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How to Write The Perfect Groom’s Speech (With Examples)

Published date: 2nd April 2021 | Author: Hollie Bond

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How to Write a Grooms Speech

Funny groom's speech ideas, emotional groom's speech ideas, unusual groom's speech ideas, famous groom's speech ideas.

No idea where to start when it comes to making a speech on your big day? We’ve compiled all the best tips and inspiration to help you write and deliver the best groom’s speech ever.

The groom’s speech is always a highlight at a wedding. It’s a chance for guests to hear all the romantic and heartfelt sentiments that you, as a newlywed, will be experiencing.

It’s also a feel-good part of the day where you get to acknowledge all your guests and thank individuals who have helped you bring this special day together. Everyone in the ‘audience’ will be friends and family, so put any public speaking nerves aside, as everyone will be willing you on to do your best and if you stumble over your words or well up when you’re talking about your new wife or husband – well, they’ll just love you even more!

We’ve rounded up 40 of the best groom’s speech ideas, with inspiration for funny, emotional, and unusual speeches, plus examples from famous grooms, to help you write your own Oscar-worthy speech.

What should the groom say in his speech?

Good news! The groom’s speech is one of the easiest speeches to write and deliver as it is essentially just one big thank you.

A groom’s speech should focus on thanking everyone who has helped make the wedding day special including the mother and father of the bride (or equivalent), the guests, his own parents, the best man, the bridesmaids, ushers, and anyone else who has contributed to the wedding.

The other main focus of the groom’s speech is to lavish praise and compliments on his new wife (or groom) and to tell them how happy he is to be married. Finally, the groom should raise a toast to his new wife or husband.

How long should a groom’s speech be?

Any speech at a wedding, including the groom’s speech, should be no longer than ten minutes. When written down this is approximately 1500 words, but make sure to time yourself before the big day in case you’re a particularly slow or fast speaker.

Ten minutes is the ideal length to get across everything you need to say, but not so long that your guests get bored and start to fidget. If you’re not a confident speaker you can always just say a few lines lasting a couple of minutes.

Less is definitely more when it comes to speeches. That said, if it’s too short you could sound flippant! Anywhere between five and ten minutes and you’re in safe territory.

1. Don’t be too formal

Unless you’re known for your love of a bit of pomp and circumstance then you don’t suddenly have to become the master of all things etiquette and stuffy speech-making just because it’s your wedding day. Your guests will want to hear you speak in your usual way, and as long as you cover the expected formalities like thanking everyone for coming, both sets of parents, the bridal party, and anyone who went above and beyond to help you with something like making a cake, then you don’t have to worry about anything else.

2. Focus on the start

If you can get guests smiling from the very beginning of the speech, then both you and your guests will feel relaxed and enjoy the rest of it. Have a think about something humorous that specifically relates to your guests or wedding situation rather than an obvious/ heard-100-times-before gag. Perhaps you’re known for your non-stop chatter, so you could open with “I know you’re all thinking you should take a loo break before I start talking, but I promise I’ll keep this as short (as I can!)…”

3. Don’t forget the main purpose of the speech

A romantic and heartfelt ode to the person you’ve just married should be the main focus of this speech. Try to avoid just saying empty words that anyone could say like “she/he is wonderful, beautiful, kind” etc. Think of specific things that your other half has done that makes you proud/ really love them/ that makes them unique. Anecdotes and stories that highlight a personal trait are the best way to do this.

4. Be romantic, not cheesy

Try not to fall into the trap of sounding like a compilation of all the lines you might find inside a cheesy Valentine’s Day card. Instead of “I’m so lucky to have found you” think about “My parents always told me nothing good would come of always being late, but I’m so glad to say I proved them wrong. I missed my train (as usual) that fateful day and the best thing ever came out of it… you.” Or a simple list of all the things that you particularly love about your partner, from the way they constantly fiddle with their hair to the way they talk to your dog like it’s a human.

5. Don’t give out gifts

This isn’t prize-giving at school and giving out weddinggifts to bridesmaids and ushers etc. will just take up valuable partying time. Give your bridal party their gifts in the morning when you’re all getting ready as it’ll be more personal in private.

6. Think about timing

A speech around the 7 – 10 minutes mark is considered the perfect amount of time for a groom’s speech (written down that’s about 1200 – 1400 words). Any less and you’ll sound a bit flippant. Any more and guests will start getting bored.

7. Don’t go into massive amounts of detail

We all know someone that tells a story as intricate and descriptive as a Tolstoy novel and how we automatically glaze over as soon as they start speaking. Don’t be that person. Your guests don’t want War and Peace – they want a nice easy to listen to a speech that doesn’t mentally challenge them, especially once they’re a few drinks down.

8. Find the perfect quote

If you’re not a wordsmith, let someone else more qualified sum up your feelings for you. There are plenty of amazing quotes from authors and famous orators out there and one or two of them may be exactly what you need to succinctly put all your feelings about the day and your partner into one neat sentence. Just make sure to acknowledge the original author!

9. Give your partner a promise

A lovely way to be funny and also heartfelt at the same time is to make a promise or two to your partner in front of your guests. Don’t just repeat your vows here, promise something that is unique to her/him. Perhaps she’s an avid rock climber and you’re more of a couch potato? Promise you’ll learn to love her crazy hobby. Maybe you’re not exactly Heston Blumenthal in the kitchen? Promise you’ll learn to cook your partner more than beans on burnt toast. Perhaps she/he is the world’s greatest Swiftie. Promise you’ll learn the lyrics to all their favourite Taylor Swift songs… you get the idea.

10. Prepare the delivery

The biggest mistake you can make is to write a great speech on paper and then not read it out loud before the big day. You need to practice talking slowly and confidently and leaving little pauses after funny bits (for any of the slower guests to get it!). Also, some written sentences don’t sound great when spoken, so reading out loud will help you to iron out any clunky syntax. Plus, you’ll want to know the speech almost by heart so that you don’t have your head in a piece of paper reading word-for-word on the day. Eye contact with your guests is one of the most important parts of delivering a successful speech.

You don’t have to be the next Michael McIntyre, but giving your guests a giggle and making them smile is the quickest way to make both them and you feel at ease with the speech.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking you have to pepper your speech with gags and silly one-liners to make it funny. Instead, just focus on things that are unique to you as a couple or for the audience (perhaps the region you’re from for example) and have a bit of fun at your/ their expense. Be careful not to reference something that only a few members of the audience will understand as that will very quickly alienate your other guests.

Here are ten funny speech ideas to take inspiration from:

Focus on your differences

Comparing your differences can be an easy way to make the guests smile. Are you obsessively tidy and your new partner a bit of a slob perhaps? Can you cook like a pro while they can’t even heat soup without burning the place down? Whatever your differences, exaggerate them and make a joke out of them to get guests giggling.

Tell the crowd something they don’t know

Do you know some funny things about your bride/groom’s past that others in the audience might not? Now’s a good time to reveal that she/he did some hilarious hobbies or geeky things as a child. Perhaps they have a funny secret crush or can do a really odd trick.

Exaggerate your weaknesses

Putting yourself down and acknowledging something everyone knows about you can be a good way to make guests smile. E.g. “Would you believe it? The bride/ groom has finally given up holding out for Ryan Gosling and decided a bald, beer-swilling Insurance Broker from Newcastle is a better option instead.”

Here’s a good example of a funny, self-deprecating groom’s speech:

Make a joke about the wedding itself

“Before I begin, please can we ensure that all the aisles and fire exits are kept clear throughout the reception. There’s a medical team waiting outside the building and I’d like them to have a clear run when my in-laws are presented with the final bill.”

“I’d like to thank Mastercard and Visa, without whom this would never have been possible. My wife and I will be forever in their debt.”

Mother-in-law jokes

These always go down well if you actually get on with her! Reference something unique to your mother in law like her shopping obsession or how long she takes to get ready perhaps. Or keep it classic with: “I’ve been told that this is usually one of the only times in a man’s life when he can be around his wife/husband and mother-in-law and not be interrupted – so hang in there, I’m going to take full advantage.”

“In [in-law’s names], I have found the perfect in-laws. I always cringe when I hear jokes about difficult mothers-in-law because my own experience has been far from that stereotype. [Turn to in-laws and whisper audibly] Did I read that right? Please don’t hurt me…”

Tell a story

If your first date, engagement or the time you asked the in-laws if you could marry their daughter/ son has a funny element to it, go ahead and tell the story. Just remember not to kill the humour with too many details.

Talk about your partner’s quirks

Does your wife/ husband have any weird habits? Divulge a few to the guests but make it romantic by saying how much you love her/him even though they… still get drunk after one glass of wine/ still go to bed with a teddy bear at the age of 33/ always get the words to songs wrong/ always have to be the last person on the dance floor even when the lights come up…

Make the thank yous funny

Instead of a boring list of thank yous, try and inject a bit of fun. For example: “I’d like to thank my mother in law for passing on such wonderful traits to her daughter; her kindness, her humour, though unfortunately, an unwavering support for Arsenal has also slipped down the genetic line.”

Trip the guests up

Everyone expects the first line of the groom’s speech to mention his new wife/ husband. Momentarily confuse them with a sentence like this: “My ex-girlfriend/ boyfriend and I would like to thank you all for coming today” – and then pause while they work it out and laugh.

Use props or videos

If there’s a funny prop or a video that you can show during the speech go for it, plus holding something or giving yourself a break in video form can help stop the nerves.

Leave guests guessing

It’s fine to reference the stag do , but don’t tell a long and boring story about something that happened while you were on it. That’ll only be funny to the stags. It’s best to mention something and leave the end of the story untold as a cliff-hanger so that guests can fill in the blanks with all manner of funny thoughts.

As a groom, you have free reign to get emotional and if you’re not normally an emotional person it will really surprise and delight guests as they will realise just how much the day and marrying your loved one means to you.

You don’t want to get too over the top though and make your guests feel uncomfortable. Keep the really mushy stuff for your bride or groom on your honeymoon and instead focus on the sort of emotional sentiments that will make guests smile.

Here are some ideas for how to make your groom’s speech just the right amount of emotional:

Look guests in the eye

The quickest way to get guests to buy into what you’re saying and to feel the raw emotion of your words is by looking them in the eyes as you deliver each sentence. If you’ve had a difficult time in the run-up to the wedding and are really grateful for the support they’ve all shown, say so while looking sincerely at the guests you really want to show your gratitude to.

Put your heart into the thank yous

If you don’t want to make the thank yous funny or witty, how about making them emotional by not just thanking the person for what they did, but by explaining how much it meant to you.

Mention absent friends

If a member of your family or a friend isn’t at your wedding and is greatly missed then make sure to raise a toast to their memory. You don’t want to be morbid, but a few words about how much the person/ people meant to you both and how much you miss them, followed by inviting all guests to raise a toast to them is a lovely emotional gesture.

Let yourself feel the emotion

If you feel yourself welling up don’t stop the emotion – guests won’t mind if your voice breaks a bit or if you have to take a deep breath. In fact, it just shows how much the words actually mean to you.

Be creative when it comes to describing your partner

If you want to inject emotion into your speech, don’t just say sentences that could describe any bride/ groom. Think specifically about your partner and be poetic when you talk about them and it will be much more sincere than just saying: “My new wide is beautiful” or “My husband is kind”. Here’s a lovely example from a groom’s speech about how to reference your new spouse:

Want to make sure your speech is unforgettable? Make it unusual and unique with some of these stand-out suggestions…

Rap the speech

Got a hidden talent for rapping (or if you don’t it can still be hilarious), then why not attempt to rap the speech instead. You could do part of it normally, before breaking out into a fun rap perhaps.

Sing the speech

Got a good set of pipes on you? How about singing your speech instead? Choose a famous song and then write personalised lyrics to fit. You can make it funny or heartfelt – whatever suits your personality best. Having the words on PowerPoint beside you can help in case some guests miss the words.

Write your speech on blackboards around the room

If the idea of public speaking really is too much for you and threatens to ruin your whole wedding day, why not write it up on blackboards that can be displayed around the venue for guests to read instead. You could even pre-record a video of you reading the speech too. Guests who know and love you will appreciate the effort and know how stressful making a speech in person would be for you.

Speak in a different language

Are you marrying someone who is originally from another country and has another language that you don’t speak? Impress both your new wife or husband and especially their family members who make not speak your language by learning some lines in secret in their language. Starting the speech in English for example before changing seamlessly into French will wow your audience and be very emotional for your new partner.

Get other people to do it for you

Track down important guests who can’t make it to the wedding or some famous people if you can and ask them to say something special that you can record and play as part of the speech.

Borrow the words

If you don’t want to make a traditional groom’s speech, how about performing a poem or reading out the lyrics to a song that means a lot to you as a couple (just don’t make it as awkward as Pam and Mick’s rendition in Gavin & Stacey!)

Write a story

Why not make your groom’s speech sound like the start of a novel or children’s story in a ‘once upon a time’ format, but insert yourself and your new spouse as the main characters. After all, your wedding is part of your love story and you can end your speech with a toast to your happily ever after.

Get your guests involved

Don’t like the idea of all eyes being on you? Surprise your wife/ husband by prepping guests beforehand to each say a sentence. Or you can encourage audience participation by turning your speech into a quiz about you as a couple/ the wedding day.

Perform a musical mash-up

Make it themed

If your bride or groom has a love for something specific, theme your entire speech around it. Take these maids of honour who did a Disney medley as an example:

Tom Fletcher from band McFly did one of the most famous and unusual groom’s speeches of all time. If you can hold a tune why not replicate his speech with your own song…

Nick Jonas went down the heartfelt route for his groom’s speech at his wedding to Priyanka Chopra in 2018 and nailed the thank you to his new mother in law.

Mark Wright from TOWIE gave way to the tears when talking about new wife Michelle Keegan at their wedding: “Not only are you beautiful, but you are one of the most incredible people I have ever met. You truly are sensational in every single way.” Take inspiration from his touching way to be emotional without making everyone feel awkward.

Not a groom’s speech, but you could definitely steal the idea from the best man speech of Danny McKenzie at footballer Jamie Milligan’s wedding – he pretended he had forgotten the speech and then played a video that “showed” him racing through fields and various places James Bond-style to retrieve it…

Hollie Bond

Hollie is a lifestyle journalist with over ten years’ experience working in the wedding industry as Lifestyle Editor for You & Your Wedding magazine Also a Regional Editor for Muddy Stilettos, Hollie has written for Square Meal magazine, Family History Monthly, BBC History magazine and Homes & Antiques. In her spare time you can find Hollie in a dance studio practising ballet…

Learn more about Hollie Bond

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8 Tips for How to Write a Groom's Speech

8 Tips for How to Write a Groom's Speech

Are you planning to recite a groom's speech during your wedding reception? 

Great! Now the real question is, how exactly do you write one? 

As a wedding vow and speech writer , I have worked with many grooms to ghostwrite their wedding speeches.

