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Welcome to the family speeches

By:  Susan Dugdale  | Last modified: 04-23-2021

- a wedding or engagement welcome speech template 

Here's a handy template to use if you've been asked to make a speech welcoming a newcomer into your family. Perhaps the bride or groom at a wedding reception. Or maybe one or other of the happy pair at their engagement party.

It ticks off the main requirements of this type of welcome speech very effectively.

These are to make the person(s) you're giving the speech to:

Image: portrait of a family at dinner. Text: how to give a speech to welcome someone new to your family.

Short, simple and sincere

The speech also sticks to the SSS rule: short, simple and sincere.

Nobody really appreciates a lengthy, shapeless ramble - a meandering tour through family stories, or thoughts delivered randomly, as they occur, without real consideration. 

If you've ever sat through ''a few words'' that rapidly multiplied to become an extended monologue, you'll know what I mean. It's  an audience endurance test and often embarrassing.

That's an example of what you don't want to do.

Your words extend a hand of friend and kinship on behalf of your immediate and extended family. Keep them brief, on track and,  deliver them with a smile. 

Sample welcome speech template 

- adapt it for a wedding or an engagement party   .

There's room to personalize the speech with a couple of succinct stories to fit the occasion or you could just leave it as it is.

If you don't add anything, the speech is about one and a half minutes long.

To hear the speech play the video

The voice you're hearing belongs to me, Susan.

Mary {Replace the name Mary with the name of the person you are welcoming} - welcome to the family!

Family, tribe, clan, kin, group - call it what you will: it's us - all of us!

We're mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, cousins, 3rd cousins, even 53rd cousins, old and young, generations of us, linked together through shared DNA and history.

Look around. The faces smiling back at you are now your people too.

And you thought you were just marrying Dean {Replace the name Dean with the right one} didn't you?

We are the bonus prize!

But seriously, we're delighted that Dean {Change the name to the right one.} had the good sense to choose you to marry.

Over the time leading up to today we've seen you are so right for each other.

{This is the place to insert a couple of examples or stories illustrating how good these two are together.}

Now we look forward to supporting you both, and sharing your lives through the many years ahead.

On behalf of us all; we're honored that you're now one of us.

Rehearse your speech

To be truly effective when you deliver your speech you need to rehearse it.

It needs to be said aloud many times so that you get the flow of it, and can deliver it confidently.

Please don't be tempted to give the speech without practicing it, particularly if you're unused to public speaking.  You create so much extra stress for yourself, and that pressure can cause embarrassing slip ups, which will make it worse.

Image: person standing on a stage. Text: About rehearsing a speech.

I've got all the information you need to deliver your speech really well. You'll find it here: how to rehearse your speech .

How to deal with public speaking nerves 

If you're nervous about public speaking I've many suggestions I know will help.

The best place to start is here: 14 ways to manage public speaking fear

You'll find out how to breathe properly to minimize stress and maximize your voice, how to use your imagination effectively, and more.

speaking out loud 

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sample wedding speeches welcome to the family

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Wedding Welcoming Speeches: Tips, Samples And Advice

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How Do You Start A Welcome Speech?

Wedding welcome speeches samples, how to deliver a wedding welcome speech, brides often ask, what is a welcoming speech.

Wedding welcome speeches and every other kind of welcome speech signify the beginning of an even. It ranges from wedding speech to conferences, events and other kinds of celebration. A welcome speech is an avenue to greet everyone cordially. Also to pass on important information to the guests about the party proceedings.

Who Gives The Welcome Speech At A Wedding?

wedding welcoming speeches man with microphone giving a speech

Traditionally, giving welcome speeches for the wedding reception is the duty of the host. Also, it’s common knowledge that all things being equal, the bride’s parents are the hosts. In this case, the father of the bride gives the toast immediately for the guests to take their seats. The father of the bride appreciates the guests by giving them a welcome message.

Then he will end it by toasting to the couple. If the groom’s parents want to address the guests, they do it right after the bride’s parents. In the case of same-sex marriage, anything goes. It’s left for the couple to decide.

Wedding introduction speeches can make even the boldest person nervous. So nervous that you either forget your lines or don’t know how to start. Below are a few tips to help you start great wedding welcoming speeches.

Don’t step on stage with the false pride that everyone knows you. Because there are lots of guests who need a fresh reminder of who you are. Always introduce yourself and keep it short. Don’t go on and on, it could get boring. You may also start with witty one-liners. They are ice breakers.

Making eye contact signifies confidence. Don’t look to the ground when giving a welcome speech. Look in the audience instead as it helps you comment. Roam around with your eyes and keep contact with specific persons for a few seconds. It makes everyone feel included.

At the time of giving the speech, you may be quite stressed out or have your mind on other things. While it’s beautiful to say your speech off heart, the brains could play a trick on you. So always have a paper on hand. If you don’t want to write it out flat, then go with cue cards that act as reminders for your next line or paragraph.

