library or the forces that hold our universe together. Her final project in class was especially impressive, an investigation of frequency-dependent sound absorption, an idea that she said was sparked by not wanting to bother her parents with her hours of guitar practice at home. She's been a strong leader in Robotics Club, eager to share her knowledge with others and learn new skills. I have the students in the club prepare lessons and take turns leading our after-school meetings. When it was Stacy's turn, she showed up prepared with a fascinating lecture on lunar nautics and fun activities that got everyone moving and talking. She was our only student teacher to be met with much deserved applause at the end of her lesson. Stacy's personal strengths are as impressive as her intellectual accomplishments. She's an active, outgoing presence in class with a great sense of humor. Stacy's the perfect person to get a group project rolling, but she also knows how to sit back and let others take the lead. Her cheerful nature and openness to feedback means she's always learning and growing as a learner, an impressive strength that will continue to serve her well in college and beyond. Stacy is just the kind of driven, engaging, and curious student that helped make our classroom a lively environment and safe place to take intellectual risks. Stacy has my highest recommendation for admission to your engineering program. She has demonstrated excellence in all that she puts her mind to, whether it's designing an experiment, collaborating with others, or teaching herself to play classical and electrical guitar. Stacy's endless curiosity, combined with her willingness to take risks, leads me to believe there will be no limit to her growth and achievements in college and beyond. Please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have any questions. Sincerely, Ms. Randall Physics Teacher Marie Curie High School

Ms. Randall is clearly as much of a fan of Stacy as she is of Mileva Marić. How does she communicate her recommendation?


Ms. Randall plugs for Stacy right off the bat with a statement of outstanding ranking : Stacy is one of the most exceptional students she's had in 15 years of teaching. A statement like this is pretty extraordinary and will make an impact in the mind of its readers. Stacy sounds like a special student, and she chose her recommender well.

Like in the last example, this letter uses strong, specific language , calling Stacy a perceptive and sharp person who has the confidence and good humor to take intellectual risks. Through its accurate and expressive language, this letter helps Stacy come to life in the mind of the reader.

Beyond the evaluation, Ms. Randall gives specific examples of Stacy's academic and personal strengths. She talks about her successful teaching in Robotics Club, her leadership in group projects, and her dedicated practice to teaching herself to play the guitar.

Rather than spreading the letter too thin, Ms. Randall highlights a few core themes. She connects Stacy's love of music with her passion for physics by talking about the frequency-dependent sound absorption project. All the threads tie together in a nice, memorable bow.

This letter is a strong vote of support for Stacy's application to an engineering program. Her physics teacher admires Stacy's skills and goals, and she made it clear that Stacy had her highest recommendation in this letter.

This next example also comes from a teacher who's extremely impressed with his student. It focuses on the student's performance in class and his volunteer work outside the classroom.


Sample Letter #3: William the History Buff and Social Organizer

Dear Admissions Committee, It is hard to overstate the meaningful contributions that William has made to our school and surrounding community. As both his 10th and 11th grade History teacher, I've had the pleasure of seeing William make profound contributions both in and out of the classroom. His school and community service is motivated by a strong sense of social justice, which he informs through a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of historical trends and events. I can say with confidence that William is one of the most caring and driven students I've ever taught in my fifteen years at the school. As a child of immigrant parents, William is especially drawn to understand the immigrant experience. He produced an extraordinary semester-long research paper on the treatment of Japanese-Americans in the U.S. during WWII, in which he went beyond all expectations to conduct Skype interviews with relatives of his featured subjects to incorporate into his paper. William has a great capacity to draw connections between past and present and to ground his understanding of current issues in the context of historical events. He never retreats to a simple answer or explanation, but is comfortable dealing with ambiguity. William's fascination with U.S. and World History and skill for deep analysis have him an exemplary scholar, as a well as a motivated activist driven to promote civil rights and work towards social equity. In sophomore year, William noticed that the college planning seminars students attended included little information for first generation or immigrant students. Always thinking about how institutions can better serve people, William spoke with counselors and ESL teachers about his ideas to better support all students. He helped collect resources and design a college planning curriculum for immigrant and undocumented students to enhance their college access. He further helped organize a group that connected ESL students with native English speakers, stating his mission to be helping ELLs improve their English and increasing multicultural awareness and social cohesion at the school as a whole. William identified a need and worked with students and faculty alike to meet it in an extremely effective and beneficial way. Ever the history scholar, he did plenty of research to back up his ideas. William believes passionately in social progress and working for the common good. His own personal experiences, along with his profound grasp on social history, drive his advocacy work. He is a talented, intelligent student with the charisma, confidence, strong values, and respect for others to make a huge difference in the world around him. I'm looking forward to seeing all the good that William continues to do for his fellow humanity in college and beyond, as well as the excellent work that he will produce at the college level. William has my highest recommendation. If you have any questions, please contact me at [email protected] Sincerely, Mr. Jackson History Teacher Martin Luther King, Jr. High School

Mr. Jackson's letter makes William sound like a pretty amazing student and person. How does he go about expressing his admiration for William in this rec letter?


Like Ms. Randall did in her letter, Mr. Jackson provides a statement of outstanding ranking for William, calling him one of the most caring and driven students he's ever taught. Considering his long teaching career of 15 years, this says a lot about William as a student and a person.

Also like in the last example, Mr. Jackson focuses on a few core aspects of William's character. He talks about his love of history and how it informs his social activism. He comments on his exceptional historical scholarship, as well as his personal qualities of caring for those around him and working for the social good.

Mr. Jackson also gives insight into William's personal life , explaining how he has a personal connection to his projects and volunteer work as the child of immigrant parents. This letter reveals that William is a thoughtful, motivated individual who connects his own experiences with his learning and desire to contribute to his community.