So here is my guide for you to follow so you can create a groom’s speech that you feel confident delivering on the big day. 

Tip #1: Determine the Goal of Your Speech

There are many different directions you can take with a groom’s speech. Before you put pen to paper, decide what direction you want to take. 

Here are various goals you can achieve through a groom’s toast:

Thank and welcome guests

Thank a few key and influential people 

Honor loved ones who have passed

Pay tribute to your new spouse

Entertain guests

 Which of these ideas is a goal you want to achieve with your speech? Most likely, you’ll want to include more than one of these concepts. You may even want to touch on all of them throughout your speech.  

You don’t have to limit yourself. Just make sure the speech is thoughtful in its intention and focused on communicating your key points so that your delivery feels most impactful. 

Tip #2: Organize your Speech into Sections 

Now that you have your ideas, it’s time to organize those thoughts.

The best way to do this is by creating an outline for your wedding speech. 

Here’s the outline I’d recommend you follow for your groom’s speech:

Brief introduction 

Welcome and thank guests

Thank anyone who deserves a special mention (parents, grandparents, or anyone who has been influential in your life and making your wedding day happen)

Story about your journey to getting to this moment

A few words about your new spouse

Your wish for guests

Close with a toast 

Tip #3: Keep the Thank Yous Succicent

One of the main purposes of your groom’s speech is to thank guests . While this is vital, don’t let the thank you section become so verbose that you lose the guests’ attention.

For example, if you mention more than two to four specific people, your thank you list will be so long that you won’t achieve that level of impact that you’re striving for.

Instead, focus on the most important people.

For anyone else who you’d like to thank but doesn’t make the cut for the speech, consider writing them personal thank you notes and distribute these either at the rehearsal dinner or after your honeymoon. 

I recommend organizing the thank you section of your speech into two sections:

A general thank you to all guests

A specific thank you honoring key individuals 

Example of a General Thank You:

My new spouse and I would like to thank everyone for traveling from all over the country to celebrate with us today. Your presence makes this moment more special.  

Example of a Specific Thank You: 

We’d especially like to thank both of our parents.  

To my mom and dad, Sheila and Donny. You’ve always encouraged me to chase my dreams and if it weren’t for your constant encouragement, I wouldn’t be living out my greatest dream today.

And to my in-laws, Jenny and Dave. Thank you for welcoming me so warmly into your family and for raising the love of my life. I promise to show her as much admiration, support, and love that you two always have.  

Tip #4: Balance Humor with Sentiment

Everyone appreciates a funny wedding speech . But make sure you balance that humor with the sentiment of the moment too.

You can keep guests intrigued and your speech interesting by bouncing back and forth between playful energy and a more sentimental tone. 

To do this, have a few jokes interspersed within serious sections. 

For example, after you recite a light-hearted line or a self-deprecating joke, circle back to a serious tone where you share something more heartfelt. 

Tip #5: Share a Story About Your Relationship

The number one way to capture guests is through storytelling so consider including a story within your groom’s speech.

Choose an anecdote that will show some insight into your love story but can also be tied back to the present moment of your wedding day.

how to write your groom speech

When I showed up at Bar Logan for our first date, I was prepared for good drinks, decent food, and terrible karaoke filling the air between us…but I could never have been prepared to meet such a gorgeous woman who was as funny as she was smart, as strong as she was vulnerable, and as sweet as she was sassy.

Now I’m proud to say that for the rest of my life, I get to call that wonderful woman my wife.  

Tip #6: Work with a Speech Writer

To ensure you include everything that’s important to you and your new spouse within your groom’s speech, consider help. 

As a speech writer , I work with grooms to gather all the necessary information needed to write a speech that will make your guests feel both entertained and honored to attend your wedding.

Plus, getting married is nerve-wracking enough. You don’t need to add anything else to your plate that will cause you to be anxious on your wedding day. 

Get in touch to see how I can help.

Tip #7: Understand the Logistics

Common questions I receive for a groom’s speech are things like, “How long should my groom’s speech be?” And, “When do I recite my groom’s speech?”

So here are your answers to these popular questions:

Keep your speech impactful and to the point. The best way to achieve this is to not speak for too long. Reciting a 1 - 3 minute speech is ideal.

The groom’s speech is often recited after the ceremony and before dinner. If you’re having other guests give speeches, your speech should be first. This is because you’re a host of the event and so it makes sense for you to officially welcome and thank guests before others give their toasts.

Tip #8: Practice Reciting Your Speech Out Loud

Writing your groom’s speech is a huge task but to really leave a positive impression, practice your delivery.

Here are my top public speaking tips to keep in mind:

Speak loudly and slowly

Use a microphone

Don’t try to memorize your speech and don’t read it from your phone. Instead, print a copy of your speech and read from the paper while making natural eye contact throughout your delivery. 

Keep hand gestures to a minimum 

If you mess up a line, don’t apologize. This will only call attention to a moment that, otherwise, most of your guests may not have even noticed. 

Smile at appropriate lines. This will add a natural inflection to your delivery. 

Your presence at the mic combined with the words you write is what will leave a lasting impression on guests.

Love my vows Katelyn!!!! It’s such a relief to have this out of the way so I can focus on all the rest of the stuff I need to do!  You were my very favorite part of the process!! Your experience and confidence in the process took all the stress out of writing my vows!

— Natalie, Florida

I thought the process was outstanding. You did a great job communicating, and I thought the turnaround time for editing was perfect. I also thought the video interview was great in that it was personal and meaningful!

I am a storyteller, not a speechwriter. I was incredibly intimidated about writing one.

So thankful to find Katelyn to get my thoughts all in order. Very proud of how the speech came out. Looking forward to giving it!

— Jennifer Whitley, Texas

I had such a wonderful experience working with Katelyn. She truly helped mold perfect vows that I can’t wait to tell my fiancé on our wedding day!  Katelyn was friendly, sweet, and super easy to work with. I will definitely be calling her up if I have to give another speech in the near future.

— Jordanne, California

Katelyn was professional, easy to talk to, and made the interviewing process fun. She came well prepared with unexpected and thought-provoking questions to get a better understanding of our love story and who we are as a couple.

She was a pleasure to work with and made the vow writing process enjoyable.

— Kimi Kinsey, South Carolina

Working with Katelyn on my maid of honor toast was an incredible experience. She really took the time to understand my relationship with my best friend and used my responses to craft a toast that put my thoughts and feelings into words in a way that I never would have been able to do on my own.

Before working with Katelyn, I was nervous and stressed about giving (and writing) such a big, important speech. But now I’m so relieved that it’s done, and I honestly can’t wait to stand up and tell everyone exactly what my best friend means to me.

— Allyssa, New Jersey

I didn’t actually know this service existed until I discovered Katelyn! It was such a fun experience to video chat with her about my best friend who is getting married this summer.

I don’t have to stress about writing this a few weeks before my best friend’s wedding. Thank you so much and I can’t wait to read it at my best friend’s wedding!


[Upcoming Webinar] Effectively Scale Content With Outsourced Resources

How to Write and Deliver a Groom Speech – Guidance and Examples

You’re getting married! Let’s say that line is a bit slower until it sinks in. You’re. Getting. Married. To the love of your life. To your best friend. To the one who adores you despite all of your eccentricities. You are remembering to breathe, right?

As that exciting day approaches little by little, you’ve likely seen your home, your parents’ home and maybe even your soon-to-be in-laws’ home inundated with wedding ideas, scrapbooks, magazine cuttings, decorations, floral arrangements and more.

You’ve (hopefully!) booked the venue and chosen your wedding party , and you’ve likely listened to plenty of love songs that are all in the running for “ your song .” You might have even booked your honeymoon trip for somewhere tropical, somewhere historical, or even somewhere just a few hours away. Whoever said you needed to travel the globe to have a honeymoon to remember?

Now what you need to do is sit down and write a speech that you’ll share with friends and family at your reception dinner.

Why Should You Give a Speech at Your Wedding?

Because it’s fun! And it’s a nice thing to do.

Need more? How about because you’re a considerate guy, you want to thank people for coming to your wedding, and you want to honor your new spouse and the life you’ll share together.

This will be your time to stand before your guests and show your gratitude for their love and support. You might be a bit nervous at the thought of gushing about your bride, but don’t be . She’ll love hearing even a few sweet words.

And don’t worry if you choke up while speaking. Everyone will understand, and many people will likely choke up with you. This is a wedding, after all. Weddings and happy tears (at least we hope they’re happy!) go hand in hand.

The Five-Step Plan for Writing Groom Speeches

Grooms come in all shapes and sizes, and so do their personalities. In other words, not all grooms will be eager to jump up and dazzle the crowd with out-of-this-world wit and eloquence. And honestly, perfection is overrated. Just be your own beautiful self, in whatever way that means to you.

Groom speeches are as unique as the men who stand up and speak them, and so there are dozens of ways to produce a heartfelt speech that incorporates exactly what you want to say.

If you and your bride have decided to co-write a speech , you’ll likely have more confidence and direction in what to say. If you’ve decided to make your own speech or to speak on behalf of yourself and your bride, you might be feeling those butterflies just about now.

It’s no different if there are two grooms at the wedding ceremony; just decide whether one of you will speak, both of you will speak independently or both of you will share one speech – and then take a few deep, relaxing breaths .

These assurances are great and all, but they’re probably not moving you any closer to finishing your speech, are they? What should be in a groom’s speech? Let’s answer that with the following five steps. You can move through these steps as you craft a wedding speech that’s sure to delight your guests.

1. Acknowledge and Thank Your Guests

The first thing you want to do after you pick up the microphone is take a quick scan of the audience. The people sitting around and before you are there because they wanted to share this special day with you. They took time off work, booked flights, packed suitcases, traveled hours by car (or just around the block) and did it all with a smile and a gift for your wedding registry.

These people are special!

Start with a sincere thank you to everyone, extending your appreciation for their attendance at your wedding – using “our.” No, that’s not a typo! Unless you’re marrying yourself – you could try it, but it would likely be a lackluster marriage – you absolutely must remember that this is not your day. This is your and your spouse’s day.

Make sure you include words like “we,” “us” and “our” to signify your new bond.

You should also acknowledge and thank your parents and your new in-laws. They chipped in some – or let’s be frank, most – of the money for your wedding, and without their support your big day might have looked completely different. Your parents spent years of their life providing for you, and your in-laws did the same for your spouse. They deserve some love.

2. Introduce Your Spouse

Now it’s time for the main attraction: the person who captured your heart. Since this is your wedding day, you should introduce your new bride and share a few words of adoration.

Make sure you’re facing your spouse at this point. It’s perfectly okay to look around the room as you talk about them, but make sure your eyes are locked with theirs as soon as you say the words meant just for them.

Your spouse is the reason you’re standing there in front of people. Your friends and family love you, of course, but they didn’t come all this way just to hear you ramble on about your favorite song or your newest gadget experiment. They want to hear about how special this person is, and how much you love being together.

3. Share Some Stories

Once you introduce your spouse and cause more than a few blushes, your next task will be to share some stories.

You could start with a recent memory before moving to those early ones, or you could skip back in time immediately. People love hearing about how couples first met, with the next most common request being how you became engaged. Give the people what they want!

Make sure that any other stories you tell don’t put your spouse in a bad light . You can use some self-deprecating humor, but do not put down your partner in an effort to get some laughs or to keep people entertained.

Of course, that’s not to say you should automatically claim that your spouse is perfect and never does anything wrong. No one is perfect all the time. You just need to be genuine while refraining from anything too personal or embarrassing . Above all, you want to share the reasons why you fell in love and all the ways that you’re a better person for getting to know and then marrying your spouse.

4. End With a Toast

The last thing in your list to include should be the toast. Whatever you do, don’t try to include too many categories in your toast, or worse, try to toast each group separately. You’ll be tipsy before you know it, and your bride will be left feeling more than a bit uncomfortable.

It is completely appropriate to say something like, “ I want to raise a glass to my beautiful bride, my parents and in-laws, everyone in our wedding party and everyone who could join us today. We feel your love and can’t thank you enough for helping make this day a complete success. ” And after a sip of wine, bubbly or whatever else is being served, you can hand off the microphone and relax.

5. Practice Your Speech Repeatedly

You’ve written your speech, but you’re not quite finished. So don’t try to run off and visit your best buds just yet.

Now you need to start practicing your speech, and by practicing we mean saying your speech aloud – a lot. While you’ll gain some benefit from reading your speech over and over, it will pale in comparison to the benefits you’ll gain from saying it .

Speaking gives you a chance to hear all those times you pause awkwardly or slip in sounds like “um” and “uh.” You’ll be able to see how quickly you read, giving yourself enough time to practice slowing things down.

Five Bonus Tips Just for You!

Because we care, we’ve added five more tips to help you write a fantastic groom speech.

1. Don’t Try to Produce a Novel

Your speech shouldn’t be pages and pages long. No one wants to listen to a novel-length speech, even from the groom. All you’ll end up doing is causing your audience to develop glassy eyes as they think about an upcoming vacation or how much laundry they’ll have to do when they get home. Your speech should last no more than 5 to 6 minutes.

2. Don’t Forget to Pause Every So Often

As you speak, remember to pause and take a quick breath. Otherwise you could let your nervousness take control, resulting in a speech that falls flat because no one can understand it.

3. Don’t Include Gift Giving During Your Speech

Giving gifts to the bridesmaids, the mother of the bride and the mother of the groom is a traditional gesture during the groom’s speech. If you choose to continue the gift-giving tradition, don’t do it during your speech – it’s awkward for most guests and causes a lot of delays. Wait until later to give out gifts . It will allow people a chance to refocus and refuel.

4. Do Wear a Comfortably Fitting Tux or Suit

You’ll be able to relax and stay comfortable when you’re dressed appropriately. Whether you choose a tux or a suit, make sure it’s neither too big nor too small, and that it’s the right thickness for the weather conditions. Roasting away in a fancy suit won’t help you succeed.

5. Do Look at Your Spouse

Nerves can get the better of you, and that’s why you should look at your spouse as often as you need to while speaking. Just one look at that warm, loving face can be more than enough to settle any anxiety.

Groom Speeches: A Few Examples

To help you create the ideal groom wedding speech, just look at the five examples below. These speech examples will give you options for what to include in a grooms speech.

1. Groom Speech

This first speech is from a groom who begins by thanking his guests for traveling so far to see him marry his coffee shop bride.

Hi, everyone, I want to express my gratitude for all the love Remi and I have received today. Seeing so many familiar faces in the group has been heartwarming, and it’s all the more magical when I stop to realize that it’s all for us.

Some of you came from a long way away, with numerous flight connections and several hours of driving to get to this place. We dreamed of a romantic retreat surrounded by trees and little creatures of the woods, but clearly, we underestimated how long it would take to get to. Thank you for making the journey to see us get married.