If possible, skip the drinks until after the welcome speech is over. You have enough time to celebrate. In other cases, it could be some Dutch courage you’re seeking. Still, skip the drink and use a mock audience backstage instead. Filling your head with drinks just before a speech will mess everything up for you. From incoherence to uncoordinated acts and possible misbehavior.

You could say all the funny jokes and witty one-liners. But if you’re not genuine, there’s no way of hiding it. Put some heart in your speech. Don’t give the welcome speech like an obligation. Do it as something you’re delighted at doing for someone who means the world to you.

Remember you’re giving the first speech out of many. There are still other activities on the program which must fly. So keep it short, straight the point and informative. It should last 10 minutes at the maximum. This sums up to about 1,000 words when written.

wedding welcoming speeches examples

VAKS-Stock Agency via Shutterstock

There are different kinds of wedding ceremony speech samples. This is because although the bride’s father is traditionally the host, things are changing. The maid of honor, the best man, the groom himself, very close buddies, and anyone, can give the introduction to wedding welcoming speeches. And you’ll find beautifully crafted speech samples online.

“Hi, I’m (name) and it’s time for me to do this speech I scribbled down about an hour before the ceremony started.”
“My name is (name) and it’s an honour to be here today as (groom)’s best man.”
“Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.”
“Welcome to _____ & _____ wedding reception! I am (name). Please take your seats so we can officially welcome our guests of honor.”
“Friends and Family of the _____ and _____, welcome and thank you for being here on this important day. We are gathered together to celebrate the very special love between _____ and _____, by joining them in marriage.”
“Good evening, welcome to this most important moment in the lives of this couple. We invite you to leave behind the worries and concerns of every day life and join us in the celebration of their marriage.”
“Today is a celebration. A celebration of love, of commitment, of friendship, of family, and of two people who are in it for forever.”
“We have been invited here today to witness and celebrate the uniting in marriage of _____ and _____. They are taking the first step of their new beginning; their new life together.”
“Hello and welcome! May your hearts be glad and your spirits be light. For every thing there is a season and a time for every purpose under Heaven. Now is the time for a wedding.”
“Hello everyone and welcome. Thank you for joining us on this day of gladness and good fortune. _____ and _____ are coming together to publicly proclaim their undying love through the celebration of their marriage. So we are all here to learn about loving and being loved, and to watch the miracle of love exchanged enriches every one of us.”
“Hi! My name is _____. We have come together – families and friends – to witness _____ and _____ as they exchange their vows of marriage. “We share with them their delight in finding love with each other, and support their decision to be together from now until the end of time.

wedding welcoming speeches simple example

Kyryk Ivan via Shutterstock

There’s really no ‘one size fits all’ to delivering welcome wedding speeches. But there are some “holy grails” that must never be quite neglected. Follow these tips and you’d deliver a welcome wedding speech no one will forget.

The truth is weddings are solemn and the guests may not be over the ceremony yet. It might take an effort for them to listen to you. Their ears were not made for you after all. So if you want to get them interested, start with something funny. Be the butt of your jokes. But keep your punchlines decent and considerate of the audience.

Do you have some personal experience with the couple? Then narrate it. If you’re closer to one of them, share sweet memories. The guests will be well delighted to know a little more about the couple they’ve come to celebrate.

The good memories are in the past and they’re about building a future together. So why not give them some bricks in the form of advice? Also, encourage and cheer them up.

Thank everyone present, beginning from the couple to the parents, the wedding party guests, and down to those that helped.

Standing Ovation Speeches

World's no.1 site for great and memorable speeches, wedding welcome speech by father or mother of the groom.

Have you ever heard a father or mother of the groom welcome wedding reception or rehearsal dinner speech that made your day?  I don’t remember ever hearing one that tugs at the heartstrings. Have you?


Let’s face it. A whole lot of welcome wedding speeches you hear at wedding receptions or rehearsal dinner are plain boring.   I have yet to hear any parents of the groom's wedding welcome speech that left an impact on the guests.

I am sure it is because we have become  so used to hearing the same sentences and phrases repeated over and over again that we have all become numb to the importance of making great father or mother of the groom wedding welcome speeches.

You don’t have to leave the fun to those who will be making speeches. You can add fun to your wedding welcome address by being creative and people will remember you for putting on a great performance despite the brevity of your message.

Wedding welcome speech by father of the groom

Well, let’s look at two wedding welcome speeches given by fathers or mothers.

Here’s an example by the father of the groom.

‘’ Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I am Dan the father of the groom and I have the pleasure to welcome you to the rehearsal dinner of my son and daughter-in-law. I know most of you have traveled from far and near to be with us tonight. I say thank you for your time and presence....

Now. let’s see this second wedding welcome speech by the mother of the groom.

‘’Good evening, precious ladies and gentlemen.