The letter also showcases William's exceptional accomplishments by giving specific examples of William's research paper and his work supporting the academic and personal needs of ELL students. Mr. Jackson expresses his enthusiastic recommendation while illuminating William's love of learning and strength of character. This letter would be both impressive and memorable to admissions officers considering William for admission to their school.

This next example comes from a math teacher. Let's see what Mr. Wiles has to say about Joe.


Sample Letter #4: Joe the Hard Worker

Dear Admissions Committee, It is my pleasure to recommend Joe, who I taught in my 11th grade math class. Joe demonstrated tremendous effort and growth throughout the year and brought a great energy to class. He has that combination of a positive attitude and the belief that he can always improve that's rare in a high school student, but so essential to the learning process. I am confident that he will continue to display the same commitment and diligence in everything he does. I highly recommend Joe for admission to your school. Joe would not describe himself as a math person. He's told me on several occasions that all the numbers and variables make his mind go fuzzy. Joe did, in fact, struggle to comprehend the material at the beginning of the year, but his response to this is what really struck me. Where so many others have given up, Joe took on this class as a welcome challenge. He stayed after school for extra help, got extra tutoring at the nearby college, and asked questions in and out of class. Due to all his hard work, Joe not only raised his grades, but he also inspired some of his classmates to stay after for extra help, as well. Joe truly demonstrated a growth mindset, and he inspired his peers to adopt that valuable perspective, too. Joe helped contribute to our classroom environment as one where all students can feel supported and able to ask questions. Joe's strong belief in his ability to acquire new skills and improve through practice was likely shaped by his years as a baseball player. He's played all through high school and is one of the team's most valuable players. In his final for our class, Joe designed an impressive project calculating and analyzing batting averages. While he initially described himself as not a math person, Joe reaped the benefits of his tremendous effort and found a way to make the subject come alive for him in a way that he was personally invested in. As a teacher, it is incredibly fulfilling to witness a student make this kind of academic and personal progress. Joe is a trustworthy, reliable, good-humored student and friend who supports others in and out of the classroom. He was a pleasure to have in class, and his positive attitude and belief in himself, even in the face of difficulty, is an immensely admirable asset. I'm confident that he will continue to demonstrate the same diligence, perseverance, and optimism that he showed myself and his peers. I highly recommend Joe for admission to your undergraduate program. Please feel free to contact me with any further questions at [email protected] Sincerely, Mr. Wiles Math Teacher Euclid High School

While the students featured in the first three examples were top of their class or demonstrated leadership in the school, Joe isn't a top achiever in the traditional sense. However, this recommendation is still a strong one, even if it says he struggled in the teacher's class. What does Mr. Wiles focus on to recommend Joe?


Mr. Wiles writes a strong letter for Joe, with the same kind of enthusiasm and specific examples as the other three letters. Even though Joe may not have gotten the strongest grades in his math class, he found an enthusiastic recommender in his math teacher. Mr. Wiles was extremely impressed with Joe's attitude, effort, and growth mindset , which he demonstrated throughout the year and inspired in his fellow classmates.

Mr. Wiles focuses on Joe's substantial personal strengths, ones that would likely be impressive to his future educators. Even in a subject that may not come naturally to him, Joe is diligent and committed. He's not self-conscious about asking questions or seeking extra help, and he retains a strong belief in himself that he can continuously learn, improve, and acquire new skills.

This letter, like the others, is effective because it is focused, supportive, and backed up with examples. As you can tell from these examples, recommendations can communicate a great deal about a student. Because of this, they can have a powerful impact on a student's chances of admission. So what can teachers and students do to make sure they are sending a strong recommendation letter that will help their chances?


Enthusiasm is key.

How to Get a Strong Recommendation Letter

While these letters are about different students with different interests, they share certain fundamental features. One, they sound excited and enthusiastic. The teachers clearly communicate that they are impressed by these students and eager to help them get into college.

At the same time, the letters don't go overboard because they have examples to back up their assessments. Specific examples and stories are key for backing up the assessment. Plus, they make a letter more interesting and memorable. Rather than just another engineering applicant, Stacy is the student who researched sound-absorption to spare her parents from hours of guitar scales.

Finally, the teachers all discuss their students' personal strengths , along with their academic strengths. They present the holistic view that admissions officers are looking for, along with their strong vote of confidence in the students' future success.

Teachers should incorporate all these features into their letters, and students should help provide them with the raw material to write about. While students should choose a teacher who knows them well and has stories and observations to share, they should also give their teachers a detailed "brag sheet" and let them know what would go into their ideal letter. That way it can be even more personalized and complement the story the student is telling in the rest of her application.

While recommenders may or may not share their letters with students, there should still be open, two-way communication when the student makes her request . That way students and teachers can work together to produce an insightful, enthusiastic, and specific letter of recommendation to send to colleges.

What's Next?

Are you a teacher writing recommendations for your students? Read all about how to write an outstanding recommendation letter for your students , along with what not to include.

Are you or a student you work with applying to a selective school, like Harvard? Learn about what kind of letter she should get for the Ivy League.

Now that you've read these examples of strong teacher recommendation letters, check out these examples of bad ones . Warning: rec letters may appear better than they actually are.

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teacher writing reference letter for student

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Teacher Recommendation Letter Template – with Samples

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teacher writing reference letter for student

Updated June 29, 2022

A teacher recommendation letter provides a written character reference of a teacher by another individual. This is common for a teacher is seeking employment and uses the letter to their advantage. It is highly advised to have the letter be written by the principal at the teacher’s previous school or, for those with no experience, to have the letter completed by a former professor. The letter was written should be no more than 1-page, easy to read, and provide positive character traits of the person as an educator.