We also want to thank our parents for their generous wedding donations and the years of putting up with us. I can’t speak for Remi, but I know that my parents spent many of my high-school years pulling out their hair and worrying about whether I’d make it home without crashing. If you’ve ever wondered why my dad’s eyebrows are worn thin, well, I’ll have to take the blame there.

And now, I want to formally introduce my wife, Remi. I’ll never forget the first time we met. It was a rainy December night and I’d run into a coffee shop in downtown Seattle. In comes this gorgeous girl, fighting with an umbrella that was threatening to turn itself inside out. I ran over and helped her, and her sweet smile just melted my heart.

It wasn’t long before we started meeting there regularly, and I just knew that here was the woman I wanted to spend my life with.

I’d like to raise a glass to Remi, our parents and our wonderful guests. Thank you for coming tonight, and Remi, thank you for loving me.

2. Long Groom Speech

What should be in a groom’s speech? If you’re like this groom, you’re known for your happy chatter and your love of family and pranks.

Well, I guess it’s time for my speech now, and you know me, I never shut up. So all I can say is that I hope you brought your PJs, ’cause we might be here all night.

But really, I’m just so happy and in love and married! Wow. I’m a married man. With a dazzling wife. I guess that makes me the luckiest guy in the world.

Family is really important to us, and so our first thanks go out to our parents for their never-ending support and love. My brothers and sisters have gone out of their way to welcome Sofia into the family, and I’m so grateful they agreed not to go through with the initiation ceremony. Sofia doesn’t know this, but she was almost going to be wearing a fuzzy bear suit while running through the forest on a clear, moonlit night. Just kidding. Or am I?

Sofia is my bride, and I hope to provide her with a happy home and plenty of laughter. Sofia, I am deeply flattered that you agreed to marry me. You could have said no, but amazingly, you said yes. You looked at the note I’d written in the sand and without hesitation said yes, you’d marry me.

I was glad you didn’t hesitate because I was panicking when I saw the waves approaching; I knew my message would disappear. We tried to snap a photo, but the waves had already pushed their way through. That was one of the happiest days of my life, though, second only to today.

Today we exchanged vows while overlooking the sea, watching the grasses waving in the breeze and the birds soaring on the air currents. Today there were friends and family around us, watching us take our first steps as husband and wife.

This is a day we’ll remember forever. Thank you to everyone for such a wonderful day.

3. Short Groom Toast

This third speech is a short toast in which the groom can’t help but express his admiration for his loving spouse.

Hello, everyone. I plan to keep this speech short and sweet, just like my wonderful husband. Today is the start of a new life together, one with coffee and muffins to welcome the morning, and herbal tea with lemon to welcome the night.

Thank you to everyone who could make it to our wedding, and to everyone who couldn’t make it but sent their love all the same. We are blessed to be married in the presence of so many loving faces.

We’d like to send special thanks to my mom and Leon’s parents for not questioning our desire to be married outdoors in the middle of a blazing hot summer, and for providing a loving home that allowed us to express who we are.

Leon, you are the best thing that could have happened to me. We first met three years ago to the day, which therefore means these have been the best one thousand and ninety-five days of my life.

Where was I before you? Lonely, depressed, working at a burger shop and trying not to let fried oil smells invade my apartment from the uniforms we had to wear. It was the same thing day in and day out, but then one day you walked by me on the sidewalk and suddenly the world got a few degrees brighter.

Within minutes of talking to you, I’d cracked my first grin in weeks. Within hours of talking to you, I was in love.

Here’s to you, Leon, and the road ahead.

4. Funny Groom Speech

Those with a funny bone will appreciate how this groom gets right to the heart of the matter – how most people just run from his speeches. He keeps the mood light and keeps the audience entertained.

Hello, everyone! If you thought you’d managed to escape one of my usual event speeches, you’re out of luck there.

But before you just pack up and head out, let me reassure you that this speech will actually be good. This is my wedding day, you know. Can’t have the masses screaming and running in fear, like they did in The Blob.

I wanted to use the first half of this speech to discuss all the best things about my French bulldog, Oscar, including how he carried that proposal banner like a pro, but my wife wasn’t exactly over the moon with that idea.

Instead, we compromised and allowed Oscar to wear his tux down the aisle. Oh, but did I mention that I’m now relegated to being chauffeur on our honeymoon in Iceland? Probably should have researched that one a bit more before agreeing – there’s going to be a lot of driving!

So today, I married a gal who’s already helping protect me from my own stupid ideas. It’s a perfect match. She can’t get enough of her kale smoothies, and I can’t get enough of my Lucky Charms. She goes bananas for dried fruit, and I just start gagging at the scent of dried fruit – and bananas. But she bakes a mean pumpkin pie, and that has to be worth something. Right?

Last but not least, I want to thank my parents for all the tough love, and Haley just wants to apologize to hers for marrying a guy who still can’t tie his shoelaces. And you thought I was just a casual loafer-wearing kinda guy ...

Thank you as well to my main man Benji and our bridesmaids, Kayla and Reese. And to everyone who is sitting before us, thank you for coming and for listening to me speak – and for not making a hasty retreat!

But seriously, you guys have given us so much love and it’s been a real treat to share our day with you. Let’s raise a glass to love and laughter, and the adventures to come.

5. Safe Groom Speech

If you still don’t know how to start your wedding speech, consider keeping things traditional. This final speech avoids anything too adventurous and focuses on giving thanks and honoring the happy couple’s love.

Alina and I would like to take a few moments to thank you for attending our wedding this afternoon. We’re grateful for the kind words and best wishes for the future, and we couldn’t be happier with how this day turned out.

It was a beautiful day without a cloud in the sky, just like we wanted. I prayed that the sun would sparkle off Alina’s dress, capturing her glow and her radiant face. As you witnessed today, my prayers came through.

Thank you to my parents, Mr. and Mrs. Banik, and Alina’s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Gizinski, for their generosity and hospitality. Without their support I could not have given Alina the wedding of her dreams.

I also want to thank Alina for agreeing to marry me. I promise to never let a day go by in which I don’t say “I love you.”

People like to ask us where we met. As it turns out, we met in the library on 24th Street. I was rushing around that day, and I bumped into a pretty girl carrying an armload of books. They flew everywhere, but somehow, we didn’t seem to notice.

To commemorate that happy day, I made a library donation to get our names on the brick wall. Our brick reads, “Daniel and Alina, love lights the way.”

I also want to thank everyone in our wedding party for their assistance, and everyone else who’s helped make this day a success. We have a few special gifts for our mothers and bridesmaids, and we’ll deliver them after the speeches have finished.

Thank you again for coming to our wedding. Let’s raise our glasses for a toast.

Speechwriting Assistance

If you’ve tried but still don’t know how to start a grooms wedding speech, you might consider reaching out to . Receiving a speech that appears as you wrote it? Now that’s major stress reduction right there.

This post was written by writer Emily Clayton.

how to write your groom speech

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how to write your groom speech

Speak with us to learn more.

12 Groom Speech Tips: How to Make a Killer Groom's Speech

Are you nervous about giving your groom's speech? Our experts have 12 top tips to giving the ultimate speech and help calm your nerves

Specular Visuals

Have you been worrying about giving your groom’s speech ever since you popped the question? You’re not alone! This is arguably one of the most daunting parts of your entire wedding planning journey. 

You’ll need to consider how long your speech should be, your groom speech structure, and who you should be thanking. If you’re following the traditional order of speeches, your speech will come after the father of the bride (or groom) speech , and he could have set the bar pretty high.

But, don’t fret! We spoke to wedding speech writing experts to help calm your nerves. Speechwriter Chris Dance , Adrian Simpson from All Speeches Great and Small  and Heidi Ellert-McDermott from Speechy gave their best advice on what it takes to deliver a great groom speech.

What Does the Groom Say in His Speech?

12 Groom's Wedding Speech Tips

1. acknowledge this special moment.

“A great groom speech should be a really good dollop of entertainment and fun, whilst at the same time acknowledging what a very special moment this is. It’s your chance to stand up and acknowledge the people who have brought you to this point and, of course, to talk about the person you’ve been lucky enough to marry,” explained Adrian.

2. Think Carefully About How to Begin

Heidi advises that the best way to begin your groom speech is “quickly”.

She says: “Grooms often make the mistake of thinking they should sound formal and get overly stressed about following traditional etiquette. The aim is to get people laughing as soon as possible, certainly within the first three lines of your speech as it puts everyone listening at ease.”

As well as keeping it light and funny, Adrian points out that it’s important to address your partner's father and thank him for his speech: “Make it a warm and inclusive introduction, however, don’t be tempted to detail his financial contribution. A reference to his generosity should be sincere but very general.”

3. Know Your Audience

Knowing your audience applies to all speech writing and Chris emphasises this by explaining that you should: "Keep in mind who you're talking to and make the speech accessible to everyone in the room. Don't use in-jokes that only you and your workmates will get, don't risk anything offensive or controversial, and steer clear of politics."

4. Add in a Few (Appropriate) Jokes

“There’s a lot of emotion on the big day and making people laugh with some wedding jokes or amusing stories is the best way to balance that out,” explains Adrian.

Keep your stories short, funny, and appropriate! You don’t want to be embarrassing your new wife or husband on your first day as a married couple.

“Are you already concerned that your bride’s ‘pinot posse’ have started chatting up the bar staff? Or are you finding it hard to recognise your middle-aged cycling buddies in clothes that they usually wouldn’t be seen dead in? Make your humour personal and seemingly spontaneous – your guests will really appreciate it,” adds Heidi.

Adrian advises grooms to steer away from a speech that’s more of a ‘dry procession of thanks’ as you’ll struggle to keep your guests’ attention – so even if you’re not a naturally charismatic person, make sure your personality shines through above the mere thank-yous.

Take a look at these groom speech jokes for inspiration! 

5. Remember to Thank Everyone

Traditionally, the groom will need to thank the following:

Heidi advises that although there are probably plenty of other people who you would love to thank for their contributions and help towards your special day, try to avoid thanking half of the guest list.

A simple way to thank everyone would be to say:

"This is the best day of my life and it's because of all of you, and especially you (referring to your partner). I cannot thank you all enough for being here."

When it comes to thanking parents, there’s one thing Adrian warns grooms to be careful of. “Don’t fall into the trap of waxing lyrical about your new parents-in-law for several paragraphs, dismissing your own parents in a sentence. They should both be given equal measure.”

An example to combine them both would be to say:

"Thank you for my parents for bring me up to be the person I am today and thank you to my in-laws for welcoming me into your family."

6. Focus on Your New Partner

Heidi suggests that your new partner should be the main focus of your speech. She says, “This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to drop a public love-bomb on your partner and considering they’ve just agreed to tolerate all of your habits and box sets for the rest of their life, it’s the least you can do!

“Remember, every groom thinks his partner is gorgeous, kind and generally amazing so avoid cliché terms and words and concentrate on what makes them unique. Nailing their individual and quirky characteristics shows that you really get your new husband or wife and your friends and family will love you for that.”

Chris recommends that you do this by giving examples: "Don't just say that your partner is kind and thoughtful; illustrate it with the story about the time that they dressed up as Boba Fett and threw you a surprise Star Wars party, or about how they still hold your hand at the dentists because you hate the sound of the drill."

7. Forget Giving Out Gifts

Heidi advises that if you’re planning on giving thank you gifts to bridesmaids , parents or anyone else, either do it earlier on in the day or announce that you’ll be personally thanking them later as to not disrupt the speech.

She says: “Gift-giving is basically an excuse for guests to start checking their WhatsApp!”

8. Don't Be Too Ambitious

The time you take to the mic to make your groom's speech will no doubt be a big moment, but Chris shares that it is important to be realistic about what your comfort zone is and stay in it.

"It's a speech to your friends, not an audition for Britain's Got Talent. If you're terrified of public speaking, keep it simple. Don't give yourself unnecessary stress by filling your speech with tongue-twisters or trying to be Billy Connolly." 

9. Think Carefully About the Structure

Adrian says, “There are lots of people to talk about and you should deal with them one at a time and avoid repetition.

“Resist the urge to launch straight into how amazing your new partner looks and then pepper the speech with references to them. They are the star of the show so save the latter half of the speech to be dedicated to them and what they mean to you.”

10. Eight Minutes is the Perfect Length of Time

Adrian says that the length of a groom’s speech can really make or break it: “Too short and people are going to be wondering why you bothered. Too long and nobody will be listening. Keep it to a ‘stand up-sit down’ time of 10 minutes – that’s a talking time of around eight minutes and the rest will be made up from laughter, applause and heckles.”

Heidi also stressed the importance of not boring people with a lengthy speech, but also not coming across like you’re enjoying the attention a little too much.

11. Avoid Too Much Detail

Adrian explained that it’s too much detail that really slows a speech down: “A great speech demands the very least from the guests in order for them to enjoy it, so now is not the time to recount exactly how you know each of the ushers individually. A good guide is to aim for a total of 1,350 words – if you’re edging well over that, then it’s time to strip out some of the content.”

12. Think About Your Ending

According to Adrian: “Tradition says that you should end on a toast to the bridesmaids and a little aside to the best man. I’ve never found this works – in my opinion, the focus of the speech should be exclusively on your partner, that’s why I suggest toasting to the bridesmaids earlier in the speech and making the final words all about your partner.

“You should have talked about the best man earlier in the speech but there’s no harm in having a quick one-liner referencing him at the end but make sure it’s after the final toast.”

Groom Speech Preparation To Calm Your Nerves

Never Ending Stories

Heidi has a lot of advice when it comes to calming nerves around your wedding speech, starting with just how important the planning and preparation is.

“The key to being confident on the day is writing a wedding speech that’s so good you can’t wait to deliver it. If you know you’re going to make your friends laugh, your mum cry and your bride/groom love you even more then you’ll ooze confidence whilst delivering your speech.”

1. Film Yourself – Use your phone to film yourself practising your speech. Watch it back and channel your inner Simon Cowell – work out how your delivery could be improved and what you would change.

2. Dutch Courage Isn’t Always the Answer – Although lots of grooms swear by a bit of Dutch courage, this is based on wishful thinking rather than solid science!

3. Smile and Breathe – It may sound obvious but taking a deep breath is surprisingly effective at reducing those stress nerves and smiling is scientifically proven to be infectious, making them a fool-proof combination.

Does the Groom Give a Speech?

Traditionally, the groom will give a speech at the wedding reception, following the ceremony. You can do whatever works for you, but the traditional order for speeches is for the father of the bride to speak, then the groom, best man and any other toasts.

How to Write a Groom's Speech

If you are writing your groom's speech yourself the key points to remember are to compliment your new spouse and thank any key guests. Any other additions are nice extras! 

Writing not your strength? Hiring a professional speechwriter is a brilliant option. "It’s not cheating - if it is then so is ordering a wedding cake when you’ve got perfectly good eggs and flour at home," shares Chris.