Ladies and Gentlemen, if you truly love someone, the most precious gift you can give them is your support and presence.

I know many of you have overcome all odds to be with us here tonight and I am incredibly thankful to everyone who has come from all over the place to celebrate with our lovely couple.  Once upon a time, a group of people was invited to a wedding party….’’

Which of these examples do you think will grab the attention of the guests and engage their interest in what you have to say in your speech?

Congratulations if you said it was the second example.

In this post, I am going to share with you how you can write a sweet father or mother of the groom wedding reception or rehearsal dinner welcome speech even if you don’t have a way with words or are a very shy person.

That being said, let us look at one issue that stands in the way of most speakers and how you can make things work together for your good.

Days before they give their wedding speeches, some parents of the groom ask us for help. I can always sense from the messages they sent me how nervous they are.

A whole lot of them have allowed nervousness to consume a better part of them making them think they cannot put together something short and simple.

Guess what though?  That feeling is not a bad omen per se. But you can always channel what you think it’s a pointless force into something remarkable by looking at the bright side of life .

Many of us have failed to impress our audience when we were asked to give brief remarks and they get haunted by that memory.

But you shouldn’t dwell too much on stuff that have occurred in the past. Rather, you should first believe with all of your heart that you can make a difference no matter how many times you have failed to live up to expectations.

You see, you are the product of your own imaginations. You can break through the negative blocks holding you back by constantly holding a positive image of yourself speaking confidently like a pro.

As you keep at it, you will experience a new lease of life like a newborn baby that can fill you with hope and also empower you to speak with grace and power even if you are extremely nervous as a passenger in a cab after the driver has forcefully slammed on the brakes.

Having said, let us consider how to get the right ideas for your welcome speech at your son’s wedding or rehearsal dinner.

You see, good examples are the backbone of all great wedding welcome toasts. Nonetheless, most parents of the groom don’t take proper advantage of this indispensable tool at their disposal. The few who does, copy such examples without actually making them their own.

Well, if you look online, you will find two kinds of examples: video and written examples.

The visual examples are meant to give you an idea of what to expect as you decide what to say, when to say it, and what not to say.

There are so many such samples online and all you have to do is to do a quick internet search to find it.

Youtube.com is replete with examples of such video clips. Now, this is what I want you to do now.

Go grab your pen and note pad and watch the videos I have for you right after this text. As you do, put down thoughts and ideas that you feel can help you organize your thoughts clearly and orderly.

Wedding Welcome Speech Video by father #1

Wedding Welcome Speech Video by mother #2

Did you find some nuggets that can help enrich your welcome address?

Now, let us look at the simple and ingenious way of writing and making great father or mother of the groom wedding welcome speeches.

M4 (1)

Have you ever thought of simply writing your speech as you want it and then make music out of it?

That will certainly make your speech very enjoyable and memorable if you sing it so well to the beat of a song everyone can sing along to. If your voice is as hoarse as mine, please steer away from it.

Again, you can mix your speech with some bible verses if you are a strong believer or it is a wedding reception taking place in the church.

There’s nothing wrong with spiffing your welcome address with some words from the scripture. But if you do, then make sure you sound sincere. You don’t have to force it if you are not a church person. 

If you want to go this route, then you can use this verse from the bible

King James Version

100  Make a joyful noise unto the Lord, all ye lands.

2  Serve the Lord with gladness: come before his presence with singing.

3  Know ye that the Lord he is God: it is he that hath made us, and not we ourselves; we are his people, and the sheep of his pasture.

4  Enter into his gates with thanksgiving, and into his courts with praise: be thankful unto him, and bless his name.

5  For the Lord is good; his mercy is everlasting; and his truth endureth to all generations.

Have you also thought of starting with a funny quote or a good joke? You might consider that if you want to make your welcome speech absolutely hilarious.

Wedding welcome speech by mother of the groom

Additionally , you can flatter your guests by complimenting them on their good looks. They sure will appreciate your kind words a lot if you do that.

This isn’t done but you can make the wedding guests laugh out loud if you render your toast in another language. Suppose, your daughter-in-law is from another country, you can learn a few phrases in her native tongue and use that to give your welcome remarks.

For example, if she is from France, you can do part of your address in French and the other half in English. It doesn’t have to be perfect.

As long as you string a few words together, the bride’s family will like it a lot, particularly those who have made the trip from overseas.

Morever, you can start with how love brings people together by using a few quotes. Here are some heartfelt quotes you can employ.

''You know it’s love when all you want is that person to be happy, even if you’re not part of their happiness.'' — Julia Roberts

''Love is like a virus. It can happen to anybody at any time.''