Student Recommendation Letter – Use if you are a teacher looking to write a letter of recommendation for a student.

Who to Select?

A teacher recommendation letter is ideally written by a principal. However, it may also be written by a vice-principal or, in the case of student-teacher, it may be written by a sponsor teacher. The person writing the letter will need to be able to describe the candidate’s abilities as an employee, a co-worker, and a teacher.

How to Write (Format)

The general form for a teacher recommendation letter includes a letterhead , an introduction , at least  two   (2) body paragraphs , and a conclusion . The length of the letter will depend on how familiar the author is with the person that they are writing on behalf of. That being said, it should only fill one page.

The top-left corner of the letter should contain a letterhead   with the following information:


The introduction presents the author, addresses the reader, and introduces the applicant. The letter may be addressed to a specific person or school, or it may be written as a general letter of recommendation. The introduction can also include a brief description of the length of time and nature of the author’s professional acquaintance with the candidate.

Dear Principal Stetson, I am taking this opportunity to give my personal recommendation of Mrs. Petra Forde for the position of 5th Grade Teacher at Gulch River Elementary. During her three year tenure at Wolfhampton Middle School, Mrs. Forde has managed to make herself an integral member of the school community. Although I am sad to see her leave our school, it is my pleasure to write this letter on her behalf.
To Whom It May Concern: Mr. Francis Jordan has recently completed his final practicum in my fourth grade class at Forest Elementary School. As Francis’ teaching strengths and positive qualities are numerous, and his dedication is sincere, I write this letter of recommendation with conviction.

Paragraph #1

The first body paragraph of a recommendation letter for a teacher should clearly state the candidate’s role at a particular school, their training and skills, and their contributions to the school community.

Mrs. Becket began her teaching career with us three years ago. She brought with her an extensive background in art history and english literature, along with a positive attitude and engaging personality. This past year, she and a group of the senior students helped initiate and organize a student talent show, which was a great success. Since her first year teaching here, Mrs. Becket has contributed towards getting the work of exceptional students published in a nationwide poetry anthology. She has the ability to inspire students to explore their gifts, and I am confident that she will continue her positive influence on many students to come.

This author quickly provides the length of time that the candidate has worked at their school and gives a positive assessment of the applicant’s training. They then give two examples of how the teacher has contributed to the school community which demonstrates a level of care that goes beyond the requirements of their position.

With Mr. Smith, thorough preparation and willingness to work diligently was evident from the outset. Mr. Smith and I met in July in order to define his responsibilities and to access resources. Before school began, a great deal of planning had already taken place, allowing time for discussion and approval. A variety of media were used within lessons, and tasks took many forms which accommodated students of varying abilities. High-level questioning techniques were employed to broaden the students’ thinking. In addition to encouraging students to reflect upon their learning, Mr. Smith himself regularly used his teaching experiences as opportunities for growth and skill refinement.

This is another example from   a letter written on behalf of a student-teacher. The author uses multiple examples to first demonstrate the candidate’s careful preparation for the job and their diligent work ethic. They go on to emphasize how the student-teacher’s preparation paid off, as well as how they were able to adapt themselves to the many different students, media, and tasks that they were presented with during their internship.

Paragraph #2

The second body paragraph sums up the applicant’s skills and suitability for employment. Having provided a description of the prospective teacher’s skills, community participation, and their position at their previous educational institution, the author should now expand upon these points with more descriptions and examples.

Ms. Preston has a unique and wonderful rapport with the faculty and students of Foxglove Elementary.  She’s extraordinarily talented at connecting with her students and educating in a creative and engaging fashion.  Showing confidence in the use of varied media, Ms. Preston incorporated the use of technology to best effect.  She has excellent communication skills, which is evident when examining her success in creating strong teacher-parent relations or connecting with students who require extra care.

In the above paragraph, an applicant’s teaching and communication skills are highlighted. By emphasizing these qualities, the teacher is presented as being capable of working well with students, faculty, and parents. The author also reveals that the candidate is proficient in current technologies, which is very important in today’s classrooms.

Ms. Morrisson played a vital role in student assessment and reporting this term, maintaining extremely detailed and well-organized record books . She participated in informal parent-teacher interviews in the Fall, worked on report cards, and most recently, met with parents who had requested interviews following the December report cards. Throughout these interactions,  she was both professional and approachable, which allowed for open and constructive discussion about the student at hand.

Here, a sponsor teacher details the student-teacher’s tasks and responsibilities throughout the term. They affirm that the candidate excelled in fulfilling all of their obligations.

In the conclusion of the letter, the author should restate their recommendation on behalf of the applicant and end with an invitation for further contact. Contact information can be included in the conclusion or in the letterhead at the top of the page. Below this, the author must include their name and signature.

I can highly recommend Ms. Adams as a Physics teacher, as well as basketball coach. This committed educator will make a huge contribution to whichever school she teaches at next. If you have any more questions regarding Ms. Adams, I would be happy to comply. My email address is: [email protected] Thank you very much for your time. Sincerely,  ________________ Tina McDiamond School Principal Ernest Elementary School

In the above example, a teacher has been let go from a school out of necessity, as is described in the text. The person writing this recommendation letter has made their recommendation clear and left an invitation for further contact.

As a large number of teachers are nearing retirement, it is heartening to know that confident, intelligent, and insightful young educators will be able to enter classrooms, ready to contribute to our learning communities. Samuel Pence will be an educator of whom many future students will remember as “one of my best teachers”. Should you need to reach me for additional information, feel free to contact me at the above address, at Hill Point Elementary, or via e-mail ( [email protected] ). Sincerely, ______________ Mrs. Gladys Munroe

Written on behalf of a young aspiring teacher, this conclusion illustrates the benefits of hiring new teachers and gives a strong recommendation of the applicant’s potential.