"Speech writing is a specialist skill: giving the task to someone who can mould your words and articulate your thoughts is as valid a use of your budget as any other wedding service you’re paying for – arguably more valid, given that it’s probably the bit of the day you’re most worried about."

"The groom should focus on thankyous," explains Chris. "He should thank everyone for coming to the wedding - especially Jim and Tania who’ve kayaked all the way from Gdansk; anyone who contributed to it significantly, his partner’s parents for spawning such a catch; his own parents for loving and/or tolerating him.

"When he’s done that he can get on with lavishing praise on the person he’s married and saying how deliriously happy he is. That’s what the guests really want to hear from him, so he needs to do that bit well and sincerely."

How Long Should a Groom's Speech be?

Ideally, you want your groom's speech to be no more than ten minutes. Make sure to rehearse it a few times before the big day and time yourself - you don't want your guests to start getting bored!

"Just remember, if there are two or three other speakers then you’re asking your guests to sit still and listen patiently for half an hour, which is a long time when you’re stuffed full of wine, sea bass and tiramisu and you want to stretch your legs.

"However long your speech lasts (I find seven to ten minutes is usually enough), try to keep it punchy, lively and relevant: there is such a thing as a five minute speech that’s so dull it feels like a lifetime, yet fifteen minutes can race by if your speech is bright, engaging and funny," says Chris.

Still feeling nervous? Fear not – here’s our guide on how to deliver an amazing wedding speech !

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How to Write a Father of the Groom Speech

how to write your groom speech

Photo by Cinzia Bruschini

In This Article

Your child’s wedding is likely one of the most highly anticipated moments of your life...until you remember one of your duties that day is giving a speech. If you’re less than excited about public speaking, take some comfort in knowing that the father of the groom speech is typically reserved for the rehearsal dinner (usually a much smaller audience than the wedding day crowd!). 

There’s a multitude of emotions flowing as your son’s wedding day approaches, but anxiety shouldn’t be one of them. Below, professional wedding vow writer and speechwriter Katelyn Peterson outlines the ideal template for a father of the groom speech and shares go-to tips to hook your audience and release the pre-speech jitters. 

Meet the Expert

Katelyn Peterson is the founder of Wedding Words , a service specialized in crafting custom vows, speeches, and toasts to remove stress and spark excitement for engaged couples and their wedding party. Her work has been featured in The New York Times , Forbes , and Bustle .

Father of the Groom Speech Template 

Pepper in a healthy dose of your personality and follow these general guidelines to sound like a public speaking pro:

Father of the Groom Speech Tips

Here are Peterson’s best tips for writing and delivering your father of the groom speech.

Peterson recommends printing out your speech on one sheet of paper that you can easily reference. She advises against reading from your phone and warns that note cards can easily fall out of order. 

Get Brainstorming! 

Now that you know the secrets to speech-giving success, here are some questions to ask yourself to start getting the words flowing.

Father of the Groom Speech Examples to Make Your Own

Get inspired by this real-life example of a light and funny father-of-the-groom speech that showcases a combination of humor, warmth, and personality for this heartfelt moment. 

“I think I’ve met almost everyone, but I’m Doug. I’m Andy’s dad, and his mom is over there– that’s Jenny. I’m a little bit nervous so I have notes. I may refer to those because I don’t want to forget anything. And I can be emotional with things like this, so I want this to be interactive—if I get choked up and start crying you all should feel free to do the same, or if I tell a joke if you guys could go ahead and laugh that would be great! 

Before I go too far, I want to acknowledge Tracy’s parents: Dave and Linda. They’ve put a ton of time and effort and hard work into the planning for tomorrow. Jenny and I have had a great time getting to know them over the last few years. We don’t think of you guys as Andy’s in-laws, we think of you as family. 

And now on to the wedding couple...a little over 25 years ago, Andy was born—don’t worry, I won’t go through every year—but I remember the feeling of excitement and how proud Jenny and I were to be new parents. We watched Andy grow up into a wonderful young man with unquestioning integrity and strong values and it’s those same feelings of excitement and pride that get echoed tomorrow as the two of you get married.

As your kids grow up you want them to have the absolute best. Andy was very fortunate when he met Tracy six years ago, and when he gets married tomorrow I know he truly has found the best for him and we can’t wait to call her our daughter. There are certain couples you see together and you say ‘they were just meant to be,’ and Tracy and Andy have that type of relationship. They are the perfect match, like bread and butter, or like Forrest Gump would say, "peas and carrots," or as my wife would say, "wine and cheese!"

This is the point where I get to be a dad and offer some fatherly advice, some words of wisdom.

There are seven words that are essential to having a successful marriage: 'Yes, dear', 'you were right', and 'I’m sorry.'

You’ll have disagreements and you’ll have arguments, and when that happens never stop communicating, always talk things out. And remember that communicating isn’t just talking, it’s also listening. Try to see things from their perspective. But when it’s all said and done, with those seven words, everything will be fine. 

Getting married is the journey of a lifetime, it’s when you find your soulmate and you make a promise to that person they will always be your soulmate. It was once said that getting married and having a successful marriage is like falling in love over and over again with the same person. If you pursue your marriage with love, and compassion, and understanding, you’ll be on your way to that journey of a lifetime. Jenny and I love you both unconditionally, and we’re so proud of you both. Without further ado, here’s a toast to a long, happy, healthy marriage blessed with unending love.”

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How to Write a Wedding Letter to Your Partner

how to write your groom speech

How to Write a Bride / Groom Speech. Thank you to our.. Newlywed speech and toast? Preparing your bride/groom speech or toast? In this guide, we are hearing tips on how to write your groom and bride speech!

And cue the emcee announcing the newlyweds would like to say a few words..

You have already almost checked off everything on your wedding checklist . Now it’s time to write the speech!

You and your partner can definitely work together and share the stage and/or mic! We got tips for you and your partner on how to execute this. Short and sweet, or long and endearing, whichever you prefer!

We’re here to sort out your problem with these easy tips to help you write your speech and win over your guest’s hearts.

How to Write a Bride / Groom Speech

1. coordinate & create.

Before preparing the speech, discuss with your partner and talk about how you will coordinate accordingly.

Meaning, you will have to determine the flow and style. As well as the length and points to remember. Jot down notes in point form and make a rough draft to understand how you would approach it.

how to write your groom speech

It is also essential that you schedule the speech/es at a time when the crowd and/or guests are in a very “active” state, as opposed to the end of the night when guests had already quite a lot to drink so much or are getting ready to leave.

Consult a wedding planner/consultant when to schedule the speeches at the reception and ensure to include them in your wedding day-of timeline .

How to Write a Bride / Groom Speech

2. Share your love story briefly

Even if you feel like the guests already know your love story, giving them a brief reminder will set the tone for the next points that you will make.

Starting with a story will help your guests engage better and relate to the following points as you go on with your speech. Adding funny tones and notes within the story will keep the crowd’s energy going.

3. The Thank You’s

Now from your story, incorporate your thank yous. You and your partner are for sure grateful for your family, friends, relatives, and all your guests for being there. Let them know about thankful you are and honor their presence.

If there are specific people that you would like to name, you can definitely do so. Be mindful as you do this so as not to offend anyone.

how to write your groom speech

TIP: You can use a projector screen and play a video compilation with clear text of the names of the people you wanted to mention specifically. This can be either before your actual speech, like a “pre-speech” video, or you can also use this in conjunction with your speech.

Even when other special people in both your lives cannot make it, still mention them. During these times when not everyone can make it, mention them, and again, per the above tip, include them in a mini-video compilation.

4. Credits (a great top on how to write a bride / groom speech!)

This can be similar to the Thank You’s, but credit isn’t just about saying thank you, but it’s also about commenting on what they have actually done.

Saying something like “Thank you to my sister-in-law for helping out with the decor.” is a great way to give thanks.

Adding a credit tone sounds like this: “The beautiful flowers and the elegant decor that we all are adoring tonight is a result of a collaboration with my creative sister-in-law. I don’t think this night will be as pretty and special as it can be without your input, and for that, we are very thankful.”

Did you feel the difference? Adding those short credit notes truly elevates the thank yous!

5. Address your partner

Don’t forget to end your speech with a nod to your partner and your life together. As mentioned above, say thanks and provide credit.

how to write your groom speech

“Thank you for being patient with me not just through the wedding planning process but every single regular day, even when I am the crankiest. You always find a way to see through me and get to my heart with your love and understanding.”

“I’m sure everybody here will agree that you are always beautiful, inside and out, but today, you are extra radiant and glowing.”

Mention something particular that you know your partner will appreciate and be very happy that you have voiced out loud in front of the ‘world’ to hear!

Nailing their ‘ love language ‘ during this public moment will also leave a bigger impact!

How to Write a Bride / Groom Speech - 2

We don’t want to sound so scripted and stuck up. But going over your speech/es will help you be comfortable with the flow and the words you are to use.

Write the speech you will make alone FIRST . If you would like to speak side by side, you can then incorporate both speeches with a good flow, and/or you can take turns accordingly.

how to write your groom speech

Time it. Decide how long you want your speech to be. 5-7 minutes (8-10 minutes combined!) is a safe timeframe that you want to stay in. Per mentioned tip, consider creating a complimentary video presentation that will help keep your guests engaged and visually appealing!

Practice! Go over the speech with your partner. Check the parts you want to “make better.” This is not a professional performance that needs hours and hours of practice, but you sure would like your guests to understand your message clearly.

Use strategic props. Especially nowadays, when we use our phones for everything, it might be tempting to use them for speeches. But if you have the challenge of speaking fast, reading off your phone will not make it any better.

If you use index cards, the act of switching the cards is actually a “pause” that you have to make, which will automatically slow you down and gives you a chance to look up to your guests and even add in some funny and witty adlibs!

If you are all about electronics, you can use your phone, but not on notes or messages, but as a PDF document where you only do 1 paragraph per page with larger fonts so you can ‘turn’ to the next page for a ‘pause.’ The key is to be strategic and creative.

Don’t put too much pressure on yourself to make this perfect! Be yourself and have fun at your wedding !

There you are! How to Prepare a Bride/Groom Speech!

how to write your groom speech


how to write your groom speech

DIY Brunch Wedding Tips: How to (budget-friendly)

how to write your groom speech

How Much Should You Give as Wedding Gift

how to write your groom speech

How to Find The Right Bridal Boutique. Part 1.

how to write your groom speech

What can I DIY at my wedding?

how to write your groom speech

Deal With Wedding Planning Overwhelm

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how to write your groom speech

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how to write your groom speech

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how to write your groom speech

Best Groom Wedding Speech: Ideas on how to write The Perfect One

Being a groom can be daunting, especially when it comes to writing your wedding speech. Whether you’re hosting a large wedding or an intimate celebration, standing in front of an audience can be nerve-wracking.

How can you share your love for your bride, and thank your guests, in an entertaining yet sincere manner?

Thankfully, our handy guide to writing the perfect grooms speech is here to help. Discover when to give your groom wedding speech, who to include, and how to write a sentimental speech that your guests (and bride) will love.

Giving a Groom's Speech

Who Does The Groom Toast?

When preparing to write your groom wedding speech it’s important to know who to address. When planning your speech, you’ll want to thank your guests for attending your nuptials, say thank you to the father of the bride (who will give his speech before yours) and your best man. Naturally, you will want to say thanks to your beautiful bride and her family as well as the bridesmaids and your own wedding party. Remember, giving a shout out to specific people will enhance the sincerity of your speech.

If you’re hosting a rehearsal dinner, you may wish to give a short wedding speech at this event as well. Don’t worry too much about this. A speech at your rehearsal dinner needs to be very short and essentially thank the people who have already given toasts as well as thanking other attendees at your wedding rehearsal dinner.

When Should The Groom Give His Speech?

Tradition states that the groom gives his speech at the wedding reception, following the ceremony. The father of the bride generally delivers his speech first, but if there is no father of the bride, you may wish to ask another family member, or the bride, to give a speech first.

Sit down with your bride and decide the order of speeches – you may want to avoid tradition and choose your own order of toasts – whatever you decide is perfectly fine.

Writing A Groom Speech

Writing a groom’s speech doesn’t need to be overwhelming. The key to giving a great wedding speech is preparation. It’s a good idea to begin writing your wedding speech at least several weeks before your actual wedding day. This gives you plenty of time to write the perfect groom wedding speech and rehearse in front of friends or relatives.

The ideal wedding speech for a groom should be a blend of romance, entertainment, and authenticity. Writing doesn’t come naturally to everyone, so to start, write down the main points of your speech first. These tips will help when it comes to writing your first draft.

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Groom’s Speech Examples

February 21, 2017 By Kate

Grooms speech examples

While it is not at all mandatory, some grooms will sometimes give a speech at their wedding. Traditionally, the groom’s speech comes right before the best man’s speech. Here are a few tips and talking points to think about when you are writing your groom’s speech.

First of all, you should thank all of the guests for coming to celebrate with you and your bride on your special wedding day. Acknowledge the effort that people have put in from traveling far and wide to helping out with the wedding. Do not forget to thank your parents and the bride’s parents as well.

Last but not least, do not forget to talk about your bride. She is the whole reason that you have this wedding. Throwing in a compliment is a good idea, whether you are talking about her dazzling personality or how gorgeous she looks in her wedding dress.

And since you will be married already, you can now refer to her as your wife. Your guests will love it when you refer to her as your wife and they will love to see it if your speech is a little bit romantic.

While it is very thoughtful to thank and acknowledge the important people in your wedding speech, you also want to avoid doing that for too long as it will bore the guests. Of course, there is a long list of people who have helped to make your wedding a success and you might still want to find a way to thank them for contributing to your wedding.

People like your vendors and the people in your bridal party might not all need a mention. If you would like to thank them, you can do so privately in person or by writing them a Thank You note. When it comes to making acknowledgements in your groom’s speech, you should definitely remember to include your parents, the bride’s parents, and the bride at the very least.

If somebody will have a speech after yours, then you will want to introduce them to the guests. In most cases the person following you will be your best man. You can just briefly say who he is and what he means to you before handing over the microphone to him.

As much as you might like your best man, he is not the star of the wedding, so you can keep his introduction nice and simple. If you go into a long story about the two of you, it might bore the guests.

When writing your speech, try to keep it to only a few minutes long. Anything too long will make it harder for your guests to stay interested and engaged in your speech. It is okay, in fact it is often welcomed to be romantic in your speech. It is your wedding day after all.

Below are a few examples of groom speeches that you can use as inspiration for your upcoming wedding. Let these groom speeches help you put together a unique and heartfelt speech for your special day.

1. You have all heard the story about the bride who dreams of her wedding day. But I have dreamt of my wedding day too. My wife and I worked hard and put our heads together to plan the perfect wedding. From the venue to the caterer and the suit and gown, a lot of work was put into this wedding. We prayed for beautiful weather, good health, and for our guests to all arrive safely.