– Maya Angelou

''There is only happiness in life, to love and to be loved''- George Sand

‘’The greatest gift in life  is our ability to  love . Not in our capacity to receive it, but in our power to give it. It truly is the  gift  that keeps on giving. And what's more special, is that you already own it. You've had it your entire life — just the way you are. Now it's true, the ones we love always seem to hurt us the most. But one of the best lessons I’ve ever learned, is to accept people for who they are. To just love them — for exactly who they are. You can't change someone.’’- The Incredible Existence of You    Movie

‘’Love conquers all difficulties, surmounts all obstacles, and effects what to any other power would be impossible.’’- William Godwin

Using Godwin’s quote, we can write something like this

I know many of you have defied the odds in order to be here with us. I am indescribably thankful to everyone who has come from all over to help us celebrate the marriage of Dan and Melissa.

I want to thank you for that as your coming here has shown that love can overcome every obstacle.

Did you notice how I did that?

Furthermore, you can spiff up your remarks by using welcome or hospitality quotes. Below are some thoughtful quotes you may use.

‘’The ornaments of your house will be the guests who frequent it.’’ -Unknown Author

‘’Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.’’ -Unknown Author

‘’People will forget what you said, forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.’’  - Maya Angelou

‘’Hospitality is making your guests feel at home, even if you wish they were.’’ - Justine Vogt

Any celebration meal to which guests are invited, be they family or friends, should be an occasion for generous hospitality. - Julian Baggini

Can you use at least of the lines above to come up with a very short but meaningful father of the groom wedding welcome speech?

Can you put on your thinking cap and give this a try? It is not as hard as you think.

Again , you can use stories about the power of love or even love quotes to set the ball rolling.

It may be a story about your own life, your family, and what the lovely couple has been through to achieve this beautiful milestone together.


People are able to relate to stories like that. If it’s been a particularly tough year, you can still use the opportunity to thank the guests for making it. They will appreciate it a lot more than when the ‘’weather is fair ‘’and everything seems to be going on as planned.

Finally, you can start with a poem that rhymes or not.  But have got to be creative here if you want this to go down well.

I saw this poem by William Browne and it can work if you are a good writer.

WELCOME, welcome! do I sing, Far more welcome than the spring; He that parteth from you never Shall enjoy a spring for ever. He that to the voice is near Breaking from your iv'ry pale, Need not walk abroad to hear The delightful nightingale. Welcome, welcome, then... He that looks still on your eyes, Though the winter have begun To benumb our arteries, Shall not want the summer's sun. Welcome, welcome, then... He that still may see your cheeks, Where all rareness still reposes, Is a fool if e'er he seeks Other lilies, other roses. Welcome, welcome, then... He to whom your soft lip yields, And perceives your breath in kissing, All the odours of the fields Never, never shall be missing. Welcome, welcome, then... He that question would anew What fair Eden was of old, Let him rightly study you, And a brief of that behold. Welcome, welcome, then...

I can make something short out of this. Here you go:

When I look into your eyes I see love

Love for a couple who knows how to love

It has been tough throughout this year

But you have shown that love and care

Is the best defense there is

Thanks for coming and we are going to pay you back for showing us some good love.

Welcome speech for wedding reception

P.S: Are you still worried about how to create the right impression with your wedding welcome speech?

Or not too sure if what you intend writing will be well received by the guests?

Let's help you get the ball rolling so you can be complimented for giving a great welcome speech at your child’s big day.

Here’s what one nervous and skeptical dad called Phil sent over after the wedding was over.

''The wedding was GREAT. There were about 120 guests. About 15 people came up to me afterward and told me I gave a great speech. I had to tweak it little because of my tardiness getting it to you but, it all turned out great. Thanks for all your help. I really appreciate it'' -  Phil Australia 

Want to know how he did just that? He got on board our wedding speech program and one of our talented speech consultants helped him out.

Want to get on board? You should!

Ok, Is This Offer For Me?

Wedding not too far away? Or happening in less than 24 hours?   Trust me, we can deliver!   it doesn’t matter if your speech is today, tomorrow, next week, next month ,next year,... we can make things work for you  

Just imagine leaving your wedding welcome remarks in the hands of skilled wedding speech consultants who will take away your pain of spending hours thinking hard and long about what to say and what not to say.

Also, envision being patiently guided to say something that will leave a favorable impression on the mind of your listeners.

And also imagine the thrill and feeling of excitement and pride you’re going to get tons of compliments

Won’t you love that? I hope you do...

Ok, I am Interested, What’s the Cost?

You  simply pay what you want  after you’ve got your beautiful speech.

Why? As you know, the current health crisis has caused severe hardships for most people.

Precious lives have been lost, jobs wiped out and families displaced, leaving everyone wondering what the future holds.

Yet, some couples are still getting married and asking friends and family to give the welcome address.

Nonetheless, not everyone could afford our services even before the pandemic suddenly hit us.

So, we have dropped our normal rates so you can  simply pay what you want  after you have got your beautiful speech.

Please note: When life gets back to normal, this offer will be scrapped for good.

So, please take advantage of it now even if the wedding day is in the future.