April 24, 2017

Drew D. Millar Principal 123 Fallow Lane Bridgetown, CA 90210 555-555-5555

To Whom It May Concern:

It is my pleasure to introduce to you, Ms. Emily Semple, a highly valued teaching member of our staff for three years. Her assignment has been with fifth-year students of varying abilities. Ms. Semple is, in my opinion, a truly gifted educator. She quickly develops a good rapport with her students, establishes solid routines, and employs consistent and fair practices in her classroom.

Ms. Semple took an active interest in the well-being of each of her pupils. Close contact with the parents was undertaken in a very thorough and meaningful way. Her pupils responded well to her engaging approach to education and genuine interest in them. Under Ms. Semple’s guidance and encouragement, her pupils consistently realized measurable gains.

As a staff member, Ms. Semple was pleasant and cooperative. She has a delightful sense of humor and contributed much to the staff, both professionally and socially.

It has been my pleasure to have worked with Ms. Semple. She is a hardworking, well-organized, committed teacher who has given much to our pupils. She enjoys the respect of her pupils, their parents, her fellow teachers, and the school administration.

I am pleased to recommend her without reservation, for any position requiring hard work, initiative, loyalty, and dedication. Please contact me if you need any further information.

Yours truly,


Drew D. Millar

August 10, 2017

Glenn C. Reid Principal Treeline Elementary School 123 Tree Avenue Felcherville, Alabama 12345

Dear Mrs. Johnson,

Ms. Megan Paulson is probably one of the finest, creative, and most approachable teachers with whom I have worked. It has been my very great pleasure to know her for several years. I am disappointed that she is not able to obtain a full-time teaching position at our school, because she has so much to offer.

Megan brings to her job a high degree of vitality and a refreshing pedagogy . She is a great asset, not only in the class but in the school as a whole. Her artistic talents provide numerous opportunities for creative class projects. Ms. Paulson also incorporated the use of technology to best effect in her daily lessons. Her presence in the school is respected by all and her many contributions, beyond the regular curriculum, are exemplary.

It is without hesitation that I commend Megan Paulson for her contributions to students and education. She is a great asset to any s chool and will surely have a positive effect on any developing mind under her influence.

Please don’t hesitate to contact me should you require additional information.

Glenn C. Reid, [email protected]

Linda Dunsmuir Principal Dawson Elementary 616 Harbor Road Redwood, CA 90213

To Whom It May Concern,

I am pleased to write a letter of reference for Mrs. Lynn Hudson, a teacher at Dawson Elementary. Ms. Hudson currently teaches a Grade 4/5 class at Dawson, where I am principal. Prior to that, I worked with her at Tribeca Elementary, where she taught Kindergarten and Grade 7. She has a long and varied teaching career and I feel so fortunate to have acquired her on my staff again this year. In the fourteen years that I have known Mrs. Hudson, I have been most impressed by her dedication to students and the high-quality teaching skills she brings to her position.

In all of my observations of Mrs. Hudson, she has always demonstrated exceptional teaching skills regardless of her class’s age group or diversity of learning levels.  Mrs. Hudson always ensures that her students experience  success by challenging their abilities in order to encourage as much growth and development as possible. Her students are always treated with great dignity and respect and, as a result, she has an excellent rapport with them. Mrs. Hudson also has a very good working relationship with the parents of her students.

Mrs. Hudson brings a number of special talents to her role as a teacher; she is a gifted artist and she provides art lessons to her class, producing lovely work for the hallways and classroom. While she has only been at Dawson Elementary for a short time, she has already contributed to the school in significant ways, including doing artwork for special events and functions. She is well-liked and appreciated by staff, students and parents. Lynn models life-long learning; she actively seeks professional development opportunities and is willing to try new strategies and methodologies. She has always made herself available to staff members as a mentor and a guide in areas in which she has the expertise, such as visual arts, novel studies, and children’s literature.

I was delighted to hear that Mrs. Hudson is applying for the position of art teacher at your school. As well as being a dedicated, caring, skilled teacher, I believe she possesses many of the qualities that will make her a very successful addition to your school community. Though it is with a heavy heart that I see her go, I highly recommend her for the position. If you require further information, please feel free to contact me.


Mrs. Linda Dunsmuir, Principal

teacher writing reference letter for student

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Whether you’re a student or a teacher, at some point you’ll need to either receive or write a recommendation letter. Check out our four examples, templates, and writing tips for help.

Knowing how to write a letter of recommendation is essential as a teacher or a professor. Many of your pupils will come to you throughout your career asking for a recommendation or referral letter for university admission or a job as they try to advance in their careers. 

To help, here are four recommendation letter examples and templates that you can easily copy and paste into Microsoft Word or Google Docs to speed up your writing process.

Table of contents:

1. Letter of recommendation for college

If you’re a high school teacher, at some point, you’ll need to write a letter of recommendation for a student applying to college. But you might not know everything you need to include to make sure your student has the best chance of being accepted into their top university.

This template shows you how to write a recommendation letter for college by ensuring you hit all the necessary points. While writing, keep in mind that you should focus on:

Here’s a college letter of recommendation template:

Download this letter of recommendation template

Now, here’s the completed college letter of recommendation example:

College letter of recommendation sample (text format)

February 12th, 2022

Admissions Office

University of Connecticut

123 College Address

Storrs, CT, 06251

Dear Admissions Committee,

It is my great pleasure to recommend Jonathan Baker for admission to the University of Connecticut’s Mechanical Engineering Department. I have known Jon for 3 years and was delighted to serve as both his AP Physics teacher and Robotics Club adviser at Greenwich High School. During that time, I watched Jon grow into an outstanding individual who excels in his academic and personal pursuits.