But at the end of the day, the only thing that could make my wedding day perfect was getting to stand next to the woman I love so that I could exchange vows with her. At the end of the day, that was all that really mattered. And now we are here before all of you as husband and wife.

2. From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you for being here. To my parents, for guiding me, even now as an adult. To [bride’s] parents, for raising such a wonderful woman, and of course to all of our guests and vendors, for making this day even more complete. And lastly, thank you to [bride,] as we all know, this day would not have happened without you. Thank you for taking a chance on me and thank you for loving me the way that you do.

3. Now as many of you probably know, I am not an in-your-face romantic. I don’t go out to the movies first in line to see the latest romantic comedies and I’m not much of a mushy person. But I became a romantic the moment I met [bride,] who is now my wife.

In my experience, there are two kinds of people. The people who are romantic at heart and the people who don’t really believe in true love until they meet the one. I fit into the latter category. I was a skeptic, I was cynical and never thought love would come calling. Until one day, it did.

And it always happens in the most ordinary, unexpected way. I was not some knight looking for a princess. One day we just bumped into each other and sparks slowly started to fly. And now here we are, husband and wife.

When it comes to [bride,] I believe in romance with all of my heart. Now that I have you, I will kiss you every day and tell you that I love you because I never want you to forget that. I cannot believe how lucky I am to now be able to call you my wife.

4. Growing up, I had the best parents that a guy could ever ask for. And besides being such wonderful parents, my mom and dad were such a lovely couple to know. And I was even luckier to be able to call them mom and dad. Thank you guys for really showing me what love is. Love is the best gift that you can ever give anyone.

Seeing that kind of love between two people every day is such a gift and it has inspired me to be a loving person to everyone that I know, especially to my wife.

5. Doesn’t [bride] look stunning today? I do not really need to go on about how beautiful [bride] looks tonight, though to be honest, I think she looks beautiful any day of the week and at any time of day whether it be morning, noon, or night. But beauty is only skin deep anyway. What counts is what you find on the inside. And the more I got to know my wife, the more I feel in love with her.

6. As some of you here may know, [Bride] and I started off as friends. Naturally, I tried my best to not fall in love with her, I really did. She is a selfless person who is always thinking of others. But I have other selfless friends too. She is thoughtful, but so are my other friends.

While I love her for all of her many great qualities, what I love about my wife more than anything is how well she gets me. She knows me inside and out and never once ran away screaming. And I love her for who she is as well.

And that is why we are all here today in this room, because one day, we decided that it was not enough to just be friends. We knew that we could not live without each other and we wanted to spend the rest of our lives side by side.

[Bride,] I cannot believe how far we have come. Sometimes it still has me in shock, just thinking about how lucky I am to be able to wake up knowing that I have you in my life. Thank you for marrying me and for being my wife.

7. There are so many wonderful people in my life that have made this day special. My parents, who have raised me well and taught me the true meaning of love. My friends and family, who continue to be a remarkable support system to me and [bride,] [bride’s] parents, who raised a remarkable woman, and of course [bride] herself, who I am now lucky enough to call my wife. You all mean the world to me and I would not be up here without you.

8. I would like to take the opportunity to introduce the person who will be delivering the next speech. He is our Best Man and a good and loyal friend. He has always been my partner in crime and he is a really funny guy. Let us all welcome _____________.

9. There are many times in life when I have been uncertain. Uncertain about school, uncertain about what career I want to pursue. There are many times where I didn’t know where life should take me or where I should live. Figuring things out can be tough. But I never had to think twice about [bride.] With her, everything is so much clearer and makes so much more sense.

[Bride,] if there anything in this world that I am sure of, it is that I was meant to be with you. Today is only the beginning of the rest of our life together.

10. We spend a lot of our spare time worrying, wondering, and planning for the future. When I look at [bride,] I know that I have nothing to worry about. I know that we will build a great life together on top of the relationship that we already have.

11. When I think about now having a wife, I do not think about what she could do for me. But I ask myself, what I will do for her. As your husband, I cannot wait to fall asleep next to you, wake up by your side, share a table with you, and have many more adventures. I hope to bring you continuous laughter, joy, and comfort as we embark on our married life together.

12. Some of my friends have teased me about getting married. They joke about me being on a ball on chain and tied down. But I don’t see it that way. When you meet the right one, it does not feel like you are tied down. Instead, I have never felt more free and happier. And I have certainly never felt this kind of love before. So for me, trading the single life for the married life was a no-brainer. When you want to lock the one that you love down, then that’s when you know they are the one.

13. I have always been a bit of a shy, soft-spoken guy. I don’t like speaking in public and crowds make me nervous. But seeing [bride’s] face in the crowd helps and I just had to say this: I really hope today was not a dream. I will probably wake up tomorrow asking myself, did that all really happen? Did I really get to marry the woman I love?

How many people are that lucky to find such a special person who loves them back? Out of all the choices and paths we took in life, I truly believe that it all led us to each other, to this very moment.

14. To [bride,] my beautiful bride. There are no words, no poems that can fully describe you. I can only say that you make my heart feel full in the best way possible. Thank you for choosing me and thank you for letting me be your husband.

15. [Bride,] you look absolutely stunning today and every day. Whether you have on a dazzling dress and perfectly manicured nails and every strand of hair in place or you just have a messy ponytail and some t-shirt and sweatpants on, you look beautiful no matter what you wear.

Check out our other article on Wedding Vows for Him or Her.

16. Marriage, of course, is a big deal. It is a huge commitment. Planning a wedding is a lot of work and then of course, is the marriage itself. So why do it? For those who want to know why I asked [bride] to marry me, the simple, most obvious answer is love.

When I met [bride] and got to know her, I could hardly believe that she hadn’t already been scooped up by someone else.

17. [Bride,] you already know that as much as I love you, I am not perfect. But I will do my best to do my share in our marriage and around the house. I will try to remember to put my dirty dishes in the sink and I will do my best to separate the laundry correctly. But here is what I can promise you without a doubt. I will love you with all my heart and I will try to make you laugh and smile every day.

18. So I wrote a little something for [bride.] And you might be wondering why I am reading this in front of a room full of people then. Why not read this in a room with just the two of us? But since today is a celebration of our love, I thought what other way to celebrate this love than to talk about it in a room full of the people that we both love?

[Bride,] you look beautiful tonight. I cannot believe that I am yours and that you are mine, but I am so happy for it. Since we have been together, you have made me the happiest man on Earth, and today made me even happier. I cannot wait to embark on the rest of our life together. I love you so much.

19. When our eyes first met, I already knew

That you were my absolute dream come true.

Your very smile lights up the sky,

I am so happy to call you mine.

20. I had only ever read stories and heard tales of what true love was. It was not until you that I finally knew and understood what it all meant. To me, your name alone makes me light up. Your smile brightens my day and your eyes sparkle like the sun. But more than anything, I have met my twin soul.

21. [Bride,] I am so blessed to be able to call you my wife. You are an angel in my life. I cannot wait to share the rest of my life with you. I know that God will guide us on our path together.

22. [Bride,] you are my favorite person in the world. Today is our first day of being married and I know we will have so many other firsts. Our first house, our first child if we are lucky, and so on. I cannot wait to share all of these exciting memories with you, my lovely wife.

23. To [bride,] my beautiful bride, who I can now call my wife. While nobody in this world is 100% perfect, to me you are amazing just as you are. I love everything about you and look forward to spending my days with you as husband and wife.

24. [Bride,] I don’t know if you truly know how happy you make me. Words cannot fully or adequately express how your presence and love make me feel. I can only say that things are much better and much brighter with you by my side.

25. [Bride,] what we have is beautiful. Our relationship nourishes my soul and your company gives me so much excitement. You are fun and hilarious and beautiful and kind and smart too. There is no one out there like you and I am so lucky that you are my wife.

26. [Bride,] we have had so many blessings in our relationship together. Meeting you and becoming your friend was a blessing, and getting to marry you was an even bigger one. I know that God will guide us on the right path on our marriage and I cannot wait to see what our future has in store.

27. [Bride,] it is easy to love you. Not only on your best days, but on your worst days as well. When you are happy, I want to celebrate with you and when you are sad, I want to help comfort you and lift up your spirits. You make me so loved as well.

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28. [Bride,] you are many things to me. You are my best friend, my confidante, my rock, and my wife. You are my love, my partner, and my family. In short, you are everything to me. Let us toast to our future together as a married couple.

29. [Bride,] I am not the same person I was before I met you. When we first embarked on a relationship, something special started. A seed was planted and it continues to grow and flourish today. I am so excited to continue to grow with you and to see what memories our marriage will make.

30. [Bride,] thank you for marrying me today. Without a doubt, I know that we will be happy together. When we first met, I could never have predicted where we would end up today, but I am sure glad that this is where we are now. Now that I know you, I could not see myself with anyone else but you.

31. [Bride,] you are my other half, we complement each other so perfectly. You are the peanut butter to my jelly, the macaroni to my cheese, and the yin to my yang. With you, I know that anything is possible.

32. [Bride,] thank you for signing up to be my wife. I know that I am not the cleanest eater or the snappiest dresser, but I promise to make you as happy as I can. I will always try to put a smile on your face and I will always be there to hold your hand and whisper that I love you.

33. [Bride,] what we have together is love. We have no illusions of being with perfect people, but we love each other anyway. I will continue to love you, my wife, imperfections and all.


how to write your groom speech

how to write your groom speech

Groom Wedding Speech Guide with Examples

The groom’s speech is a big part of the wedding experience for everybody and for good reasons. This is an opportunity for the groom to share with all guests, family, and friends just how much he loves, appreciates, and is excited to be the husband of his new wife.

It is also his chance to thank the bride’s parents, welcome everybody, perhaps while also showing his personality and funny side. Yep, the groom has a lot of work to do during his wedding speech.

To help you write an unforgettable groom speech we put together this helpful guide. It includes everything you need to write and deliver your groom speech.

Groom delivering speech at wedding with bride by his side.


Like we mentioned, the groom’s speech has a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time. The most important part of the groom’s wedding speech by far is to acknowledge his new wife in front of all of the wedding guests. That is what makes a groom’s toast so meaningful. We like to see the groom focus on his wife. How they met, how much she means to him, why he loves her so much, and sharing just how excited he is about the future.

The groom’s wedding toast must also thank the people involved in making their wedding a memorable occasion, thank the parents of the bride for their daughter, and for welcoming him into their family. The best groom speech also thanks guests for supporting the bride and groom and for all their good wishes and gifts. Finally, the groom’s speech says thanks to specific people who helped organize the wedding and thanks to the bridal party.

Nice-to-have elements of the groom’s speech (if there is enough time) include mentioning family who couldn’t attend the wedding. The groom can also have a go at his best man in a lighthearted fashion, maybe saying some memories of the two terrorizing while single and young.


You could just get up and ramble for 10 mins, or you could plan ahead and write your groom’s speech ahead of time. You guessed it; we’re fans of planning ahead. Let’s start with the basic groom speech structure when you sit down to write. This is an easy starting place:

The tone of your speech needs to balance sincerity and humor. Spend some time thinking about how you want to deliver the speech. With the above vital points written, think about how you can add a touch of humor to them.

Humor helps make the speech entertaining for sitting guests and relieves some of the pressure felt standing in front of a crowd. Keep the humor appropriate and positive. Nobody wants to hear you giving off-color jokes. A joke or two and maybe a few one-liners is perfect.

Don’t be afraid to add some genuine comments about how you feel about your new wife and your family and friends. The easiest way to do this is to think about your new wife. Talk about your feelings for her, remember how you first met and why you wanted to marry her.

An easy technique is to directly address that part of the speech and tell her how happy she has made you, how you can’t believe your luck, and how you’re looking forward to building a future together.

Use specific anecdotes, such as when you realized you were in love and would be with your now wife forever. Also, don’t forget to tell her again how beautiful she looks.

Time is the other issue with the groom’s wedding speech.  Avoid a long toast at all costs. Remember that typically several speeches will take place, so you want to take up too much time, and you definitely want to avoid boring all the guests.

While your groom toast should have substance, keep it short and sweet for the best results. You have a lot to say and can’t spend 20 minutes doing so. When you sit down to write your groom speech, the most challenging part will be fitting in so much into such a short space of time.

Once you start writing, coming up with ideas and things to say won’t be the issue. It will be challenging to weave all these elements together in an original, memorable way while being very concise.

Image Source:




If you are not a talented writer or a professional motivational speaker, finding the right words to say at your wedding can be challenging. It is much easier to get started when you can see (or hear) what other grooms have done before you. We get it!

That’s why we rounded up some great examples of groom speeches. You can see from the list that we tried to cover various groom speech examples. Everything from funny groom speeches, the best groom speeches we could find, short groom speech examples, groom speech jokes, groom speech quotes, and more.


When it comes to wedding speeches, humor is not the only thing that can and should be the focus. We absolutely love how this groom shared many heartfelt thoughts about his new wife. This groom speech is an example of how you can truly share the love you feel by using words.


This groom speech example is more traditional in nature. It hits all the right points and is a safe play for a groom.

“Ladies and Gentlemen: I would like to thank Steve for those sincere words and both Bobbie and Steve for the love that they have both shown me, not only in preparation for today but from the first moment that we met some two and a half years ago.

I don’t know who was more surprised that first night when Marcella brought me home without warning when they were sitting there all ready for bed in their satin bath robes and Steve in his Snoopy slippers.

Anyway, quickly moving on, I did have a speech all worked out for this occasion, but, of course, now that I’m a married man, Marcella has insisted that I read from the one that she has written for me.

So here goes:

On behalf of my wife and me…I suppose I’m going to have to get used to that; I would like to start by thanking everyone here today for sharing our very special day with us. Thank you for all the wonderful gifts and cards that you have given us; we are very touched by your generosity. I’m certainly looking forward to seeing how Steve has managed to gift-wrap the Wheelbarrow!

We have both been very nervous about today, and it means a great deal to us that you are sharing our day with us; and we hope that you are enjoying the occasion every bit as much as we are.

Most people on their wedding day describe it as the happiest day of their lives. That worries me because it implies that tomorrow there’s a lifelong decline ahead, so I’m making the most of today. However, I’m so happy today that even days less happy would still be blissful.

I would like to say a special thank-you to those of you that have traveled some distance to be here today. It is quite a humbling experience to realize that you have friends and family that care so much for you. And I do genuinely mean that.”


This groom also took the traditional route. This sample groom speech is a little longer.

“On behalf of my wife and I, we’d like to thank you all for coming here today and sharing our special day with us. There are times when it’s good to be surrounded by people who are important to you, and for us, this is one of those occasions. We hope that you’re enjoying it every bit as much as we are, and we’d like to thank you for your kind wishes, cards, presents, and support.