Even though we are going through this crazy time, if you do a poor job at it, your speech will be captured on video and the wedding attendees and other viewers will forever remember what you said and would not attribute your poor performance to the fact there was a deadly disease in town.  

So, please take advantage of it now even if the wedding day is in the future by  simply paying what you want  after you get your beautiful speech.  

Oh Ok, How Then Do I Get Started Since I Want To Get On Board Right Away?

Ok, here’s how it works

All you have to do RIGHT NOW is to click  on this link to receive an easy-to-fill-in questionnaire   via email. Check your email a few hours after you’ve submitted your request for your questionnaire.

1) CLICK HERE  NOW TO GET STARTED NOW TO GET YOUR GREAT SPEECH NOW BY FILLING OUT THIS QUESTIONNAIRE---you only pay after your beautiful  welcome speech has been delivered. So, you can have peace of mind!

Just a reminder of what you pay after it’s duly completed.

Yet, couples are still getting married and asking friends and family to give speeches.

So, please take advantage of it now even if your son’s big day is in the future.

Even though we are going through this crazy time, if you do a poor job at it, your speech will be captured on video and your son and daughter-in-law and other viewers will forever remember what you said and would not attribute your poor performance to the fact there was a deadly disease in town.

So, please take advantage of it now even if your son’s big day is in the future by  simply paying what you want  after you get your beautiful speech.


Please note:  Your speech draft comes with  a proven and simple tip to master your speech or remember your speech just as you want it without carrying a paper with you.

Just see what someone said about that great tip that's proven to calm your nerves and help you speak with purpose, poise, and clarity!

''Hi Dan,

The speech went very well, I modified it a bit and practiced it as you suggested (great advice).  Thanks for all your help and if I need a prepared speech again I’ll definitely contact you.

All the best,


Please note: Don’t fill out this form if you’re a dishonest individual. This offer is for a limited time.

So, CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED NOW TO GET YOUR GREAT SPEECH NOW BY FILLING OUT A QUESTIONNAIRE - --you only pay after your beautiful speech has been delivered. So, you can have peace of mind and not lose money. The risk is on us!

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Forget about money and let’s write something for you.  We believe in the values of honesty and integrity and we think you should be happy with our work first.

So, Here Are The Benefits You Get When You Get On Board!

So, CLICK HERE TO GET STARTED NOW TO GET YOUR GREAT SPEECH NOW BY FILLING OUT A QUESTIONNAIRE- - -you only pay after your beautiful speech has been delivered. So, you can have peace of mind and not lose money. The risk is on us!

Remember, you have to see your speech first before you pay. So, you can relax and let us sweat it out at our expense!

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Welcome him into your family

Displaying 1 to 2 of 41 example lines

Paul, it is an honour to welcome you into our family today. I think you are a top act and will make a first-rate husband for my daughter. I don’t think I know of anyone more generous – generous in giving help, in their time, or in the pub. That last one may have to be reigned in a bit now you are married, but only from tomorrow.

Add to clipboard »

We find great pleasure in formerly welcoming Paul into the family. I say ‘formally’, because he’s already made himself at home with us and to all intents and purposes has long been in the family. If I can court danger for a moment, I may say, Paul, that now you’re actually married to Linda, you’re well and truly in it.

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Give the perfect welcome to the family speech for the father of the bride or the mother of the groom during your special wedding. #fatherofthegroom #weddingspeeches Father Of Bride Speech, Father Of The Bride, Mother And Father, Mother Of The Groom, Speech Writing Tips, Wedding Groom, Wedding Day, Toast Speech, Speech Outline

Welcome to the family speeches - a template


Give the perfect welcome to the family speech for the father of the bride or the mother of the groom during your special wedding. #fatherofthegroom #weddingspeeches

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Wedding Speech Introduction Examples: How to Begin Your Wedding Speech

Got to give a speech but don't know where to begin? Our wedding speech introduction examples will help you get started

We have included third party products to help you navigate and enjoy life’s biggest moments. Purchases made through links on this page may earn us a commission.


It can be quite nerve-wracking, standing up and saying a few words at a wedding – whether that’s a groom’s speech , a father of the bride speech or the greatly anticipated best man’s speech . We explain how to begin your wedding speech with some wedding speech   introduction examples, so you can start strong and feel confident.

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How to Start Your Wedding Speech

1. always introduce yourself.

Whether you’re the groom and everyone is there because you invited them or you’re the best man who has flown in from overseas for the occasion, it’s always polite to introduce yourself. Smile as you do it and make a bit of a joke if you feel tense, or reference how important the day is if you don’t feel like joking:

“Hi, I’m [GROOM’S NAME] – you should probably all know who I am, and if you don’t, well done for sneaking in unnoticed.”

“Hi, I’m [BEST MAN’S NAME], but you can call me by my full name: [BEST-MAN’S-NAME-WOULD-YOU-LIKE-A-DRINK].”