As Jon’s teacher and adviser, I witnessed his extraordinary ability to quickly understand advanced physics concepts and then adeptly apply them to real-world situations firsthand. His senior year robotics project was particularly impressive: He designed, built, and programmed a robot that could climb any surface, no matter how smooth.

Jon’s academic accomplishments are rivaled only by his personal strengths. His compassion and charisma are beyond his years, and he is well-loved by his peers as well as all those who have had the pleasure of teaching him. Whenever any of his fellow students have a difficult time or feel down, he never fails to step in with an encouraging word and a smile.

I highly recommend you accept Jon into your Mechanical Engineering program. I am confident he will make an excellent addition to your university’s community. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding his character or past academic work.

Your Signature

Edmund Dudley

Physics Teacher, Greenwich High School

2. Letter of recommendation for scholarships

With college tuition becoming increasingly expensive, scholarships are sometimes the only way a student can afford to attend university.

Make sure your student has the financial support they need to continue their education by writing a scholarship recommendation letter for them.

In your scholarship recommendation letter, you’ll need to focus on:

Here’s a scholarship letter of recommendation template:

letter of recommendation for scholarship template

Now, here’s the completed scholarship letter of recommendation sample, in text form:

Sample recommendation letter for scholarships (text format)

Office of the American Secretary

The Rhodes Trust

8229 Boone Boulevard

Vienna, Virginia 22182

Dear Rhodes Scholarship Selection Committee,

It is my pleasure and honor to recommend Thomas Schriver for the Rhodes Scholarship. I have known Thomas for 2 years and was delighted to serve as his professor in my History course on Taiwan Politics and Cross-Strait Relations, as well as his graduation thesis adviser at the University of Minnesota. After reading through the criteria of the Rhode Scholarship, I strongly believe that you would struggle to find a student more deserving and more in need of it than Thomas.

The Rhodes Trust looks for students who possess exceptional academic abilities as well as the drive to use those abilities to their full potential. Since I have known him, Thomas has demonstrated his superior intellect and thirst to understand the culture and consciousness of his fellow man on multiple occasions. In particular, his graduation thesis—discussing the complexities of Taiwan’s history and how it has influenced the development of modern Taiwanese identity—was culturally sensitive and contained remarkable analysis that was eye-opening even for an experienced professor in the field such as myself.

On a personal level, Thomas is a young man of strong character who fully embodies all the traits you look for in potential candidates. Specifically, I was astounded by his kindness, selflessness, and devotion to helping the less fortunate in any way he could. Every summer vacation, instead of using his free time for himself, he travels to Indonesia to do volunteer work teaching English to children living in rural villages.

I have absolutely no reservations about recommending Thomas for the Rhodes Scholarship. I have no doubt he will uphold the standards of a Rhodes Scholar and become a shining member of your community. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding his character, past academic work, or any other qualifications related to the scholarship.

Gertrude Hindelberry

Professor of History, University of Minnesota

3. Graduate school letter of recommendation

Letters of recommendation for graduate school are taken very seriously and generally should only be written by a professor who can describe a student’s capabilities and academic works in great detail. 

This is why it’s essential to know how to write a letter of recommendation for grad school before getting started. When writing a graduate school recommendation letter for your student, focus on:

Here’s a grad school letter of recommendation template that you can use to get started:

letter of recommendation for grad school template

Now, here’s an example of a completed, well-written graduate school recommendation letter:

Letter of recommendation for graduate school example (text format)

February 21st, 2022

Office of Graduate Admissions

University of Iceland

Reykjavik, Iceland, 142

Dear Graduate Admissions Committee,

It is my great pleasure to recommend Jess Chen for admission to the University of Iceland’s master’s program in Viking and Medieval Norse Studies. I got to know Jess as her Anglo-Saxon studies professor at the University of South Carolina. During that time, I was thoroughly impressed by Jess’ commitment to understanding and exploring the hidden depths of Anglo-Saxon culture and literature.

While taking my Scandinavian literature course, Jess demonstrated an extraordinary interest and ability to analyze classic Icelandic sagas. Her final paper on the Bandamanna Saga was already on a level that would usually be expected only from a master’s student. In it, she analyzed the Christian themes of Saga and explored how they relate to the current perception of Christianity in modern-day Iceland.

In addition to Jess’ exceptional academic accomplishments in Nordic studies as an undergraduate, her selflessness and commitment to helping the less fortunate made her an outstanding member of the University of South Carolina’s community. As a member of Habitat for Humanity, she provided invaluable tutelage and mentorship to countless underprivileged children.

It is my strong opinion that Jess would be a tremendous addition to the University of Iceland’s Viking and Medieval Norse Studies graduate program, and she has my highest recommendation. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding her character or past academic work.

Marcus R. Winfield

Professor of Anglo-Saxon Studies, University of Maryland

4. Letter of recommendation for teachers

It’s an honor when a colleague views you in high regard and asks you for a referral letter, especially for a teaching position. 