We must say we’ve been impressed by the number of people that have rallied around to help us in preparation for today; if you’re not mentioned by name, and that’s most of you, please be assured that Kate and I are very grateful.

David and Maggie, thank you not only for your hospitality this evening and your kindness but also for giving me your very beautiful daughter. I promise I’ll take good care of her and, of course, do everything she tells me to, even if it involves golf! I must confess I did actually try it a while ago, and during one lesson with the local pro, I asked him whether he had seen any improvement since my last lesson. And he said, “er… yup, that’s a much better haircut”.

So, Maggie, we have a present here for you.

I also want to say thank you to my parents who put up with me for all these years; you have both been there for me when I’ve needed you and given me a wonderful start in life, and I’m very fortunate and proud to have you as my mum and dad. I have a present for you here, Mum, as a thank you.

I can imagine that Neil, my best man, is getting impatient to make his speech soon. Now many people don’t know that Neil suffers from a rare medical condition that causes him to invent fanciful stories. He really does believe these stories to be true, and I thank you for humoring him during his speech.

I am absolutely delighted to stand here today with Kate; I never knew what was missing in my life before I met her. Kate has been a source of friendship, support, and love. Of course, I do not doubt that she is going to tell me afterward that the only thing missing in my life at the moment is golf. However, I am still waiting for her to explain the attraction to a game that consists of a lot of walking, broken up by disappointment and bad arithmetic.

And finally, the bridesmaids, thanks for calming Kate nerves and helping in her preparation today. I’d also like to thank you for getting her to the church in one piece and on time; you’ve done a brilliant job. We have a small gift for each of you as a token of our appreciation.

Well, that’s it from me for now, but before I pass you over to my best man, Ladies and Gentlemen, please stand and lift your glasses and join me in a toast to bridesmaids.


This is a short speech but gets to the point quickly. We love the simplicity, definitely one of the best short groom toasts.

“Firstly, I would like to say thank you to Bob and Karen. Thank you for your beautiful daughter, Amy. Your contribution to today has been amazing. Thank you for taking me into his family; it has meant a lot to me. Most importantly, thank you for raising such an amazing and beautiful woman. Doesn’t my wife look amazing today? Wow, called Amy, my wife. Feels weird.

Secondly, I’d like to thank all of you for coming today. It is amazing to feel all this love and friendship. Thank you for your good wishes and for joining us in our celebration. Thank you for your gifts; I am sure they will help us in our new life together, so thank you.

Also, thank you to the bridesmaids; you all look amazing. Today wouldn’t have been the same without you helping my beautiful bride through today. So thank you.

Finally, to my wife. I just want to say a massive thank-you for always being here for me, making me happy, and marrying me. I love you.

For those of you who don’t know, we men do have dreams of our wedding day when we are younger. They may not be about the same as you women, about dresses and big churches, but nevertheless, we do have the dreams. When I was younger, my dream was to marry a beautiful woman, be happy for the rest of our lives, have a family, and have a nice home. This is what I wanted from marriage. When I met Amy, I knew that she was different. She made me laugh in different ways, and the feeling of happiness I get when I am around her cannot be described. My wife is more than I could ever have hoped for. I love you, honey.

There are so many good times that Amy and I have enjoyed together, days out, holidays, and nights out with friends and family. But like all couples, we have had lows. Fallings out, family bereavements, and arguments between ourselves. But all these factors have made us who we are today—a strong couple who work brilliantly together.

Finally, I would like to thank you again to all of you for celebrating with us today.

And could you all please raise your glasses to my beautiful wife, the one I love, Amy?”


“Distinguished guests, guests of no particular distinction, relatives young and old, friends, freeloaders, hangers-on, gypsies, tramps, thieves, and anyone else who may have wandered in, you are all about to witness a unique event in history. The very first and very last time that my wife is going to let me speak on behalf of both of us. However, it is a privilege and an honor to do so. I just hope that, so soon into our married life, I don’t let Sue down.

My speech today will be like a mini-skirt. Long enough to cover the essentials but short enough to hold your attention! To be honest, I didn’t really know where to start, so I thought I’d trawl the internet. After a couple of hours, I‘d found some really, really good stuff. But then I remembered that I was supposed to be writing a speech. Before I start, there will be plenty of toasts over the next few minutes, so please make sure that your glasses are charged.

Firstly, we’d like to thank Philip for his kind words and good wishes. And to thank him for paying for this lovely reception …(pause and look at him) What? I thought you said…….No, I’m only joking – you don’t need to find the key for the padlock on your wallet!

It’s lovely to see so many of our family and friends here today to help us celebrate the happiest day of our lives. I know that some of you have traveled a long way to be here, and that means a lot to us. It really wouldn’t be the same without you all. It’d be a darned sight cheaper, but that’s not the point. Thank you all for your very generous gifts, and a special thanks to those of you who have given cheques. No, we are grateful for those, especially as we’ll be using the checks’ details to set up direct debits paying our bills for years to come. Who said that identity fraud is a bad idea?

Unfortunately, it’s not been possible to have everyone we love here with us today, but we know they’re here with us in spirit, and they’re not only in our thoughts today, but more importantly, they’re with us in our hearts. So, with them in mind, would you please all stand, raise your glasses, and join me in a toast to absent family & friends.

2023 Wedding Trends We’re Looking Forward To

(To absent family and friends)

I’d also like to thank Sue’s mum sincerely and dad, Val and Peter, for making me feel like the son they never wanted – sorry, the son they never had, right from day two. Day one was a bit rough, but I *think* they’re over it now. Her brothers, too, have never made me feel anything other than welcome, and I thank them for that.

It can be very difficult when two families come together, but we have been extremely lucky. Sue’s children, Philip and Emma, have welcomed me into their family, and my children, Molly and Emily, have welcomed Sue into theirs. We all get on so well, and that is a rare thing indeed. And something that has been made possible by all of our children. So I’d like to propose a toast to Philip, Emma, Molly, and Emily.

 (To Philip, Emma, Molly, and Emily)

My Dad has helped me enormously over the years and has seen me through thick and thin. Mainly thick, if I’m honest, but he’s been there for me, and I hope that I have done him proud. I really couldn’t have asked for a better father, and I thank you for everything that you have done, not just for me but for my wife and me. Thank you.

There is an unwritten rule of wedding etiquette that states that nobody should look more handsome than the groom, and I’d like to thank our ushers, Steve and Peter, for sticking to that rule to the letter. They have both lent an air of ‘nightclub bouncer respectability’ to their roles, and I particularly admired the way they searched the ladies’ handbags and frisked the men as they came in with such discretion and subtlety. I’m not quite sure that saying “You’ll sit where you’re ruddy well put” was really in the spirit of the day, but we’ll let that pass. Thanks to both of you.

I have known Richard, my Best Man, for nearly seventeen years now, and throughout that time, he has been there for me when it matters and is always ready with an encouraging word and a welcome bottle of Rioja when things are going badly. And, if I’m honest, when things are going well. I’d like to thank him for all his help in organizing the stag do and for creating the table plan for us. But, most importantly, I’d like to thank him for being a true friend. However, there is something that I need to make you aware of. Rich suffers from a strange condition that occasionally causes him to drift in and out of weird, strange flights of fantasy. He has been known to make up fanciful stories, absolutely believing them to be true. Anyway, it’s only right that I advise you all of this ahead of his speech. As I say, he is a true friend, and I wouldn’t want you to go upsetting him, so if you could bear with him, even join with him on his journey of make-believe, I would appreciate it.

Apart from my wife, there are three other beautiful ladies here today: Sue’s daughter Emma and my daughters, Molly and Emily. We’d like to thank them very much for being such wonderful bridesmaids. So, please stand and join me in a toast to the bridesmaids.

(To the bridesmaids!)

Finally, I would like to thank my wife – I think I’m going to enjoy getting used to saying that – for agreeing to marry me and making me the happiest man in the world. I think you’ll agree that she looks absolutely gorgeous today, and when she walked up the aisle, she took my breath away.

They say you don’t marry someone you can live with-you marry the person who you can’t live without, and I think that sums us up perfectly. Now, if I had to single out one thing about why I love Sue so much, it would be the fact that she makes me happier than I ever dreamed I could be. And I intend to spend the rest of my life making sure that the reverse is also true. I know that Sue has put a huge amount of effort into making today perfect, and I think that she has done that and more. Having lived with Sue for a couple of years now, I have learned a valuable lesson – when I’m wrong, admit it. When I’m right, keep quiet! Seriously though, I never have a problem finding the words to express my love for Sue, but if I start then, I probably won’t be able to stop. Suffice to say that, Sue, I love you so much, and I can’t wait to grow old with you. Ladies and gentlemen, please stand and raise your glasses to my wife, Sue.

Now, I’m not going to stand here all afternoon and bore you all with a load of stale old jokes. That’s the Best Man’s job! So, without further ado, I’d like to hand it over to Richard.”


“Ladies and Gentlemen, friends and family, on behalf of my beautiful wife and myself, thank you very much for being here today. I can safely say it wouldn’t have been the same without you all…although it would have been cheaper.

More specifically, I’d like to thank Jerry, my new father-in-law, for all the kind words and wishes.

In addition, I’d like to thank both Jerry and Jan for all their kindness in the last 2 years and for keeping a straight face when they heard I had proposed to their daughter. I’ve always chosen to assume those were tears of joy, Jan.

I would also like to thank mom and dad, Beth and Lee, for all their love and support growing up. If it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be standing here now. Thanks for the ride, guys.

Thanks to Ross, my best man who’s been a speech is, we might even stay friends.

I’d also like to thank Jen’s bridesmaids, Grace and Zoe, for keeping her calm over the last 24 hours or so and, of course, for being such good friends to her all this time.

Which love, support, friendship, trust, and a million other things. Basically, thank you for being you.

So with no further ado and despite my better judgment, I’ll hand you over to Ross.”


Here is a great video example of a groom using humor to get past his fear of public speaking. Check it out now.


What an incredible speech! This is an example of a groom speech that touches on two cultures joining together. In this speech, the groom shares why he still believes in “weddings”. He has some great promises to his bride. You can really get some great groom speech inspiration from this awesome speech. Have some tissues handy, you may shed a few tears. WOW! Love is so magical.


Here are some fun quotes you can use in your wedding speech. These groom speech jokes should be used sparingly; remember that the idea is to add some humor but not go overboard.


How to Craft a Heartfelt Mother of the Groom Speech

Mother of the groom giving speech during microwedding reception.

Your son's wedding is sure to be a happy (albeit emotional!) day. After all, watching your son exchange vows with his new spouse is sure to bring a tear to your eye. In fact, it's fair to say your son's big day is just as significant for you as his mother as it is for him. On top of all this, you'll also be tasked with presenting a mother of the groom speech. In honor of your son's special day, you'll have the honor of toasting to your son and new son-in-law or daughter-in-law as they embark on this new chapter together as newlyweds. While this speech has traditionally been given at rehearsal dinners , it's not unusual for the mother of the groom to speak at the wedding reception , either.

If you're struggling to put words on paper to express the joy, happiness, and love you have for your son, you're not alone. To help combat writer's block—and get your creative juices flowing—we reached out to wedding planners and professionals for expert insight. Below, you'll find everything you need to know about crafting the best mother of the groom speech.

How Long Should a Mother of the Groom Speech Be?

When it comes to length, "short and sweet it the way to go," says wedding planner Nora Sheils of Bridal Bliss in Lake Oswego, Oregon. She says that 3 to 5 minutes is the perfect amount to time to get your point across.

But when should a mother of the groom speech be delivered? While the father of the bride speech is most often given during the wedding reception, can the groom's mom give hers then, too? "I believe the mother of the groom can give a speech at both the wedding rehearsal and at the wedding celebration," says celebrity wedding and event planner David Tutera .

However, if you prefer to speak in a more intimate environment, you may opt to present your speech at the rehearsal dinner . According to Sheils, the rehearsal dinner is "the perfect opportunity for a more personal mother of the groom toast."

How to Write a Mother of the Groom Speech

"The wedding is about the couple, so keep that in mind when you're writing your speech, so it's not just one-sided," explains Lynne Kennedy of The Gilded Aisle Weddings in Chicago. She continues, "Guests always love to hear how the couple met or when you knew this love interest was 'the one' for your son."

With all this being said, "Don't talk solely about your son," says Sheils. Instead, she recommends talking about his new spouse, what you love about them, and how they fit into your family.

Mother of the Groom Speech Template

Feeling overwhelmed with emotion? Not sure where to begin? Don't fret. This template from Hester Parks of Park Avenue Events in Atlanta can easily be personalized—all you need to do is fill in the blanks.

Introduce yourself. Of course, everyone will know who you are, but you'll need to greet your guests by introducing yourself.

Thank the wedding guests for coming. Open up your speech by thanking your guests for attending this special occasion. Express your gratitude and share how grateful you are that they were able to celebrate your son's wedding with you.

Talk about your son. Katelyn Peterson of Wedding Words , a wedding vow and speech writing service, advises sharing two to three "short and concise" stories about your son that spotlights their personality.

Talk about your son's partner. Be sure to highlight your son's new spouse, and express what you appreciate about them, Peterson says.

Share your heartfelt wishes for your son's marriage. Conclude your mother of the groom speech with a cheerful toast to the happy couple.

Who does the mother of the groom thank in her speech?

According to Kennedy, the mother of the groom should thank the bride's parents for raising a kind and beautiful person. Sheils agrees with this sentiment. She adds that this could be done at either the beginning or end of your wedding toast (depending on your preference).

The mother of the groom should also thank friends and family members for coming out to celebrate the joyous occasion.

How to Give a Mother of the Groom Speech

You'll want to avoid calling attention to your nerves or public speaking fears, says Peterson. This will only make people aware of the one thing you want to minimize."

Mother of the Groom Speech Jokes

Depending on who you speak to, you'll receive mixed opinions regarding jokes during wedding speeches. However, Sheils loves when wedding speeches are infused with humor. She tells The Knot: "Some of the most memorable toasts I've heard did the perfect job of mixing humor with sentimentality."

Lauren Smith of EventSmith Planning and Productions in Santa Fe, Texas, is another fan of jokes in wedding speeches. "Bringing in a joke or two keeps the crowd engaged and keeps some of the tears from falling during the entire speech," she says. What's more, she continues, "A good opener and a zinger here and there is just the right touch for a wedding."

An In-Depth Guide to Libyan Wedding Traditions and Customs

All this being said, if you do choose to crack some jokes during your speech, make sure that they're respectful and appropriate—and don't overdo it. After all, Smith says it best: "This isn't Amateur Hour at the Improv."

Mother of the Groom Speech Example

Seek inspiration in this fully written mother of the groom wedding speech from The Knot:

Good evening, friends and family members! As Jordan's mother, I wanted to take this time to thank everyone for being here tonight. Your presence means so much to us. I also wanted to thank Blake's parents, [mother of the bride/groom name] and [father of the bride/groom name], for raising such a kind, wonderful, and compassionate daughter. I couldn't be more grateful.