“Hello, I’m [FATHER OF THE BRIDE’S NAME] and I’m so delighted to welcome you all here on this beautiful day.”

It’s becoming more common for the maid of honour or bridesmaid to give a speech, as well as the bride . If you’re giving one, feel free to mix up these examples.

Image: Sally Rawlins Photography

Don’t go overboard with a long-winded introduction about yourself – a line or two about who you are and your role in the day will be enough. If you’re the best man, it’s fine to start with a joke – we’ve got some of the best, tried and tested best man jokes to inspire you, or scroll down for even more speech introduction examples…

2. Make Eye Contact

Pick a few reassuring faces in the crowd and pitch your speech to them – but don’t focus just on one person. Aim for a couple of different locations around the room so everyone feels as those they’re included in the speech. If the idea of making eye contact is too much, pick inanimate objects to focus on but mix them up.

READ MORE: Father of the Bride Speech Examples

3. Have Notes to Hand

Don’t think you need to know your whole speech off by heart – you’ll feel more confident if you have your notes to hand and no one will judge you for it. If you don’t want it to be too scripted, simply give yourself cue cards to work from.

4. Don’t Drink Too Much

Don’t try and drown your nerves – it’ll only make starting your speech more difficult. Save the celebratory drinks for after you’ve completed your speech – slur free!

Image: Danielle Smith Photography

Speech Introduction Examples

Here are a few more ways to introduce your speech, no matter what role you’re playing in the wedding day – just tweak it to suit you and your speech.

“Friends and family of [NAME] and [NAME], thank you for being here today to celebrate their marriage.”

“The highest happiness on earth is the happiness of marriage.”

If you love this William Lyon Phelps quote, you’ll love our edit of the most inspiring quotes about love and marriage .

“Welcome to the most important day in the lives of [NAME] and [NAME].”

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“Today, promises have become permanent and friends have become family.”

“Today is a celebration and we are here to celebrate with [NAME] and [NAME].”

“Thank you for joining us today on such a wonderful occasion.”

“We would like to welcome all of you here today to celebrate and thank you for choosing to spend the day with us.”

“Love has brought [NAME] and [NAME] and everyone in this room together today.”

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“My name is [BEST MAN] and it’s an honour to be here today as [GROOM]’s best man.”

“Hi, I’m [NAME] and it’s time for me to do this speech I scribbled down about an hour before the ceremony started.”

“I must admit, I’m not accustomed to public speaking. Up until I was asked to give this speech I thought a toastmaster was a kind of kitchen appliance!”

“Before I begin, I must admit that [NAME] and [NAME] have asked that I remove anything resembling innuendo from this speech – I’ve promised if I come across anything even slightly risqué, I’ll whip it out immediately.”

If you’re still worrying about your wedding speech, don’t miss our guide on how to deal with wedding speech nerves .

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sample wedding speeches welcome to the family

Knot For Life

Mother and father of groom – sample wedding speeches & toasts.

Mother and Father of Groom Speech Examples

Get ideas for your special speech at your son’s wedding with our Mother and Father of Groom Speech Examples.

Sample Speech #1

I am honored to stand here and congratulate my son and his new bride on their beautiful wedding.

Tom, your father and I are so very proud of you. We’ve had the privilege of watching you grow into a great man, and we both know you will make a wonderful husband.

Beth, it is with love and joy that we welcome you into our family on this day. We are proud to call you our daughter-in-law and are so glad you chose to marry our son. When I look at the two of you, I see the love that is between you. A love that is built to last a lifetime.

Let’s raise our glasses in honor and joy to Tom and Beth. We could all learn something about love from these two. Here’s to the bride and groom — you deserve all the happiness in the world! And your father and I deserve grandchildren — hint, hint!

Sample Speech #2

On this special day I am pleased to welcome our new daughter-in-law to the family. Beth, I couldn’t have chosen a better bride for our son if I’d tried. We are so very honored to have you in our family and look forward to many happy years together.

Tom — your mother and I are so proud of you. You’re a wonderful son and we are blessed to be your parents.

I wish you and your new bride Beth all the love and happiness in the world. I know what it’s like to spend your life with the woman you love, and I can tell you you’re in for years of love and laughter. Sure, there can be some tough times — but they only serve to make the good ones more sweet and deepen the special bond that exists between husband and wife.

So without further delay, I’d like to propose a toast to our son Tom and his beautiful wife Amy. May today be the start of a lifetime of togetherness and love.

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Public Speaking Experts Share How to Give a Killer Wedding Speech

Check out their tips, examples, and advice.

sample wedding speeches welcome to the family

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In This Article

Public speaking isn't easy, especially with the added pressure of giving a speech at your loved one's wedding in front of all their family and guests you've never met before—in a wide range of ages and cultures , no less. You want to be the person that totally nails the toast because that's what the happy couple deserves. But, before you panic or sign up for a year of Toastmasters classes, take a deep breath. We've got your back with a slew of expert tips to help you deliver the best wedding toast of all time.