Teaching positions, especially those at well-established universities and colleges, are hard to come by. You’ll need to ensure you display your coworker or colleague in the best way possible by: 

First, here’s a teacher recommendation letter template:

letter of recommendation for teacher template

Now, here’s a well-written teacher recommendation letter sample, in text form:

Sample teacher recommendation letter (text format)

March 15th, 2022

Karl Kieslehorst

Lenox Elementary School

123 School Address

Lenox, IA, 08967

Dear Principal Kieslehorst,

It is my great pleasure to personally recommend Melanie McGregor for the role of 5th grade Math teacher at Wilton Elementary School. Ms. McGregor was a treasured member of our faculty for 6 years and was loved by students and teachers alike. As principal of Wilton Elementary School, I can assure you that Ms. McGregor is an outstanding teacher who will quickly become an integral member of your school’s community.

When we hired Ms. McGregor 6 years ago, her extensive knowledge of mathematics and the learning needs of children were immediately apparent. With her kind-hearted and nurturing nature, she seamlessly integrated herself into all her classes and effortlessly engaged with all her students. During her time at Wilton Elementary, she also significantly contributed to the girls’ tennis team, which she coached to victory last year.

Since her very first year, Ms. McGregor utilized her exceptional teaching abilities to improve the average grade of her students by one letter grade. Her particularly adept use of multimedia, advanced visuals, and practical storytelling enabled her to capture the attention of her students and ensure they were always focused on schoolwork in the classroom. I am confident she will continue to produce such results at Lenox Elementary School and will quickly become a new favorite among the students.

I have no reservations about giving Ms. McGregor my highest recommendation for this position. I am confident she will become an invaluable addition to your faculty. Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions regarding her character or teaching abilities.

Annabelle Smith

Principal, Wilton Elementary School

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Sample Reference Letter from a Teacher

Maskot / Getty Images 

Are you a middle school, high school, or college student who has been asked to submit a reference letter from a teacher as part of an application for a job or a volunteer position? Or are you a teacher who has been asked to write a reference for a student? What information is needed to write an effective reference letter, and what should the letter include?

Most teachers are more than willing to write reference letters (also known as a letter of recommendation) for students who have performed well in their classes. 

Still, be aware that crafting an effective reference letter is a time-consuming task for teachers and one that's often completed outside of school hours. Since you're asking your teacher for a reference, it’s a smart idea to make this task as easy as possible.

Find out what information to share to make the process as simple as possible for your teacher.

Information to Provide to Your Teacher

If you learn that you’ll need to provide a reference letter from a teacher as part of an application, don’t delay asking your teacher if they’ll supply one for you. No teacher, no matter how dedicated, will be happy if a student comes to them asking if they can write a letter of recommendation for them “by tomorrow.” Instead, give your teacher as much time as possible to write an effective letter for you.

There’s also certain information you’ll need to provide your teacher so that they can write an effective letter. This includes: 

If you don’t have a resume and are a high school or college student, then it’s time to develop one. You don’t need actual work experience to create your first resume: it’s enough to describe your schoolwork, personal academic or volunteer accomplishments, and participation in clubs or other organizations. If you’re a middle school student, you can simply give your teacher a list of activities you’re involved in—things like scouting, band, church groups, or sports.

The more information about yourself and your achievements that you can provide your teacher, the more detail they’ll be able to incorporate into their letter.

Depth of detail can make all the difference in whether you land the role you’re applying for. 

What a Reference Letter Should Include

The reference letter should include:

Sample Reference Letter From a Teacher

Take a look at this sample reference letter from a teacher. It demonstrates the sort of information your teacher will need in order to write a glowing letter for you. For instance, Katie may have reminded her teacher which classes she took and what grades she received in them. Katie may also have shared details on the position she's applying for and asked that the teacher emphasize her supporting strengths. 

Download the reference letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

teacher writing reference letter for student

Sample Reference Letter From a Teacher (Text Version)

Susan Samuels 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555

October 5, 2021

Oscar Lee Manager St. Francis Hospital 123 Business Rd. Business City, NY 54321

Dear Mr. Lee:

I am writing this reference at the request of Katie Kingston, who is applying for the Student Volunteer Program at St. Francis Hospital this summer.

I have known Katie for two years in my capacity as a teacher at Smithtown Middle School. Katie took my English and Spanish classes, earning superior grades. Based on Katie's grades, attendance, and class participation, I'd rate Katie's academic performance in my class as superior.

Katie has a number of strengths to offer an employer, and she is always interested in supporting others. For example, when we worked on our class community service project this year, Katie was helpful to me in collecting and organizing the food for the pantry here in Smithtown.

In conclusion, I would highly recommend Katie Kingston. If her performance in my class is any indication of how she'd perform in your position, Katie will be a positive addition to your organization. Should you need any additional information, please feel free to contact me at 555-555-5555 or by email at anytime.

Signature (hard copy letter)

Susan Samuels

teacher writing reference letter for student

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Resource types, all resource types, results for letter of recommendation for a student teacher.

Letter of Recommendation Template

Letter of Recommendation Template

Monica Abarca

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Student Teacher Letter of Recommendations for Elementary Teacher

The "W" Shoppe

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Wise Guys

Student Teacher Letters of Recommendation Student Teaching EOY

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Letters of Recommendation for College, Scholarships, Awards, Teaching

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Letter of Recommendation from Students (Intern Gift)

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Recommendation Letter Request Bundle: Ideal for College Requests

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Colonial America Opinion Writing Unit: Persuasive Friendly Letter

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Letter of Recommendation for Student Teacher (Example & Template)

Letter of Recommendation for Student Teacher (Example & Template)

Resources for Spanish and English Teachers

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Letter of recommendation for teacher

Trying to write a letter of recommendation for a teacher? Use this teacher recommendation letter template to put your thoughts in order and offer helpful information about the person you’re referring. Tailor this sample to fit your feedback on that specific person.