When Jordan was a little boy, my husband and I were big worriers: Did Jordan have enough to eat at kindergarten today? What if he fell and injured himself on the playground? The worries continued as he grew older: What if he got homesick at overnight camp? Did he drink enough water to stay hydrated throughout the day? These anxieties, which I know are now trivial, once consumed me.

See, people always told me that my job as a mother—and a parent in general—was to worry. It's true, up to a certain degree, but I've since learned that kids, at any age, are strong and resilient on their own. Like when Jordan spent his 10th birthday sleeping out at his best friend's house. In the morning, Jordan returned with a large cut on his arm. Jordan came home laughing about the accident, which happened when he was trying to cut a bagel open at 1:30 a.m. because he was hungry. I guess some things just don't change. Instead of freaking out, he remained calm, grabbed his best buddy—who, by the way, is now his best man—and applied pressure to stop the bleeding.

This is just one of many funny stories that have (and continue to!) define Jordan's, shall I say, daring, adventures. In college, he slipped over a beer can in his fraternity house. With two thumbs up and a broken ankle, he was rolled out on a stretcher to the local hospital. He ended up being fine, but he became the butt of the joke for the remainder of the school year.

If I could go back in time, I would tell myself not to spend so much time worrying. I know now that my son is in great hands with his beautiful spouse, Blake. From the first time they met, I knew he was smitten. He came back from dinner already planning a second and third date. When I asked when I could meet this special person, he promised me that he would invite them over for dinner if they were still seeing each other in three months. Fast-forward three months later, and guess who came over for dinner? Today, two years later, we are all here in celebration of their wedding! Jordan and Blake, watching you exchange vows at your wedding ceremony was nothing short of spectacular. Blake, you are truly everything I could have wished and hoped for and more for my son. And to have a new child is a dream come true. I am honored to be your mother-in-law.

Now, if you would, please join me in raising your glasses for a special wedding toast to the newlyweds. May you enjoy a lifetime of love, health, and happiness together!

How to End the Mother of the Groom Speech

To end the mother of the groom speech, Tutera recommends "making a warm reference to the bride and welcoming her into the family." He continues, "Share your excitement, joy, and love for her." He also recommends acknowledging your new in-laws by name.

Another option is to raise a glass and invite all of your wedding guests to join you in a toast at the wedding reception. Sheils says "My go-to is 'Here is to love, to laughter, and happily ever after. Cheers!'"

What NOT to Say in a Mother of the Groom Speech

While there are certain points you'll want to make in your mother of the groom speech, there are also several topics to avoid:

Don't embarrass your son. "Unless the groom can take it in good fun, I wouldn't put him up for any embarrassment," says Laura Maddox of Magnolia Celebrates in Roswell, Georgia.

...or his partner. "Stay away from embarrassing stories, especially of the bride." Maddox advises. "No one wants to be raked over the coals on their wedding day."

Skip the inside jokes. Otherwise, according to Sheils, you'll run the risk of leaving others feeling excluded.

Don't mention the exes. "Do not, for any reason, bring up a past relationship, good or bad," says Sheils, adding: "It never sits well."

Groom and mother of the groom having a private moment before the ceremony.

The Groom’s Speech

Groom's speech being given at a wedding

The groom’s biggest duty on his wedding day – after getting married! – is giving the groom’s speech. We’ve put together a guide to giving an excellent groom’s speech, complete with a speech checklist, tips on staying calm and examples of amazing groom’s speeches. What are you waiting for?! We answer all your speech questions here.

Who does the groom toast and thank?

how to write your groom speech

The Tradition of the Groom’s Speech

The groom’s speech traditionally comes at the end of the wedding breakfast. It’s part of the transition from the formalities of the day into the party.

In a very traditional wedding set up, a toastmaster would introduce each speaker ahead of their speech, but you could ask a member of your wedding party to do this, or just introduce yourself for a less formal feel.

Groom laughing whilst reading a groom's speech

How long should the groom’s speech last?

Ideally, you want your speech to be no more than ten minutes. Practise it a few times ahead of the big day and time yourself. Make sure you speak slowly and clearly!

You don’t want your groom’s speech to last more than ten minutes so your guests don’t start to feel fidgety and bored. Save the extended gushing about your partner for a private moment!

If you’re very nervous about giving a speech, you can keep it as brief as you like. Just lead a toast to your partner and perhaps one to thank those who have helped you get married. We would recommend discussing this with your partner beforehand so they know what to expect from your shorter groom’s speech.

Groom's speech being given to bride

When does the groom’s speech happen?

The groom’s speech follows the father of the bride’s speech typically. The father of the bride would traditionally go first as the host of the day, however this might not be the case for your wedding set up.

More and more couples are opting to have the speeches before the wedding breakfast so you can relax and enjoy your meal. You can find out more about the order of the wedding speeches here.

how to write your groom speech

There is etiquette around who traditionally says what at a wedding . The groom traditionally thanks and leads toasts to the following in his speeches:

how to write your groom speech

How to Write a Groom’s Speech

Writing a groom’s speech isn’t as daunting as you might think it is. As long as you’ve complimented your new spouse and thanked your key guests, you’ve basically done your job! We’ve included a groom’s speech checklist for you to make sure you have included everything you need, but here are some further pointers…

Be sure to practise your speech so you feel confident reading it aloud. Perhaps read it to a trusted friend or relative to get their feedback ahead of your wedding. Make sure you time it as well so you know that it doesn’t go on for too long.

how to write your groom speech

The Groom’s Speech Checklist

Compare your speech to this handy groom’s speech checklist to make sure you’ve included everything you need to and haven’t missed anything off:

Read more: Sample toasts for the groom’s speech

how to write your groom speech

How to Make a Groom’s Speech

You might feel totally fine about writing a groom’s speech, but be more nervous about actually giving the speech. That’s totally understandable!

It helps to remember you’re giving your speech to a room full of your friends and family – they all love you and are there to celebrate with you, not judge you. No one will care if you stumble on a word and no one will think badly of your speech.

The old confidence trick is to image everyone naked or in their underwear but, having just got married, you shouldn’t really be imagining anyone naked! The best thing to do is take a deep breath before speaking and pick something at the back of the room – a picture, a plant, a column – and address your speech to that item.

By doing that, you’re looking out across the room and directing your voice to the furthest reaches of the space – ideal if you haven’t got a microphone!

If you have got a mic, don’t hold it too close to your face and remember to keep your speech slow – it can be tempting to rush to get it over with, but no one will be able to understand you! Pause briefly between your sentences and keep focusing on that plant at the back of the room if you need to. Remember to look at your new wife or husband from time to time though, so they don’t think you’re totally besotted with a floral arrangement!

how to write your groom speech

Short Groom’s Speech Template

We’ve put together a free short groom’s speech template to help you if you’re really stuck with writing your speech:

“Hello everyone. You should all know me, I’m [NAME], the groom, and if you don’t…how on earth did you get on the guest list?

I’d like to say thank you [NAME OF FATHER OF BRIDE/EQUIVALENT] for those kind words. And thank you [PARTNER’S PARENTS] for welcoming me into the family – not just today, but from that (terrifying/lovely/memorable) moment we first met, [NUMBER] of years ago.

I don’t know who was more nervous that day, me or [PARTNER], but luckily we all hit it off and I’ve felt like part of the family ever since. Thank you [NAMES] for that, and for all your help pulling off the wedding of the year.

Whilst I’m thanking parents, I’d also like to thank my own. Thank you for all the support and love you have given me over the years, and thank you for your help making today what it is. [GIVE GIFTS HERE IF DOING SO]

On behalf of my wife [OR EQUIVALENT], I’d like to thank you all for coming here to celebrate with us today. I know some have you have travelled very far – it just goes to show what some people will do for a free meal!

Whilst I’m thanking people, especially those who’d do anything for a free meal, I suppose I better thank the best man. [NAME], thank you for your help today, thank you for not upstaging me too – I didn’t ask him to look like that ladies and gents, but that’s how good of a friend he is. Thanks also to all the stags – but the less said about the stag do the better, we’ve all agreed.

And [BRIDE’S NAME] and I would also like to thank the bridesmaids. Thank you for organising a fab hen do and for keeping [NAME] calm today. I’m not sure how you pulled it off, but I might be asking you for tips. I’m sure everyone will agree you all look beautiful today, second only to my beautiful bride. Would everyone join me in raising a glass to the bridesmaids? To [NAMES].

Now, it wouldn’t be much of a speech if I didn’t thank my beautiful bride [OR EQUIVALENT]. [NAME], what can I say? I didn’t think you could look any more incredible, but yet again you’ve proven me wrong. You simply took my breath away today and I feel like the luckiest man in the world.

I knew I had to marry you when [INSERT ANECDOTE], and here we are. I can’t wait to spend the rest of our lives together and feel as lucky as I do today every single day. Ladies and gentlemen, please join me in raising a glass to my beautiful, funny, caring, smart wife – to [NAME].

Now I’ll hand you over to the best man – but be warned. He had an accident as a child and as a result has a terrible tendency to lie and exaggerate. Don’t believe everything he says…”

Read more: How to thank people in the groom’s speech

One-Liners for the Groom’s Speech

Here are 15 of our favourite one-liners and ice-breakers to add to your groom’s speech to give your guests the giggles:

Now you’ve got your groom’s speech sorted, why not browse for the perfect gift to give to your bride on your wedding day ?

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In This Article

How to Write a Mother of the Groom Speech

What not to say in a mother of the groom speech, tips to remember, mother of the groom speech template.

Touching, Motivational, or Short: How to Craft the Perfect Mother of Groom Speech

mother of son speech

ethanbeazleyphoto via Instagram


Now that you know how popular mother of the groom speeches is, you’re probably wondering how to write the speech. Well, we have all the advice you need. Stay with us for a complete guide to writing a mother of the groom speech.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the mother of the groom give a speech.

Yes, the mother of the groom can deliver a speech. A short while ago mothers of the bride were relegated to the wedding reception, but today this is perfectly normal.

How Long Should a Mother of the Groom Speech Be?

The mother of the groom’s speeches should be 3 to 5 minutes. It’s always best to follow the rhythm of other speeches so that yours is not too short or too long.

What should the mother of the groom say at the rehearsal dinner?

The best mother of the groom’s speech acknowledges the man he has become, welcoming the bride to the family, and includes a humorous anecdote from his childhood.

mother of son speech classy huges

dmvasilenko via Shutterstock

Like anyone delivering a speech, the mother of the groom is going to wonder what topics you should touch on during a mother of the groom speech. You want to be respectful. You want to be funny. How do you accomplish this while being funny, memorable, and sweet? We’re not going to tell you exactly what to say, but we do have the structure needed to check all of the mother-of-the-groom speech boxes. This mother of the groom speech template will point you in the right direction.

mother of son speech classy kiss

sobolevskyi via Shutterstock

There are a few topics that are taboo in mother of the groom speeches. These topics usually embarrass the bride and groom, the guests, and the speaker. Pretty much everyone. Here is what to avoid.

mother of son speech huge kiss

volkway via Shutterstock

If you have never delivered a speech, as the mother of the groom you will appreciate these tips. These will help you stay focused, keep your structure, and connect with the audience.

There are a few speech styles to consider. These mother-of-the-groom speech templates provide guidance for the 3 most common scenarios.

Short mother of the groom speech

mother of son speech traditional

Insight Freak via Shutterstock

A short mother of the groom’s speech is typically under 3 minutes long. A short speech is a great goal to have as most speeches suffer from running too long. There are lots to say, and scaling it back to the bare minimum will keep things punchy and concise.

The trick is self-editing. Once you write your first draft, analyze each complete thought and try to find the quickest way to relay those thoughts.

If your son met his bride at a sporting event, your mother of the groom speech could start a little something like this:

When John was a little boy, a third-grade teacher taught him how to dribble a basketball. Once he got good at it he joined the basketball team and made a bunch of new friends. Sports taught him the value of teamwork.

This is a nice story but could be much more concise.

When you consider all of these factors the new sentence becomes:

John joined the basketball team in second grade. This introduced him to a lot of new friends and taught him the value of teamwork.

Half the amount of words relay the same information without the potential for confusion. Use this technique with your jokes, your anecdotes, and your well-wishes.

Motivational speech from the mother of the groom to the bride

how to write your groom speech

Andrii Medvediuk via Shutterstock

The second mother of the groom’s speech style is motivational. The entire point of the speech is to deliver sage advice about how to nurture love and facilitate a successful marriage. This style requires attention to balance. On one hand, you want to be realistic about the difficulties that marriages endure. On the other, you don’t want to be all gloom and doom.

One thing to avoid is stories like “Sarah and Dave were just as happy as you when they first started out. Now they are divorced and Dave doesn’t have access to the kids anymore.”

This is not advice. This does not help the couple start off on the right foot. Instead, provide advice that helps the bride and groom avoid fights and misunderstandings. Explain that a marriage takes work.

“Marriage is not a 50/50 relationship. It’s 100/100. Your vows today mean that you will always give your all and that, if either of you isn’t giving 100%, the other will be there to support you and bring you back up. Marriage is a partnership that both participants need to contribute to every day.”

These types of advice can, and should, be blunt. Sugar coating the realities of life only serves to dilute the message.

Touching mother of the groom speech

mother of son speech huge kiss

An emotionally deep mother of the groom’s speech is always a winner. Someone who has experienced a lifetime of marriage and is overjoyed that her son is about to experience the same thing. Just make sure to have the tissue ready.

The touching of the mother of the groom’s speeches is based on emotion. They talk about feelings, relationships, and the future. They acknowledge personality traits

The key to a successful touching speech is to speak from the heart. Use your personal experiences and anecdotes to tell the story of how your son arrived at this point in his life. Explain the journey that both you, your son, and your new daughter-in-law have developed and how many more experiences they have to look forward to.

Stay true to yourself. If you’re known to be a funny person, incorporate jokes into your mother of the groom speech. If you are naturally emotional, let it shine. Sticking to your structure and practicing your speech will make it good. Staying true to yourself and allowing your personality to shine will make it great!

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Groom speech examples.

Give a wedding speech your bride will love with groom speech examples by practicing. It’s no big deal they said, but’s a pretty important part of your day. You also want to eliminate the stress and frustration on your big day when giving your   groom speech .  

Help with Writing an Unforgettable Groom Speech

If you’re looking for examples of groom speeches, read on. But if you’re overwhelmed right now and you could use support in crafting an incredible groom speech that will be a great   surprise for your bride .

Or if you’d just like someone to help you write a speech that is as special as your fiancé, take a look at   SpeechForm .

They’ve combined technology with years of speech-crafting expertise to create a high-quality Speech Builder empowering you to create a speech you’re proud to deliver.