Read on for a comprehensive guide on what you should include in your speech , how to nail the delivery, and questions to consider to get the brainstorming process started—all from noteworthy speakers and well-established speechwriters.

Wedding Speech Template

Every killer wedding speech has one thing in common: the right flow. Factor in these guidelines to help you find your own organic rhythm.

Open With a Statement or Question

Don't lead with a joke or a reference to how nervous you are. "The goal is to engage your audience, not make it a boring one-way message," says award-winning motivational speaker Jaime Pfeffer . "You'll lose them if you do this."

Address Your Audience

As speaker and life strategy coach Mark Black, CSP , points out, focusing on yourself only enhances nerves. "Instead, concentrate on your audience and how you want them to feel. This will help you to speak from the heart, allowing your speech to do what it's supposed to do: Make the couple feel special while also engaging the audience."

Zero in a Few Points

Seasoned speaker Susan Bender Phelps , CEO of Odyssey Mentoring & Leadership, says her top guideline is to select one to three aspects of the newlyweds that you love and appreciate, along with no more than three short stories to illustrate each of these points (or that one point). "The simple, succinct story or stories where the bride and groom are the hero will work best." This is an excellent way to structure your speech and keep your message focused.

Wedding Speech Tips

Now that you've established the right framework for your words, take note of these essential tips for acing the delivery from a few speaking pros.

Rehearse, Then Rehearse Some More

The better prepared you are, the more confident you'll be and the better your speech will be, says author and professional speaker Barry Maher . A good rule of thumb is to practice the speech enough that you can remember the points you want to make and the order in which you want to make them. That way, you can look out to the crowd and make eye contact every so often.

Record Yourself Practicing

Use your phone to take a video of yourself practicing, suggests Kate Kenfield , speaker and sex educator. "It can be a little uncomfortable to watch yourself, but you'll be able to identify distracting mannerisms, such as the verbal pauses 'um,' 'uh,' and 'like'." It's also a good idea to practice your speech in front of someone else. "A second opinion can help you craft your piece and make it that much stronger," she says.

Don't forget body language! Rehearse the speech in front of a mirror and notice things like your facial expression, eye contact, and hand position.

Lay Off the Booze

Although it may be tempting to look for some liquid courage, alcohol definitely won't do you any favors, warns keynote speaker Amy Morin , author of 13 Things Mentally Strong People Don't Do . "It may cause you to slur your speech and forget your lines, so wait until after your toast to celebrate," she advises. If you need a drink to loosen up the nerves or can't refrain from participating in a toast without being rude, stick to one glass of Champagne before you address the crowd.

Let Nerves Work to Your Advantage

A little nervousness can actually liven up your speech. "I get worried if I'm not a little nervous," says Maher. "I'll actually try to make myself a little tense to get my energy level up." The key is to harness that energy and communicate it in a positive, genuine way; tensing up to the point that you forget your words or panic won't make for a great presentation.

Be Yourself

Keep in mind that you're not putting on a show, only sharing your personal perspective. Trying too hard to force the funny can yield the opposite of the desired effect, cautions Matt Dalley, co-founder of Simply Eloped . "I've noticed that keeping it short and sweet, heartfelt and warm, and coming across as authentic and focused on the couple is something we are all capable of and generates some very wonderful moments," he says.

Keep it Short

The ideal length for a speech is three to five minutes, with five minutes being the absolute maximum you should speak for. That's it. "I’ve never been to a wedding where anyone said, 'That was a great wedding, but the best man speech was just too short and that  ruined  it,'" says David Litt, the speechwriter for former President Barack Obama and author of Thanks, Obama .

Don't Embarrass the Newlyweds

It's a wedding toast, not a roast. While this should go without saying, keep the bachelor or bachelorette party jokes out of it, and remember that grandma and possibly a few colleagues are in the audience, notes Laurie Battaglia, a keynote speaker and workplace strategist. "It's okay to look back at childhood and refer to something funny, but ask yourself if you'd like 200-plus of your closest friends knowing that story about you."

Use Your Notes

Reading your speech straight from a piece of paper is a big no-no. However, having a couple of note cards handy is encouraged. "You're likely to be nervous, excited, and exhausted, which can make you forget your lines," explains Morin. "The audience won't care if you glance at your notes. In fact, there's a good chance they won't even notice."

Get Brainstorming!

Need some inspiration? Ask yourself these questions to get the brainstorming process going.

Wedding Speech Examples to Make Your Own

So, what does it look like when all these elements come together? Wedding vow and speechwriter Katelyn Peterson , owner and creator of Wedding Words , offered us three examples of successful toasts to inspire your own.