A blank page can be scary when you have a lot to say – where do you start? What’s the words and tone that will make the best impression? To help you figure this out, we created a short guide on how to write a teacher letter of recommendation along with a template and example you can use to flesh out your own letter.

This guide can be used if you’re writing a letter to recommend a teacher or if you’re a teacher who wants to recommend a student. Our own template focuses on the first case, but you can easily apply the same principles to other recommendation letters .

How to write a letter of recommendation for a teacher

The process is straightforward:

1. Consider the purpose

Before you start thinking about what you should write in your reference letter for a teacher, spend some time on the why; this will determine the approach you need to take. Is the teacher asking for recommendation applying for a new job at a school? Perhaps, a university? Or do they want to enter a graduate program or a voluntary teaching assignment at some other country?

The answers to these questions will help you include the right information. For example, if this teacher has applied for a Master’s program in special education, it’d be helpful to mention their work with children with special needs (if applicable). If they hope to go to another country to teach young adults, you could mention their language skills, work with immigrant children and inclusive behavior in the classroom.

If you don’t have this information, consider asking this teacher for more details. If they could provide you with the job description for the job they’re applying for, even better. Otherwise, choose more generic examples that speak to their professional skills and personal qualities and talents.

2. Recall examples from your interactions with the teacher

It’s useful to refresh your memory on this person’s work or your own experiences with them. If you were their supervisor at a school (e.g. their principal), you can consult your notes or their employee records for accuracy. In general, try to answer these questions to prepare for a teacher recommendation:

Answers to these questions will help you shape your letter of recommendation for a teacher.

3. Work on our template to flesh out your own teacher recommendation letter

Now that you know what to include in general, modify our teacher recommendation letter template:

Dear [insert name],

I am writing to recommend [teacher_name]. [He/She/They] worked with me at [education_institution_name] for [time_period] as a [teaching_capacity]. I was the [your_title].

As a colleague, [teacher_name] was always [insert quality]. During [his/her/their] time with us, [he/she/they] managed to [insert example].

I’ve always put a premium on [insert quality] among our faculty and [teacher_name] never failed to deliver. An example was when [insert example].

[Teacher_name] is a delight to work with and I wouldn’t hesitate to work with [him/her/them] again.

Should you have any further questions about [him/her/them], feel free to reach me at [phone number].

[Your name and signature]

Feel free to tweak this sample as needed. It’s important to use your own voice and include real examples when writing a teacher recommendation letter. To give you a better idea of what it could look like, see this teacher recommendation letter example written by a fictional School Principal, Sam Davis:

Dear Principal Sarah Carlin,

I am writing to recommend Richard Lowe for a teaching position at your school. He worked with me at Acme High School as a history teacher and reported to me in my position as principal of the school.

As a colleague, Richard was always reliable and organized – he was always the first to work on his syllabus and find the right teaching methods for each of his classes at the start of the year. He also readily led our volunteering activities, including participation in reforestation efforts of nearby areas.

Richard was one of our best educators, firm but always finding ways to engage students. One example is a history competition he organized prompting teams students to write and reenact dialogues between two important historical figures during a historical event. Students loved this and learned a lot about various times of our history. His classes started getting exceptionally high marks in history after he joined our school.

Also, I’ve always put a premium on integrity and honesty and Richard never failed to deliver on both fronts. An example was how he handled a proffered bribe from a parent of a senior high school student who wanted their child to get a mark they didn’t deserve. Richard was discreet and polite with the parent, but he promptly declined the offer.

All in all, Richard is a delight to work with – a dedicated educator with a positive attitude. I wouldn’t hesitate to work with him again if the opportunity arose.

Should you have any further questions, feel free to reach me at +10000000.

School Principal, Acme High School

This sample letter of recommendation for a teacher gives you an idea of how you could shape your own letter of recommendation for a teacher. No matter the context of your letter, our template will make the process faster and will help you include all important information.

See next: Teacher interview questions

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Letter of Recommendation Samples for Students

Alison Doyle is one of the nation’s foremost career experts.

teacher writing reference letter for student

How To Request a Recommendation Letter

How to write a recommendation letter, what to include in a recommendation letter for a student, how to use letter examples and templates, student recommendation letter example, character / personal recommendation letters, character reference letter example, how to create a reference list, frequently asked questions (faqs).

Hero Images / Getty Images

Students may need a letter of recommendation to land a job, secure an internship, or earn a spot in a competitive academic program. But to make a good impression on the recipient, a letter of recommendation must be more than just an enthusiastic endorsement—it must follow a specific format.

Whether you are a student who needs a letter of recommendation for an application or a reference writer, here’s how to format your letter and what to include in the document. Plus, you’ll find a few samples to help guide your writing.

Key Takeaways

When you request a letter of recommendation (sometimes also called a letter of reference), be sure to remind potential letter writers how they know you and give them information on why you need the letter (for example, tell them the types of job you will be applying for).

You might also provide the person with your most up-to-date resume or CV. These details will make it easier for them to write a personalized and targeted reference letter.

You should also provide all the information the person needs regarding how to submit the letter, what to include (if there are any requirements) and when it is due.

When writing a reference letter , be sure to explain how you know the student, and describe some of the qualities that make him or her a good candidate for the job or school. Use specific examples to demonstrate how the person has shown those qualities.

Focus on the specific job or school the person is applying for. Try to include qualities and examples that will help them get that position or get into that school.

Feel free to ask the person for whom you are writing the letter for more information. You might ask to see the job listing, their resume, or a list of their related coursework.

Contact Information If you’re writing a formal printed letter, include your contact information, as well as the recipient’s information, at the top of the letter.

Greeting If you are writing a personal recommendation letter, include a salutation to start your letter (Dear Dr. Smith, or Dear Ms. Jones, for example).