Or, if you prefer, you can work directly with their professional speech writing team to craft a bespoke creation.

We also love that they prompt you on where to personalize your templates and even help with your delivery, highlighting words and phrases on where to use professional public speaking techniques. Use code  MyDreamlines22  to save 10% off your wedding speeches.

You have so much to focus on with picking out the perfect   wedding day gift for your bride , making sure your suit is top notch are just a few of the many things you are thinking about on   how to be the best groom on your wedding day .

You want that feeling of peace of mind with the ease and confidence in how to write your speech with a few groom speech examples. The   groom wedding speech   typically starts with the father of the bride, followed by the groom and then the best man. 

Your wedding speech is to thank everyone who attended, pay tribute to those who made this magical day happen and maybe entertain the audience. 

With a few   witty wedding speech lines , charming anecdotes and maybe a few tears your goal is to entertain everyone on your magical day.

Groom Speech At Wedding

You must be elated that you’re soon walking the love of your life down the aisle, right? Ask those who have done that before and they will tell you it is an experience that is out of this world.

But there is one thing that gets the hearts of quite a number of men skip a beat; do you know what that is? Well, it is the groom’s speech.

It may sound like something simple but one which, if not correctly done, can get the whole audience bored on such a great occasion in your life. Here are a few factors that will help you get your great groom speech right and leave your wedding guests happy.

But let’s be clear from the word go, it is your big day and you can choose what to include and what not to, but here are a few groom speech examples to guide you along the way!

How To Write A Wedding Speech

List of Grooms Dos and Donts

Source – Top Wedding Sites

Wedding Speech Ideas – What does a groom say in his speech? 

Groom speech to bride.

It’ll be the first time that you’re addressing the crowd with her as your wife and, as they normally say, a lot of concentration on the wedding is on the bride. Steal that moment and acknowledge her.

You can make it in a good way by opening your speech with statements like “My wife and I…”. You will be surprised at how such a statement will be warmly received! It will also help cool down your nerves in case you are tensed. This can go both ways for wedding speech examples for bride and groom. 

Thank You Speech

The worst thing you can ever do in your groom speech is not to thank people for various roles they played in making your wedding a big success.

Start by thanking your parents-in-law. In case they did their speech before, start by thanking them for their kind words then proceed to thank them for bringing to earth the beautiful soul that you’re taking as your wife.

You should thank your family as well for their support and everything.

Thank your guests for accepting to be part of your great day with special mentions in case you have some specials cases or people who went the extra mile to make your wedding what it is.

Lastly, though not the least, thank your newly-wedded wife in some nice language or words.

Add A Little Humor In Your Wedding Toast Groom

Don’t give just any other speech. Crack some jokes in between. However, you must be very careful lest you crack some dry jokes that will leave your guests wondering what you’re trying to say.

For instance, you can tell a story of how the two of you met, who made the first move, what the reaction was, and basically an anecdote of your journey to your big day. You can also use some known funny quotes.

Show Your Excitement For The Future 

Talk about your bright future with your perfect bride. Share your excitement and love for what your new life will bring. 

Keep It Clean and Short

Avoid the kind of language or words that may sound offensive, hurtful or in bad taste. You want to give a speech that doesn’t make your guests and the wedding party feel uncomfortable.

Also, be aware of the length of your speech; as you don’t want to bore your guests and lose their attention. 

Be Confident In Your Groom Wedding Toast

Maintain eye contact while giving your speech, it will show confidence in you. Practice a lot on making your speech perfect.  Add a mirror to your practice routine so you can build up your confidence and your eye contact. 

Introduce Your Best Man

Don’t forget to say something about your best man, before you hand over the mic. Probably, you can mention a few things how he and his wife have walked with you guys to your wedding day, how they’ve been of help.

Close Your Wedding Speech On A High

Know when to end your speech. End it on a good note that will help people remember it for the longest time possible!

Grooms Speech Checklist

We love this groom’s speech checklist from Wedding Speech Coach to help guide you along, as well as a few others who will be giving a toast. 

Groom Speech Templates

Thank those that have toasted before (specific names). Give thanks to the bride’s father and mother (specific names) for their daughter’s (specific name) hand in marriage. Thank those who helped with the wedding (specific names) and thank the bride’s family for bringing them into the family.

Share your joy and love that this wedding day (specific examples) has brought. Share your love for your bride (specific name) on how happy you are for this day and for the many days to come.

Give kudos to your bride’s parents for raising such a wonderful daughter (specific names) and share your excitement for the future ahead and to be a part of the family.

Thank your guests for being a part of your special day and for their lovely gifts. Give thanks to your best man(specific name), groomsmen (specific name), ushers (specific name), minister (specific name) and those who assisted (specific name).

Groom Speech For Wedding

Give thanks to the bridal party (specific names)for helping make the bride’s (specific name) wedding planning such a great experience. Raise your glass and propose a wedding toast speech to a happy, healthy and loving future. 

List of Speech Examples For The Groom

Taking on help with bride and groom thank you speech examples, templates and guides are the most ideal way to take on this magical day.

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how to write your groom speech

Microsoft 365 Life Hacks > Writing > Getting descriptive with adverbs

Getting descriptive with adverbs

If you want to improve your descriptive writing skills, there are endless words to choose from. Use adverbs to add information to a sentence or spice up an otherwise dull phrasing.

how to write your groom speech

What is an adverb?

Adverbs modify verbs, adjectives , and other adverbs. This common part of speech provides information by describing another word in the sentence. Typically, adverbs answer the where, when, and how questions of a sentence. For example, in the sentence “Danny goes to the dentist annually,” the adverb “annually” explains when the sentence’s action occurs.

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Many commonly used adverbs end in “-ly,” like quickly, slowly, rarely, extremely, and daily. Other adverbs you might frequently use in your writing include here, there, last week, yesterday, and never. Adverbs can also be used comparatively, similar to how comparative and superlative adjectives are used.

Like comparative and superlative adjectives, we can also use adverbs to compare multiple things to each other. It is best to review the rules of comparative and superlative adjectives before using adverbs in comparisons. In short, when we compare two people/things, we typically use a word ending in -er or the word more or less. When we compare more than three people/things, we typically use a word ending in -est or the word most or least.

What is an adverb clause?

Although adverbs are always single words, sometimes longer phrases function as an adverb. These phrases, known as adverb clauses, typically begin with conjunctions like “before” or “if.” Despite being made up of multiple words, adverb clauses have the same purpose as adverbs—to modify or describe verbs, adjectives, or other adverbs.

When to use adverbs

The use and placement of adverbs depend on the function of the word in a sentence. Most adverbs fit into one of four categories—use them in your writing to describe objects, locations, and ideas.

When describing adjectives or other adverbs, adverbs usually go immediately before the word they modify. For example, in the sentence “The teacher is extremely patient with her students,” the adverb “extremely” goes directly in front of the adjective “patient.”

Unlike other parts of speech, adverbs can sometimes be moved around in a sentence and still be grammatically correct. When adverbs modify verbs, they can usually be placed before the verb, after the verb, or at the end of the sentence. Take a look at how these sentences use the same adverb in three different places.

All three of these sentences are grammatically correct and how you would write that sentence is up to personal preference. As a rule of thumb, try to keep the adverb as close to the word it’s modifying, especially when writing longer sentences.

Adverbs add an extra oomph to your writing, but make sure you know how to use them correctly. Whether you’re a grammar pro or still building your writing skills, understanding how to use common parts of speech will make your writing shine.

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how to write your groom speech

They exist for a reason: What are cliches and are they bad?

We’ve been told to avoid clichés in our writing, but sometimes they can be useful. Read on to learn how you can wield them to great effect.

how to write your groom speech

What are Adjectives and How to Use Them

Breathe life into your writing with adjectives. Learn how to use these descriptive words to add depth and hook your reader.

how to write your groom speech

The English language parts of speech

how to write your groom speech

The difference between formal and informal language

What are the different tones to strike when you’re writing to your audience? Learn the common elements that make up formal vs. informal language so you can connect with your readers, no matter what you’re writing.

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How To Make Persuasive Speech Outline To Spell Bound Your Audience| Steps & Examples

Hey guys, you’re stuck on your speech writing assignment. We know it hurts to stay awake all day and night as well. These are the perks of being in college. Right? We know it’s not what you’d imagined.

Don’t worry; There’s nothing to cry about when all you have to do is to hire an  essay writing service  to run these errands. We know you’re happy now. Let’s start outlining your successful persuasive speech to persuade the audience.

3 Steps of Making A Persuasive Speech Outline

So kids, let’s start making the speech outline for presenting your ideas. We know it takes time and effort, but today you don’t need to do anything except read this blog, of course. By the end of this write-up, we will ensure you’re up to the mark.

There are many steps one needs to take to come up with supporting material for persuasive speeches. Let’s evaluate them for our outline work.

Always Start the Speech Outline With An Introduction: A Good One

So, guys, the intro is the first part that excites the audience and persuades them to take a particular action through your public speaking. The introduction revolves around the central idea of your speech. It hooks your audience to your narrative and lets them brainstorm their thoughts.

An introduction has three parts: a hook sentence, a thesis statement, and background information. Guys, these are the most important main points of your speech. If you’re unfamiliar with these terms, try reading  what is the purpose of a persuasive essay . Or speech, in your case, to get to the grips in no time.

A hook sentence is a question you ask your audience members to engage them in conversation or speech. A thesis statement is your entire findings in a summarized form. In comparison, background information is a short synopsis of the topic and its scope.

Example of Compelling Speech Outline Introduction

“ Public speaking  is a dilemma for many people of young or old age. Everyone gets to fail at it before nailing it, from celebrities to politicians. Many times in history, prominent personalities have delivered a persuasive speech, but many failed miserably.

We have seen delivering a speech with a specific purpose is always good but also tricky. Monroe’s motivated sequence provides a thorough step-based approach to inspiring and quickly grabbing the audience’s attention.

It’s essential to follow a few rules such as meditation for ten minutes, drinking water, practicing convincing speech in front of a mirror, etc.”

Make Mind-blowing Revelations In Body Paragraphs: By Research Base Supporting Material

Students, this is where all of your findings, notes, and research will be added to hypnotize the entire hall full of the audience. How can you do that? It’s by having stellar information embedded into your narratives.

A body paragraph is the heart of your compelling speech outline, so let’s give you an example of one that will nail down everything.

Example of Persuasive Speech’s Body Paragraph

“Physical health is the benchmark missing in each year’s WHO’s (world health organization) improvement scores. Overall close to a billion people have  Diabetes , and more than 10 million diabetics die every year due to complications.

In the United States alone, more than $30 billion are spent on managing and medication for diabetics every year. Still, complications arising from Diabetes are rising by three folds worldwide.

The International Diabetes Federation (IDF) has suggested dropping the pricing of insulin and other medications in use for Diabetes to almost zero to tackle this situation. This is the only way to go forward and minimize this devastation’s damage.”

Students, this is how you can create your persuasion outline with data and your findings. Please remember that this is one of the critical phases of the outline segment. Any wrong turn and your audience will start walking out of the hall.

A Stellar Conclusion of The Speech Outline

The next step in outlining is adding a conclusion in your persuasive speech to conclude the arguments. This part works as the final words at the end of the speech. A conclusion is the anecdote of a speech and summarizes the entire outline.

Consider a conclusion like the final remarks you will give your audience before you wrap up your speech. It’s an essential and final part of the writing process of your persuasive outline. Let’s look at the example of a compelling speech outline conclusion.

Conclusion Example of Persuasive Speech Outline Template

“The collective guidelines of ADA (American diabetes association) and EASD (the European association for the studies of Diabetes) suggest HBa1c levels below 7% for better management of type 1 and type 2 diabetes.

Based on the mutual guidelines points, we can safely conclude that diabetes management on these goals increases the quality of life. Furthermore, a decrease in the mortality rate by 35% is also possible in older patients.

In short, following guidelines is the best way to treat type 1 and type 2 diabetes mellitus. It’s mandatory for physicians practicing in any part of the world to adhere to this management approach.”

Guys, this is how we can add these main points in our outline and take the top step using our speech. It’s also crucial to add valid points and suggestions to your conclusion. Still, if it’s difficult, using an  opinion essay writing service  for persuasion speech is an excellent option to boost grades quickly.

Use a Second Set of Eyes For Additional Opinion

After making your speech template precisely as your college requires, it’s time to have a second opinion from an expert. You can write and show the persuasive speech outline to your professor, best friend, or expert.

This way, you can refine the convincing speech outline more, add relevant information, and delete irrelevant ones.

Well, well, well, we have reached the end of the blog. By now, we are sure you have all the information you require to make your persuasive speech outline quickly. We know it’s a lot to ask students to make great outlines, so we suggest hiring  our professional essay writers  to overcome this issue in a snap. This way, you will be ensured to receive top grades easily and quickly.

Table of Contents

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how to write your groom speech

We'll revise your work until you're 100% satisfied or refund your payment to make up for the trouble.


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    How to Write a Bride / Groom Speech. 1. Coordinate & Create. Before preparing the speech, discuss with your partner and talk about how you will coordinate accordingly. Meaning, you will have to determine the flow and style. As well as the length and points to remember. Jot down notes in point form and make a rough draft to understand how you ...

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    Create a warm introduction by thanking your guests for their attendance, thank the father of the bride, best man, groomsmen, bridesmaids, wedding parties, and of course, your stunning bride. Use "we" to speak on behalf of you and your wife. For example, "we would like to thank…. ← Previous Post. Next Post →.

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    It is okay, in fact it is often welcomed to be romantic in your speech. It is your wedding day after all. Below are a few examples of groom speeches that you can use as inspiration for your upcoming wedding. Let these groom speeches help you put together a unique and heartfelt speech for your special day. Groom's Speech Examples. 1.

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    Just remember what your wedding is about. It is about you and your wife: fewer jokes, more love. Yes, call her 'my wife': We recommend you do this early in the groom's speech. Mention 'my wife and me.'. Do it right, and you will. It will always receive a warm clap and will help set your nerves.

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    How to Write a Mother of the Groom Speech "The wedding is about the couple, so keep that in mind when you're writing your speech, so it's not just one-sided," explains Lynne Kennedy of The Gilded Aisle Weddings in Chicago. She continues, "Guests always love to hear how the couple met or when you knew this love interest was 'the one' for your son."

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    His partner. The groom should thank his bride or groom, lavishly compliment them and lead a toast to them to round off his speech. How to Write a Groom's Speech. Writing a groom's speech isn't as daunting as you might think it is. As long as you've complimented your new spouse and thanked your key guests, you've basically done your job!

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    Weddings are emotional events. Feel free to smile, laugh, and cry. Don't hold back. It's very much appropriate to emote while you deliver the mother of the groom's speech. Mother Of The Groom Speech Template. There are a few speech styles to consider. These mother-of-the-groom speech templates provide guidance for the 3 most common scenarios.

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