"Hi, I’m Maya, the bride’s older sister . With Lucy being three years younger, we fell right into our respective roles as sister-rivals growing up. We constantly fought over stolen clothes, monopolizing the phone back when landlines were a thing, and what boy band to blare from the car speakers. I’m still Team Backstreet Boys while Lucy is forever indebted to NSYNC.

Looking back on those memories, I should have stepped up and granted Lucy permission to wear my favorite sweater for picture day, to hand her the phone once in a while, and to let her play, 'Bye Bye Bye.' Even I can admit that’s a good one. But despite Lucy being the younger sister , she has always been more patient, more accommodating, and more thoughtful than me. And that’s because when it comes to the people she loves, she’s all in.

She’s the one to prioritize their desires. She’s the one to compromise first. And, she’s the one to support their dreams as if they were her own. 

This is why it makes me so happy to know that Lucy has found a home in David. He matches her in compassion, thoughtfulness, and warmth. And I know he’ll spend his life prioritizing her desires, being ready to compromise, and supporting her dreams as his own.

Cheers to Lucy and David! May you always feel loved because you always put each other first."— Maya

"Hello, everyone. My name is Luke and I’m the best man . I met Robert eight years ago when I became his neighbor. His reputation preceded him as I had heard about the 'Block Party King' before my closing papers were inked. 

Rob has never been the guy to wear fancy clothes. In fact, I’m still in shock seeing him in that tux tonight. And he’s never been the guy to show off even though the work he’s put into his vintage Mustang could make Henry Ford himself envious.

But when it comes to cooking , he should receive an award. His pulled pork is a staple at our summer block parties and his homemade barbeque sauce has remained our neighborhood’s best-kept secret. But the most satisfying part about his delicious dishes is that there’s always plenty to go around. And Rob makes sure your plate is never empty. I have no idea how he pulls it off, but Rob has a covert ability to scoop seconds onto your plate without you ever seeing him do it. I hope you all came hungry tonight, folks. You’ve been warned! 

The first time I met Jasmine I could immediately tell she was an amazing person. She laughed at his jokes which I never thought anyone would get. She supported his career and the nonstop travel involved. But most importantly, whenever we’re all hanging out, Jasmine is the one always topping off Rob’s plate with more pasta, more chicken, more of everything. When she’s around, it’s never empty. 

And that’s when I saw what a perfect match they were for each other. I know they will always put each other first, make sure their needs are met, and will never allow the other to go hungry.

So let’s raise our glasses to toast the newlyweds! As you begin this next chapter together, may your plates and your hearts always remain full."— Luke

"Good evening, family, and friends. I’m Daniel Lee, the father of the bride . I’d like to welcome you to this special occasion where we get to celebrate the love between my daughter Allison and her new wife, Kristin. 

Standing up here today, I’m reminded of all the moments that led to this significant one. The dance recitals that ended with standing ovations and the soccer games that concluded with winning scoreboards. 

But, while those were fun and rewarding times, those aren’t the moments I cherish most with Allison. The memories that make me smile the brightest are those in-between the big stuff moments. It’s the makeshift magic shows in our living room using a bedsheet that Allison confiscated from our linen closet to convert into a curtain. It’s the countless tea parties she hosted with exclusive invitations just for me and her beloved stuffed bear, Buttons. And it’s the way she’d beg to stay up for just five more minutes but was asleep on the couch by minute number two.

Those everyday, blink-and-you’ll-miss-them moments with Allison are the ones that gave color to my life and filled my heart with a happiness I never knew could exist.

So, my beautiful daughter , as you begin your life with Kristin today, I have one wish for you: May your warmest memories come from the ordinary moments throughout your marriage, and may those moments give you a reason to smile brighter every day. Cheers! I love you both." —Daniel

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Welcome to the Family Speech - Words of Encouragement

Welcome to the family speech - everyone deserves to be greeted with a smile and none more so than a new member to a family!

welocme to the family speech

Let's face it - welcoming words, a warm hug and a friendly smile - such a wonderful welcome and a great foundation to build future relationships on.

So, speak warmly, smile broadly and make sure that the twinkle sparkles in your eyes too.

Family - the word embodies so much and has so many feelings and emotions associated with it - love, fellowship, dreams fulfilled and troubles shared, emotional, physical and spiritual support.

We strive to do all of these things, and for the most part, we get it right...and on the odd occasion when we don't - our disagreements are still underpinned by mutual respect and a willingness to listen and resolve concerns.

And this is what we offer you as we welcome you unreservedly and unconditionally into our family.

We are so glad that you have fallen in love with [insert name] and we have no doubt that our family - of which you are now an important part - will go from strength to strength.

Our hope is that you share your wonderful qualities, that we have come to admire, with us and that you will be cocooned in our happiness, affection and love.

If [wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends, partners] were flowers - you'd be the one we'd pick.

Welcome and much happiness - always!

Welcome to the family speeches - words to build and cement relationships. Say them often - positive affirmation - we can never get too much of it!


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