Paragraph 1: Introduction Explain why you're writing and how you are connected to the person you are recommending, including how you know them, and for how long.

Paragraph 2/3: Why You're Writing Share information on the person you are writing about, including why they are qualified and what they have to offer. It's fine to include more than one paragraph to provide details of the student's academic and work performance. Including examples of how they have excelled is a good way to show how the person is qualified.

Paragraph 4: Summary Write a brief summary of why you are recommending the person. Mention that you "highly recommend" the person or that you "recommend without reservation" or something similar.

Paragraph 5: Conclusion Offer to share more information and let the reader know how to contact you (phone, email, etc.) for a follow-up conversation.

Letter Closing End your letter with a formal letter closing and your name and title. If you are mailing a printed letter, include your signature underneath your typed name: 

Signature (for hard copy letter)

If you’re sending an email, include your contact information in your signature. 

It is a good idea to review recommendation letter examples and templates before you write a recommendation letter or a request for a letter. They can help you decide what kind of content you should include in your document.

A letter template also helps you with the layout of your letter, such as how many paragraphs to include, and how to sign the letter. Templates also show you what elements you need to include in your letter, such as your contact information.

While recommendation letter examples, templates, and guidelines are a great starting point, always tailor a letter to fit the particular situation

Download the recommendation letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

The Balance

Recommendation Letter Example (Text Version)

Brian Smith 123 Main Street Anytown, CA 12345 555-555-5555

March 9, 2021

Emma Johnson Owner Café Bistro 72 Dock Street Pacifica, Oregon 97233

Dear Ms. Johnson,

Daniel Williams worked as a server and manager at Central College’s student café under my supervision for seven semesters, beginning in Spring 2019.

Over that time, I was consistently impressed with his customer service and people management skills, as well as his dedication and good humor. I've often said that if I could clone Daniel, I'd never have to worry about staffing problems again. He's a truly gifted server, fast on his feet, and able to remember complicated orders without using an order pad.

He’s also an innovator. Thanks to his suggestions, we revamped the café menu last year to focus on the most popular dishes and dropped some expensive, time-consuming menu items. The result was a 10% increase in profits.

Our customers love him. More than one has suggested that Daniel become a “super senior,” so that he can stay with us next year. Alas, he’s graduating on schedule, with highest honors and a boatload of references to attest to his skill, hard work, and talent. I’m honored to be one of them.

I enthusiastically recommend Daniel for the position of server/manager in your café. If you have any specific questions about Daniel’s experience and skills, I’m happy to help. Please call me at 555-555-5555.

Brian Smith

Student Coordinator

Central College Café

A character reference is a recommendation written by someone who can attest to one’s character. These letters may be needed for people applying to join an association or purchase property.

They can be used as an alternative to a professional reference for someone who doesn't have work experience, and they may also be required for jobs that require a high level of trustworthiness.

Who To Ask for a Character Reference

If you have limited work experience (or worry you will get a negative reference from your former employer), you might ask someone to write you a character reference. This might help balance out a negative employer reference.

Consider asking a friend, neighbor, volunteer or club leader, colleague, or other people who may never have employed you, but can speak to who you are as a person.

What To Include in a Character Reference

If you are asked to write a character reference, focus on the person’s character traits and abilities. You can provide examples from personal interactions with that individual.

Download the character reference letter template (compatible with Google Docs and Word Online) or see below for more examples.

Character Reference Letter Example (Text Version)

Jane Lee 330 Chestnut Street Kerry Springs, Massachusetts 01006

February 3, 2023

Sandra Gomez Program Director Kids at Play, Inc. Centertown, New Hampshire 03225

Dear Ms. Gomez,

Before I had the pleasure of working with Liz Dwyer on our neighborhood cleanup committee, I was her next-door neighbor for 10 years. It didn’t surprise me at all when she was the youngest person to show up for our initial organizational meeting or when she volunteered to take notes and spearheaded the playground project. 

Liz is a very special young person, the kind that gives you hope for the future. It’s not just that she’s organized and dependable, although she is. It’s that she has passion, drive, and a deep optimism for what’s possible. I’ve seen firsthand how she uses that optimism to inspire others and help them see the possibilities in an empty lot or rundown corner. 

I’ve also been impressed with Liz’s growth as an artist. Since she started at Eastern College, her talent has grown. She has used her new skills to improve our neighborhood, rallying the local kids to help her make a mosaic wall for the new playground. 

I know she would be a bright light in your arts program, inspiring and guiding the kids in your care just as she has the kids on our block. I enthusiastically recommend her for the job. Please feel free to reach out to me at or (413)555-6078 with any questions. 

Best regards,

Jane Lee Director, Chestnut Street Block Association

A reference list is a page with a list of your references and their contact information. Send this letter as part of your job application if it is requested. Employers who ask for a reference list might call or email the people on that list and ask them for more information about you.

When creating your reference list, be sure to first ask permission from each person on your list. Not only is this polite, but this will give each person time to prepare a response for the employer. Make sure you provide all the necessary contact information for each person.

What should a student’s letter of recommendation include?

A letter of recommendation for a student should describe their positive qualities, including their academic achievements, interpersonal skills, work ethic, and character. To be effective, the letter should focus on skills and qualifications that are most valuable in the job or program for which the student is applying. 

How long should a recommendation letter be?

A recommendation letter should be at least a few paragraphs long, typically a page or two in length. It should contain specifics that illustrate why the subject is a good candidate for the job or position they’re seeking. The recommender should unreservedly endorse the subject of the letter. 

Georgetown University Center for Research and Fellowships. " Do's and Don'ts of Writing Recommendation Letters ."

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